Letter(s) from Kelvin Symonds


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Letter 1

Hello my dear pretty Elizabeth,

Thanks for honoring my invitation. I am pleased to get in touch with you. With all pleasure, I am writing you a little note about me. I am a fun loving man, I love nature and all the best it has to offer, such as: beholding the peacefulness of the ocean, the beauty of evergreen environment and the wonderfulness of the mountains. I have a great sense of humor. My desire is to meet a matured, sensitive, sensuous, warm, assertive woman who wants a partner, soul companion, lover for a meaningful, serious, long-term relationship.

I am Dr. Michael Nicholas, I am a single and responsible man seeking for a good woman like you to be my friend which can lead to a serious relationship. I am a doctor and I work with my government. I am was born and brought up in Japan. I am about to end my contract and retire within the next 3 weeks and willing to meet you. I am from California in the United States of America. I am a surgeon doctor from USA but i am now in Afghanistan for contract and my contract will end within the next 3 week from now.

I am a honest man with the fear of God in me, a man of integrity whom knows what it takes to make his woman happy. I don’t drink or smoke, i spend my free period in going out for swimming and watching football. I really want to communicate with you to know you better and see if we can become intimate friends in future. I have a strong believe and feeling that our friendship will definitely take us to another level of serious relationship. Please tell me about yourself, your work, your marital status and also send me your recent pictures for my delight. Until later, I send you kind greetings, wishing you a nice and quite rest, looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm greetings,
Dr. Michael Nicholas

Letter 2

Hello my dear.

Thanks for your wonderful reply, i appreciate given me your attention, am glad to know you and i pray that things will work out between me and you.
Like I told you in my previous message. I am Michael Nicholas, from USA. I never never knew my parents because I grew up in a welfare home, such sad times but its all past now. I am widowed without a child because my late wife was having a medical condition that prevented her from given birth, she was barren. After the death of my wife in auto accident years, I sold all I owed and left the country to Asia where I stayed for a while and did some contract jobs and then to United Kingdom and now in Afghanistan. Its been about 10 years now that I left my country and I want to settle down once again. I have saved well and worked well this past few years and now want to settle down which is why I made contact with you. My final job here in Afghanistan will be finished within the next 20 days from now or so and then I can leave here. I put in all I have into it and it has paid off well. I just want to settle down now, buy a house and go into clinic investments in your country, when i finish my contract here and come, hope you understand? I'll be glad to hear your thoughts and plans, meanwhile I will be coming over to your country to meet you after I leave here so we can do a proper plan, hope you understand?

I believe that our meeting was not by a chance or accident but it was predestined. I am happy to find you in my present and I will like to be associated with you, what I desire is simply in your attribute I have to bring love to my world again. There is usually a smile on my face and I have been blessed. I have my own share of setbacks in the live but in spite of everything i never stop being grateful for God mercies upon my life and all the experiences that i have been exposed to. I am a fun loving man, jovial, Kind, easy going, lovely and passionate man. I like to have fun, work, travel, Play, and smile. I think of myself as being clever but harmless. I believe that a man's happiness will never be complete until there is a woman right beside him. I want someone who is happy with her life. someone who is willing to share her lives with me and I can share my life with her and together we will be happy forever. I hope that you would be the right woman for me, and I hope that our coming together would open doors of blessings and affections in our lives. I wish you a wonderful day and hope to hear from you soonest. I'll be glad to hear from you again as soon as you can write back.

Thanks and tenderly kisses.
With love,

Letter 3

Hello my dear Elizabeth,
Thanks for your letter, i am so glad to hear from you again, i have heard all you said, i promise i will never hurt you, i will be honest with you, i will take care of you, i will love and cherish you forever.. this is my promise! I have seen your photos, you are so beautiful for beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, honestly dear, you are awesome..

Dear, I have found so much interest in you, meaning that I am attracted to you and i pray that God will help us so that things will work out between us . I love God so much and i want to assure you that i will help to bring you more closer to God.
Well, here are some more details about me.
i am a humble person, social, honest, kind, caring, loving, etc
i like to read books a lot, novel, my bible, history books, news paper, magazines, etc, i love music such as , rap, hip hop, blues, country music, classic, jazz etc
i am outgoing type, i like visiting cinema, beach on sunny weekends, swimming pools etc
i like to exercise, sometimes, morning jogging or going to the gym to work out, i like watching movies at home, like , comedy, war film, romantic movies, adventurous film etc
i like to cook , but sometimes do prefer eating out in a restaurant . i love football, I am a fan of Manchester United FC in England , i love basketball as well fan of Los Angeles Lakers. i love Tennis, fan of Rafael Nadal of Spain. etc
I don't drink alcohol and do not smoke.
i like fish, chicken, rice, potato chips, salads, turkey, beans, pizza , seafood etc..

That is the little i can remember about myself at the moment. I will also like to hear more about you, your choice of food , places you like to visit, things you like to do on your free time.

With Love and respect

Letter 4

Hello my dear.
Thanks for your sweet letter, your letter has gladden my heart, i must confess that the little we have communicate so far has really changed my inner being, i am now a happy man, whenever i remember you it makes me smile, I am glad we have similar kind of lifestyle, i am so happy to know you dear and like i promised, as soon as i finish my contract job here in Afghanistan ,i will go to the city to carry my luggage where i kept them in a security storage company and start coming to you immediately , when i arrive, you will help me to get a residence and work permit , so that i can be able to open the clinic i told you about , i want buy a house in your city to open a big clinic, purchase all the medical equipment require for running the clinic, employ other medical practitioners for them to work for me.

This is my dream as i come to you, i also pray that before then we will be so much in love so that immediately when i come, we will get married and by then everything will be easier for me.

My dear, i want you to know that i am a very decent man, i will do everything to make a beautiful and wonderful lady like you to be happy, this is my promise and i assure you that i must keep my word . i will never let you down, i will love and cherish you and pamper you like a queen. i will travel around the world with you if you love to travel, i will help you out in the kitchen and also when doing the house chores, i will surely do all this things i assure you my love.

I want to wish you a lovely day and please always think about me.
I am on my lunch brake , i am going back to work, we have a lot of wounded soldiers here in the United Nation camp to treat, you know am a surgeon and i am about performing surgeries on some of them today. so today is gonna be a busy day for me. But i will be expecting to read from you and also want your opinion about my clinic project plan and i also need your moral support and encouragement on my dreams.

I do not have a Skype, here is a war zone, we are on a contract mission, the job here is so demanding, using a social media, skype , viber, etc for communication is strictly prohibited, because it is considered a distraction . our employers do not want us to be emotionally distracted by our love ones or family members, a maximum concentration is required from us until the contract is over. but do not worry, i will always get in touch with you by email. hope you understand?

I kiss you dear.
I give you my heart.. please keep it safe.

with love and respect

Letter 5

Hello dear.
How are you today? how was your day?thanks for your letter, I want you to know that I am willing to reside anywhere you are, I want to be close to you, so if you decided we move to your country, i am willing to follow you there.
I have a little bad news and its given me so much concern, am just worried all day.
Am down
Good night and sweet dreams

Letter 6

Hello my love.
Good morning, how are you today? I received your letter. am glad to hear from you. my dear, to be honest with you my love, I'm not okay, I have a burden that bother me too much, the branch security store here in Afghanistan, where I kept some of my important Luggage is planning to move back to their head office in London- UK, due to the seriousness of the war here in Afghanistan, they are in the capital city of Afghanistan while we are here in the United nation camp treating the wounded soldiers and innocent civilians as a result of war. the security storage company wants me to come and carry my luggage, but no one has the right to leave the camp until our contract is over, I'm going crazy now! because inside the luggage, I have the documents of my houses, valuable properties, my golden jewelries, my credit cards, and some huge amount of money.

My love, i kept that luggage there for safety believing that after my contract, i will go to the City and carry it and then start coming to your country for my clinic invested and also to permanently reside with you, now this safe storage company is demanded the address of my wife or girlfriend or relative so that they can send my luggage to him or her.
You know, I have no relative, no wife, because for now you are the only one i talk to and you are my wife to be, please i beg you to help me to get my luggage from this company and keep it for me, I can no longer focus with my contract work here because of this problem, please help me, the company agent will deliver the luggage from Afghanistan to your address ..

All you have to do is contact their head office in London and asked them to deliver my luggage to your address and then send your address and contact phone number and send them little amount of money as the shipping fee, to enable them to deliver the luggage to you. I would have pay them the shipping fee myself, but because of my present location am unable to do so, here is a camp , just like a forest, no banks here and all my credits cards are all inside the luggage, and we are not allowed to leave until the contract ends, please do this small sacrifice for me, when you get my luggage, you take it back , Please my love i beg you.

This is the company head office contact in UK.

Beck security & shipping company.
London, United Kingdom
Director: Mr. Ryan Douglas
Telephone: +447561464253
e-mail: ryandouglas@netc.eu
Website: www. becksecuritycompany.co.uk

Please, when you get my luggage, keep it safe for me, when I finish my contract here and i am paid , by then I can start to come to you immediately. the money which i intend using to set up the clinic i told you about are all in that credit cards in that luggage, please do this favor for me, go ahead and make contact with this shipping company on my behalf.

I'll wait to hear from you, I love you, I miss you, thank you for your help, i promise i will reward you when i come, whatever you desire, i will do it for you.
I love you honey!


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