Romance scam letter(s) from Jack Redd to Alessandra (Italy)
Letter 1

Hello Luca, I was trying to talk to you on the phone before the line went dead, Just a recap of what i was trying to explain to you. I got this contract with Gazprom and it is worth 1,450,000 dollars. I'm suppose to get paid in three checks as the contract progressed. The first check came which was 400,000 dollars and i use part of the money to settle my team upfront and then use the other part to order some machine and equipment from Germany which cost a whole lot of money. Now my order came and i wasn't having enough cash to clear it from the customs. i called my bank at the states and they told me i need to be the to process and do the paperwork coz my money was on a fix deposit. As it is right now, i can't travel back to the states coz Gazprom won't allow me. I'm suppose to get my second check after i must have installed the machine so i decided to ask your mom if she could lend me that amount. so she told me she would have to ask you. Please don't get me wrong, i'm so much into your mom, we are suppose to meet after i got my second check. Please be rest assured that i will transfer the money to your mom's account as soon as i get paid after the installation. I'm not comfortable asking from favors from people, just because i have got so use to your mom, that is why i ask her, i know it's not easy lending money to someone you haven't met, but trust me when i say i love your mom and hope to meet her soon. i will so much appreciate it if you do lend me the money and promise to pay back in due time. But if you still insist on not lending me the money, i will still understand. Best regards
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