Letter(s) from Michael Morrison


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Letter 1

As I mail this greeting, I'm sending you a morning prayer in hopes that your day will be great, without a tear or care. May the day bring you hope and many reasons to smile, with enough happiness in your heart to keep you warm across every mile. May your day be full of sunshine and lots of hugs and love, and may you receive many blessings from heaven above. And when nighttime falls, with a sky shot full of stars, may you enjoy sweet dreams that in the daylight takes you far.i will be very glad to meet ya online.....How ya doing today? Am doing fine by the Special Grace of Almighty God and hope all is well with ya too. It was nice talking to ya and you really made me happy because no woman was straight forward with me like this since the death of my late wife. Even though we don't go any further cant escape your thoughts and i have really miss ya! My Dreams is to meet God fearing woman and that was my prayer before i get on the dating site and am hoping God will listen to my Prayer and i can say ya the one.......hahahahaha!Lets please keep chatting and get to know each one better because i will be home soon and want to marry then share the rest of my life with my woman but not a divorce.I have been hurt so many times but am Trusting ya like i have been hurt before and Promise will never hurt or Break your Heart!If we meet online again will ask more question and hope ya will do same Pretty! Am here missing and thinking of ya and cant wait to chat ya again. May the Good God be with ya till we meet again.Below are some new pics for ya and hope ya will love them!

I'm Sargent Calvin Steve Maldonado I'm 6'1'' hazel eyes and fair in color. I'm 11Z Infantry I am E-8 (FSGT) First Sargent currently assigned here in Afghanistan for 1 year Peace Keeping Mission and left with few Months more to come back to the State. I'm in the service for 30 years now. I'm Divorced with no kid but i will accept yours if you have lol. I've been single for 8 yrs now and looking to meet the right woman in my life whom I will love and cherish with all my heart. Who is good parents, caring, loving, respectful, hardworking, soft spoken, not hard-headed, affectionate- etc...I came across your profile and it was very heart touching so I thought I should take my time out and write you something first and see where it goes and the reason why I'm writing you is because I felt very interested in your profile and I hope it doesn't bother you of me writing you in anyway.

I enjoy dining out, going to movies, traveling, shopping, and staying active. I enjoy getting out and having fun but I also enjoy hanging out on the couch and watching a movie. I don't watch sports all weekend trying to relive my glory days, but I do like to take in an occasional Bulldog's, Braves, or Thrashers game. I am a very neat person. I like being where it is warm and sunny while the waves are crashing. Frozen margarita's and cold corona's are a plus. Anywhere that can be shared with someone else is a special place. My passion is the beach and sunny warm weather, but I do enjoy snow skiing in the winter. I love flying, I fly both jets and helicopters. I enjoy scuba diving. I have been water-skiing since age nine. I am also a skydiving instructor. I am into running and working out. I have traveled quite a bit over the years and have enjoyed the different scenery. I have a big heart and my first impressions are great because that is who I am. I offer all I have all the time to that special one. I am a romantic, funny, sincere, sometimes wild, and a little dangerous kind of guy. I enjoy laughing at the little things from commercials to someone getting the best of me. I have feelings that I enjoy sharing with the one I'm with. I like dining at fine restaurants and I enjoy cooking at home. (I am actually a pretty good cook). A good wine is always nice. Best Sandwich - Grouper Sandwich at The Lucky Snapper in Dustin :-) I enjoy rainy Sunday afternoons in boxers and a t-shirt under a blanket watching old movies.

My M.O.S is, I Instruct platoon sergeants and the commander and assist in training of all enlisted members. Promote enlisted welfare, morale, and health issues; help the commander maintain discipline and standards of conduct; and provide guidance on matters of leadership, military justice, and customs and courtesies.I am responsible for the health, discipline, morale and welfare of a 79 Paratrooper Heavy Weapons.

I am looking for someone who is fun to hang out with no matter the occasion. My ideal match would be someone who enjoys my company as much as I enjoy hers. I like the little things, a smile for no reason, holding hands in public, a sticky note strategically placed that I would find saying they are thinking of me, cutting up and not caring who is watching, and just plain having fun. I am not looking for the perfect super model, but I am looking for someone that I would find attractive with a great heart and a wonderful mind. She would have to enjoy long romantic walks as the sun is setting along the beach. Or a midnight stroll when the moon is full. Intimacy is important to me. I want to enjoy sharing my life with someone as much as they enjoy sharing their life with me. I would like to meet someone who has her life together, personally and professionally,and she treats people well. I seek someone who is Honest,Caring, Loving, Kind,intelligent.I have no problem with the distance and moreover,I am willing to relocate for the right person anywhere in the world.I am seeking my one and only woman to share our souls as soul mates. She will be my love, my world, and my greatest joy.

I Fly The Lear Jet 55, 35, 31 & 25 variants And The Agusta Helicopter 109A & C variants And The Citation III Jet. I enjoy skydiving, scuba diving, golf, water skiing- GO Ski Antique! (Master craft Sucks!), Traveling - I love to travel: NY City, Chicago, DC, Boston, Houston, Phoenix, San Francisco, Napa, LA, Vegas, Cancun, St Thomas, Ruperto Rico, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Prague, Cyprus, Egypt, AF Rica, various places in Central America.... just to name a few...

I wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you today and hoping the day brings many wonderful things your way, a hug, a warm touch, kind words, a smile, and all the things that make life worthwhile. Good-morning.

I hope this let you know a little about me... I will be looking forward for you....
Peace and Sunshine,



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