Romance scam letter(s) from John Troy to Tanya (Australia)
Letter 1

As much I hate this to share my burden but I have only you to share my heart with. When I talk to you or write to you I feel so much relaxed and happy though………There is somthng about your voice i love so much yesterday.You sound so sweet and i do understand what you mean in your email.

Despite the fact that the credit crunch has caused me a lot of problems. When this project was awarded to me with the package of $1,650,000USD. I have all the money fixed to my bank back in the states which I will be the only one to get the money in person for security purpose and also for an increment from the bank for using the money for the period of time while I am going to be away. So it has been my way for the past 15years in handling the expenses of the project with my extra money where ever the project site is. I used about $750,000USD to get all the necessary things done for the project when I was about to leave the country for the project,
But now very unfortunate for me the credit crunch made all things to be unexpectedly expensive, I have exhausted all the money with me in purchasing the Turbines Parts and I have also paid some engineers for the installation and some of the repairs to the damaged ones with all other equipments. Right now All I have to do is raise funds of about $107,000US to cover the engineer's mistake by getting the necessary damaged parts of the Turbine which is very important to complete the project, so I can be back at home as soon as possible.

I have already counted my lost but the main problem is to raise funds quickly in order to finish this with the specified date of completion.
I have called several conferences with the contractor and have my situation explained but there is no way they can help. They have done their part by giving the exact amount of money needed for the project at the beginning. I've done a mistake in fixing the whole money of the project in the bank back in states which I can only have access to when I am back home, It also has to be on the date the bank and I agreed that the money will be available. Though I was not expecting a big mistake that will cost me.
I have to find a means of raising money for the necessary damaged parts of the Turbine. I am planning on selling my Diamond Necklace with a Wrist Watch which are worth of about $45,000US combined and probably think of more things disposable to raise money and also from my son who is really devastated now about the whole thing,then see how far I can go in completing this.

Economy is worst almost every where now and I am hoping there will be a change soon and there will be an improvement....I just want you to know that you are always in my thought and i can't wait to get to Australia to be with you.. You are the love of my life..
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