Letter(s) from Victor R. Hillier


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Letter 1

my dear
i want to be very close to you, you are the kind of woman that i want in my life
i promise you will never regret. i promise to be honest to you at all times. i will never lie to you and i will never cheat on you.
all i want is for you to open your heart and let build the future and true love
ever since i lost my wife, my life has been boring and single, i was searching for true love and true love is not easy to find I believe that destiny has brought us together. so i want to always be there for you and let us make this a reality
it is just a matter of time everything will be fine, we will surely build a better understanding
any way i wish you a great day and i hope to hear from you
attached is my photo, i hope you like it

Letter 2

my darling
what happened, i came back here to chat with you but i saw that you have already blocked me from your skype
what happened why did you block me from your contact.
what have i done wrong to deserve this
my love for you is true
please write to me and let me know what i have done
i hope to hear from you

Letter 3

my daughter has given me the details for her to pick the money i
she said if you can send the money tomorrow she will pick it up in UK
name: Tracy Ferdinand
address: imperial college Kingston road
city: london
but if not tomorrow then you have to send it to Nigeria
name: Tracy Ferdinand
address: warri city
state: Delta
country: Nigeria
thank you so much and i hope we can write again

Letter 4

My Darling
how are you and i hope that everything is fine. how was your night. you have filled my heart with so much love and joy. am
so grateful. i have never fell so much in love. i promise i will also make you happy forever. every moment spent with you is
like a beautiful dream come true. i want to tell you that without you am nothing, with you am something and together in
love then we are everything.
My darling, i must confess that my heart long for you.
i wish you a great day with much love from my heart
feel my kiss and hug


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