Romance scam letter(s) from Lewis Britz Kartel to Bernadette (Australia)
Letter 1

Hello mum how are you doing mum?i have be waiting to chat with you mum cos dad told me a lot about you and i am really glad i found a caring and honest mum like you.
Mum am now 15 years and i am schooling here in accra ghana.i went there for excursion ,i wish i could live there with you mum hehehehe love you mum.
Mum so how is dad doing please mum promise to love and care for me as your own son mum and i will be kind and respect you mum
love really love you and we both want you in our life.i keep looking at your picture and i show my friend here that is my lovely mom that you will come and take me from here soon.
Letter 2

hello mom.i m so happy when i receive your sound caring and loving for me.
but you have to promise me that you will be a good mom for me and i promise to be a soon to you love you and obey you at all time.i keep looking at your picture here and i have show all my friends that you are my new and they all happy with me here.even my dad told me that he love you so much and you will also be a mom to me.
miss you and love you so much
Letter 3

my name first name is vela and my second name his where are you now.i hope to here from you and you will come and take me from here to your country because i m really tired of this place.but dad have not finish his work there now.
Letter 4

to my sweet and lovely wife.the angel of my life and my happiness.
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