Letter(s) from Matthew Thomas James Hall


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Letter 1

Princess Jan ,

How are you doing today?I have been thinking about you all day. My feelings for you grows stronger each day. There's so much passion about us, and there's so much love about us too. We are loved by the words we speak out of the mind and of the heart. We fall entirely to what makes us feel unique, pure and cherished. Yes we are cherished, because in me, I find how willing I can be close to you to share these words with you. To hold you so close to me so I can hear your heart beat in desire for my love. So I can be as close to what makes me happy in this beautiful global world. You're loved and cherished, Jan. I don't really know but I give you enough respect so I can follow your way. I need to be there, in your heart, to fill up the empty space and renew the blessing of love within you.

I'm blessed, and you're blessed. We are both blessed by the Almighty God. He has given us the chance to choose from the earth what we want, what we desire, what we need. He has asked us to increase and multiple, so how do you do that? To have a partner who you can love and live ages with. Someone to be your one true love, your compassion, your sense of humor, your admirer, your friend, your heart and soul. Without that special someone, life will be so lonely and a missing piece of puzzle that could never be found.

I've not only come with words, but I've come to learn from you how to be a happy man again. I want to share a love that never cease, that never fades and will be with us till forever comes. Yes I know it's too soon. Do not feel frightened, I will not hurt you, I promise. I will carry you on my back across the stream of treasures, where you can find happiness and desires. I do not only wish to be your man, but to be someone you will not miss a day without thinking of him.

A sacrifice of trust, faith, belief and love is valuable than a price of fame. You can't buy trust, you can't buy love neither can you buy faith or belief. But our heart owns way of this, more than the treasures of this world. I come to realize that, each day comes with it's own idea and purpose. You can find good today and find bad the next. But with faith and trust, you measure the length of your life and find them as healthier and stronger as you feel.

I'm intrigued by your idea of a romantic time together. That's lavish. You think of the heart, a direct spoken message. There's a connection from where you see things, and where you place them. They are just as passionate as your heart beat. It makes things perfect when you feel enough rescued by your thoughtfulness.

I want to be that person you have been looking for all this while. I'm here, Jan and am not scared. I want this forever, and ever. Feel prepared and ready. Have it say "Go" and that makes our friendship a blessed one. I will always be here for you, just waiting to hear those true words from your heart again as you always write to me.

There's an emptiness in my heart that needs to be filled with holiness of a true partner, am thinking of someone like you. I will be waiting. Have a Joyful and Blissful evening!

Soft tenderly Kisses .

Yours Ever,



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