Letter(s) from Macdonald Helton


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Letter 1

Hi dear,
Thanks for your reply, nice to meet you.
Hope you are spending a nice weekend..?
However I admire your picture...you looks so cute in your picture hope we can become close friends...
Well,I have to introduce myself little to you, I'm Mr. Mac Donald Helton, use to call Mac..as a nick name.
I am originally from Ottawa Ontario Canadian..... But living in Manchester UK. I am a civil engineer, 46yrs old also..we have the some age. I have one son who i love so much .... I lost her mother when she was giving birth to a set of twins but that is by the way.....

Can you please tell me about your pretty self????
Thanks, waiting to hear from you soon....


Letter 2

Yes! I head a nice day. but very tried today. How about you..?
Actually you look very sweet in that picture. I love you.
Sory I thought he is you son or brother. He is handsome.
Where are you now..? what are you doing today..? I wish we are in the same state or city. he he I want to hold your hands.
You are the quality I need in life.
Please take care of yourself...I want to take shower right no. miss you a lot.

Letter 3

Lucaia, I wish I can hug you and kiss your lips one day..

Letter 4

Thanks for your message my love. How are you today? I just came back home. How about you? What are you doing today?
Are you there my love?

Letter 5

OK. Good night. You can call me on this +448719158923

Letter 6

Hi my sweet heart,
How can I stop thinking about you? I know I'm an Engineer not a Government work.
I'm not the rich man but I'm happy with everything I have, with love.
I'm very well. Just thinking about you at the same-time, missing you so much.
Maybe you are not thinking about me as I do. But I'm ashamed to tell all the love I have for you. all my feelings for you.

You are everything for me, please take me to your health. I love you.

Letter 7

Hi Honey, How are you today?? I'm back home. How about you? I had nice day. Just thinking about you. I love you..


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