Letter(s) from Paul Laurel


Letter 1

Hey kim,

For crying out loud, how dare you send me a mail to accuse me of that..let this be the first and the last time you send me such a mail, its not your fault you know..its I that fetch wood invested ant and make you lizard talk.

I work for my money and am happy to do that, if you have a problem with your friend why not talk it over and not let me in. I must tell you, i think you are jealous of her.I will also add that instead of disturbing yourself about other peoples affiars why not walk up to a man and tell him you love him and get a life..

Dont ever try to spoil other peoples name because in doing so...yours is also at risk.

I love your friend and she love me too..Enemies please get a life!!

Thanks for the mail.