Letter(s) from David Peterson


Letter 1

It was observed that there is a contraband in your package(Envelop containing some U.S Dollars) and your package has been referred to the Headquarters In United Kingdom.Please contact Harrison Butler Agent in charge of contraband Department for help.Email: harrisonbutler@skylinkexpressservices.com

Letter 2

The Package couldn't passed through the security check point before posting so we have to check and it was noticed that there was some U.S.D enclosed in the Envelop which is highly disregarded by law and it was reportedly taken to the headquarter at U.k.
Because we serve our customers with all delight,the management decided to do you some help by guiding our customers parcel all time until they are delivered and looking into your case, demand your attention and co-operation.SKYLINKEXPRESS .You are therefore advice to send a summon charge of 500G.B.P to the headquarter.Reply me for further question and assistance as soon as possible.