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Letter 1

Hello Pretty,
Thank you for the message,I'm very sorry for the late response,i was surprised after reading your email. i didn't believe that we could contact each other so fast and know more about each other,i guess you must have looked at my profile and i guess i don't have much on there for you to read about me but i am going to tell you what i can about me,it will be much preferable that you ask what exactly you want to know I will like to use this opportunity to tell you some more about me. My name is Peter Evans. I am 56yrs old,I am a widower, I live in Florida,I'm a Self Employed consolidated contractor.
I seek a long term relationship and do not mind a long distance relationship to achieve this,though the distance i feel it's up to both of us to determine if we gonna be or not. Sincere love doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart,if distance were measured in terms of the heart we'd never be more than a minute apart but hey, like I said, distance means so little when you love someone so much, and it's up to us to determine if we gonna be together or not, and it's worth a try.

I was once married to a loving, caring, honest and sincere woman until death came and took her away from me, i lost my wife 6yrs ago,she had breast cancer. I have a Son, He is all i have for now.. He is now 10yrs old, His name is Martin, he is loving and intelligent like me. I have a kind heart and I have a lot of love in my heart to give it to my beloved woman. I'm optimistic and do hope a day will come I would see a woman that will fill my life with sunny rays of happy family life.
Though we have good and bad habits, we would have to share it together and accommodate each other, that way we would be in-separable.I will do my best to create warm tender atmosphere and special coziness where one can feel comfortable, i like people that are free and express themselves easily.

My ambition is to inspire my beloved woman constantly, to help her to keep the balance between career and private life, just as she would also inspire me to do good. Love is most paramount for me, i need a companion to share my life with, who wants to create a strong family. I want to take long walks with her and share what life has in stall for us both joy and sorrow. I'd like to look up to her as an authority for me, be proud of her, adore her, be supportive, she would have my devotion, understanding,kindness, care, calmness, cheerfulness,soul support and my great love. I expect to get all these traits from her too in return, Everyone wants something good for themselves, or don't you wish yourself well? i want something good for me and my kid, that's why i want be with you.

I'm aware lots of guys would actually tell you they are loving.
kind, honest, bla bla and when you meet them they are completely opposite lol, well pretty lady am not a cliche, i can't tell you how good i am or how loving i am i have to show it, and that's what am all out to do. There are so many interesting things about me, i am really fun to be with, and am hoping a special person like you would compliment me. I will be waiting to read back from you.A little more about me: I am intelligent, smart, honest, i don't smoke, but drink occasionally and NOT to get drunk lol, i also have a good sense of humor. I love to make others laugh and like to laugh too. Pscheww looks like i have typed away, please tell me what exactly you are looking for in a man, dreams, aspirations and feel free to tell me anything about you,.

I can't wait to hear back from you.

I have attached a picture of myself to this email, let me know what you think.I would be waiting to read from you.


Letter 2

Hello Tracie,
Thanks for the message, it's great to read from you once again,it was so good to hear from you and i am also honored that you could share all you did with me,for a minute there i was scared that i would not hear from you again.I must say that i feel i can share anything with you already so am going to let the cat out of the bag..i live in Tampa and it's pretty good out here,i love this area so much...

I travel a lot because of my work,am a consolidated contractor,a consolidated contractor is also known as a construction contractor, I have plans to retire soon and move into real estate,i think i have made quite a great deal of fortune, both in knowledge and in wealth but i do lack one thing.i'm without LOVE. I guess the death of my wife also took a toll on me and also turned me to a workaholic, so i wouldn't think about it so much. I am over that now, and ready to move on, need a comforter and a true companion, and not the stress of work. One of my favorite vacations was taking a helicopter ride and horseback riding in the Grand Canyon.

About my family, I'm the only child of my parent,my dad died so many years ago,it was a terrifying moment but am glad my mom could get over it quickly,I met my late wife in New York at a post office,i felt a strange feeling the moment i saw her and something in me told me,she is the right one for me,then i got her phone number and we kept on communicating,i found out that's she is an hardworking and focused woman,she has a natural beauty just like my of us didn't know when we started falling in love,We were great friends before the love thing happened,Martin doesn't live with me,he stays with my mom because i am very busy person,i don't think i will be able to give him the proper care he deserves,so i discussed this with my mom and she told me to bring him over which i did,He is very happy with his's an intelligent boy like his father,About my daily life,all i do is work,nothing more,i spend time out sometimes when i need it,probably when i need to relax my brain,go for movies,but i guess you know how boring it is when you going for movies alone without a woman,My life hasn't been the way it is suppose to be because of not having a woman,i do most of the things a woman is suppose to do for me myself...I don't think about all this things before,but there was a day i said to myself, I said Peter,You can't allow things to go on like this,You need a woman in your life, I discussed this with mom and she told me she has been thinking of asking me,so the next thing i told her was i am going to work on it,I know the special woman for me is out there and i believe am meeting her pretty soon,not long,From what you have written in your message about your job,it shows you are an focused and hardworking woman and you have a lovely and interesting Job,Not like

I guess you should truly know who i am ,I don't really know how this is to work, but hey! here is an exclusive. If at my age i do not know what and when to say, then what would i be? When a wise man sees he has probably spent about half of his time in life already, he begins to assess his main goals in life. What could be more important than a happy ending? LOL . A man needs to live his life full of joy and happiness. No matter his achievements, he is reduced to nothing if he has no crown to complete him and that is a woman to call his own wife and best friend. A woman who knows that even while arguing they still need to hold hands. A woman whom i can call a partner in crime,lol A woman whom you can tell anything. How could you think anything can make you happier in life than finding a love that knows no bound. Well concerning sexuality, i am not a promiscuous man, my desire is to be sexually faithful to the woman I love. If two people love each other and will communicate on their likes and dislikes about their partner's sexual behavior, I believe many problems can be resolved. Looking good is what i spend most of my time doing. I need real love. I don't play games and am not ready to be played.Distance is not a problem. If I find the right woman. I don't mind relocating as long as I find the right woman; and i hope you feel the same way vice versa. I will like to know you better because I like to have the woman who is ready to spend the rest of her life with me and make each other happy for the rest of our life! Life is too short to play games. I am a very busy one lol..

My Belief is there's one woman out there that can help me find that Love and affection again. Someone who is Understanding, Kind, good sense of Humor, Loving, caring, honest, sincere, passionate and affectionate, I believe in this word" Seek the Kingdom first and every other thing shall be added on to you" I've sort the kingdom so I'm waiting for my Dream woman and i believe when i have a woman that is honest and caring, she wouldn't hurt my feelings and emotion which i have for her, that's why i have been patient and waited this long. Most people don't know what it takes to hurt another ones feelings and emotion and how it feels so I'm not into playing games.

I like to work out and i am very active, i do Martial Arts too its just a way of exercising. I do Yoga to soothe my body and mind, visit the spa also. I am Very much considerate and thoughtful of others, Absolutely i treat others as you would like to be treated,I don't lose my temper very often, rarely,I love to Read, listen to music, or watch a movie when am alone. Favorite Countries France and Australia, I like cooking, i eat anything and everything from sea food to Mexican, like Taco a lot. I am Extremely patient, and romantic, I have so much to give the right woman, she would never question my emotions, i wear them on my

I love unconditionally, i feel there's no other way to being true with your partner. What's more important to me love or money? Love, but money makes it easier, I love the beach, i find it so peaceful and calming. Some of my most cherished memories are there.Here are some questions for you..

What is your plan for the Future?
What are your likes and dislike?
Are you patient?
Are you romantic?
Do you love unconditionally?
Have you ever been unfaithful to your mate?
Do you like public intimacy?

Hope to read from you soon.

PS: I attached some pictures to this email...


Letter 3

Hello My dearest Tracie ,
Thanks for the mail, I am really happy i got a response and thanks for the pictures too,You are very beautiful,Well i want you to know that this is my first time doing this online stuff ,A very good friend of mine introduced me to this internet dating,he found his soul mate on here and i thought i would give this a try as tell me since when have you been doing this online internet dating and how many people have you met on the internet, You are the first person i'm trying this with and i hope that it does work out for me(us) I know you would have read more about me in the previous message. I know I will be hoping to meet you soon, I must confess that I love the way you express yourself in your messages and i will like to know if there is anything i haven't told you and you wish to know, please feel free to ask. I love everything you wrote in your message.First in getting to know one another this is very valuable. But the important part of communicating is being honest. We can talk and talk and make our self look and sound good but unless we are completely honest we will not be disappointed when the time comes to finally meet each other in person. I have lived now for a while and have traveled to many places and therefore I feel I have learned to accept myself for who I am and what i am. I always try to be a good person to myself and to others,I'm very happy to know that you are a Christian and yes you got my favorite verse right,About Martin,I will tell you more about him and my mom in my next email and also answer all the questions i have asked you too

I am a very lovable, understanding and affectionate person. I just want someone who can love me passionately and unconditionally for who I am down on the inside. Someone who I can share my dreams and aspirations with...someone who won't judge me...I am looking for someone to be my best friend as well as my lover. I'm looking for that special person who will turn my stomach into knots every time I am with her.Someone who is very romantic and yet playful too. Someone who will bring the little boy out in me as well as the man inside me...I prefer people who are nice, kind, respectful and honest. People who view themselves better than others or think they are greater than others, I do not like. I want to find a woman who respects her self. A woman who takes care of herself mentally, spiritually and physically. I want a woman who is willing to work hard at our relationship. Someone who will contribute to improving and helping us grow together. While we are able she needs to and wants to work hard (like I will) to have nice things in life and to work hard so we can be comfortable together in other to enjoy ourselves.

Sweetie,I want someone who can look deep into my eyes and see pass the pain that I have endured through out my life time and i will also do the same thing for you. I DO NOT want a woman who is controlling, jealous, insecure in our relationship. I do not need a Mother figure. I want someone who trust me with all her heart and soul and someone I can trust back with all my heart and soul. Someone who believes in honesty and doing the right thing. I really get lonely at night so i work for long hours so as not to think or feel bad about my present situation. I am sure I am very close to the end of the situation. I feel that special woman that I am looking for is really close to me now. I am not trying to shop for women as I hate head games, I seek LTR like i told you earlier. I am searching for that woman that would make me feel complete. The woman that would be there for me all the time both in the happy and the sad moments of life. I have only loved once and I want to love again since my late wife has passed some years ago I have never dated any woman.

I want a woman that I would be able to share both my good and bad experiences with. A woman that we would both love each other for the rest of our lives. I can understand that you have been through a lot.
For now, I would like to know what you like in a man, I mean what you expect from a man, how you expect him to behave and how you expect him to treat you. I think I have stated that I am looking for a long term relationship and I am not ready to settle for less.If am granted one wish, what I will ask is a True Love. I am not into casual relationships, i drive a truck 2011 Toyota Tacoma, i call her "T.T" lol. I enjoy going to the movies Very Much,live theater, karaoke Is great!, I enjoy walking in the park it makes me think and appreciate nature. I like sports watching Baseball and NFL, i play Golf.

What's are your favorite things?: cars, sports etc,I love buying a variety of cologne's I must smell good at all times....Well I look forward to reading your next letter soon and that we continue getting to know one another.

Dislikes: I hate unfaithfulness but I am not jealous.

Basically that's all on me for now unless if you're willing to know more, then you can ask!. meanwhile I'll love to know more about yourself also.

When is your birth Day?
How much do you enjoy a walk on the beach?
Do you enjoy going to the movies?
What car do you Drive?
Are you considerate and thoughtful of others?
How often do you lose your temper?
How often do you like to go out?

Well that's all about me for now, I would wait to read from you..


Letter 4

Hello My Dearest Tracie ,
Thanks for the message and am so sorry for getting back to you late,I like everything you have told me about yourself,You sound like a perfect woman for me,It seems you have cast a spell on me cause ever since we started exchanging emails, I haven't been able to get you off my mind and there has not been a day that gone by without not thinking about you.You are very special to me and you lighten up my heart with the things you say to me, I rush to my computer in the morning to check if you had written me and i smile when i see your email, i hope we can continue this way because every thought of you brings joy to my heart... You are the right Woman which i have been searching for to bring back the smile which i use to smile when my late wife was still alive .

For a good relationship to grow we need to trust each other and be honest with each other to achieve what we want to achieve,A year after the death of my late wife,I dreamt of that one person that I would be able to share my dreams, happiness and energy with again ... I could not see her face but she was there. I always felt like she was out there, I just needed to feel her. I visualized the bond we would have and the courage she would give me to endure life's obstacles. All these years I have been alone, and feeling my way through life, learning lessons that later on would prepare me to become the person that I am now. I have felt alone and sad.Right now,am just getting to realize that she is here now. Here in my world was the woman that I had dreamt of few years back,I have never seen you, but with what we have shared about ourselves so far, that's all i want in a woman....

I know that you are perfect for me. We are perfect for each other, in every way..A commitment in a relationship to me simply means a promise made between two people to be together forever and be devoted to loving each other, be loyal to each other,a commitment to love no other person, being totally devoted to each other, a promise to be loyal and truthful to each other in the relationship, A commitment,a devotion and a dedication to something strong that becomes a part of someone’s life, a part of someone’s soul, body and mind. A commitment of a heart to stay true to a heart, a bond of togetherness ......Looking at what i have written so far someone would think that a commitment is something easy to do but the truth is that commitment is far more stronger that anything except the power of love because I would say that commitment and love are equals when it comes to the true human feelings,I would say a commitment would be the end chemistry of Love,A commitment is like embarking on a quest of a journey to the deep corners of the earth searching for something you believe in so much that no obstacle can stop you from doing so,A commitment when you fully in love to someone you Love and with no mind of doubts fully with Trust and Open Minded, Understating, Considerate, Caring to each other,to always be with the one you love forever through hard and tough times, in sickness and in health ,for better for worse ...A commitment to be a good respectful man to his wife

I decided to put up some questions and answers so that you would get to know more about me

What do you do for fun :- I like playing golf,playing billards,swimming,dancing,writing,reading,watching movies or tv.

When is your Birthday:- My birthday is September 2nd

Do you have siblings, are your parents still alive:- I'm the only Son of my parent,My dad is late he died so many years ago,but my mum is still alive and healthy,she is really helping to take care of Martin and i owe her a lot for that...

Are you close to your family:- Hmmm well i would say i am close to them but not too close because i speak to them on phone like every week,and i travel down to see her and my son every December,i love them so much and i wouldn't trade them for anything because they are all i got for now..i hope you will get to meet them soon..Wink

Are you from Florida originally:- I don't think i have ever shared this with you,I was born and brought up in Wales,which simply means am originally from Wales,i relocated down to the State 18 years ago,an uncle of mine brought me down to the state,but he has relocated back to Wales,I just moved into Tampa few months ago,i was formerly living in New York,i love it out here..

Do you like to travel:- I would say yes,i like to travel and i have been to few countries due to the kind of job i do

Do you exercise frequently:- Well,i give that a NO,but i do try to do some work out at least once in a week

Do you have any pets:-No i don't,but i'd love to have a Yorkshire Terrier...I love animals

Do you own your home: No,it's for a close friend of mine,Haven't really decided on buying a house,still contemplating..

My favorite color: Blue

What's your favorite song: A thousand years by Christina Perri

What are you passionate about: I'm passionate about helping others,truth and reality

How often do you lose your temper:- I am very patient and as far as temper goes, I have a pretty long fuse. I give lots of warning before losing my temper and do not do it often. Anger and temper tantrums can be avoided by good communication and the resolution of problems.

How often do you like to go out and where:- I go out when am less busy and bored,but not every time

Are you faithful and trusting:- I would say i am 100% faithful and i am trustworthy

Do you like walking on the beach:- yes i like walking on the beach,

Does your ideal woman have to look a certain way:- Well,I don't believe in looks,What matters to me is what we feel for each other,What she feels for me makes me see the beauty in her

I hope my answers are good enough for you,Well i am seeking for a woman which will be the flesh to my flesh and also the bone to my bone,It's true I have never seen you and we have never met,Never shaken Hands or even truly hugged and yet! I know for sure you care for me by the kindness that you give.And our keyboards keeps us together,it doesn't matter where we live,so I am emailing you to put a smile on your face and to let you know in my heart you have a special place.The sun is always shining just above the cloudy haze,as we share friendship across an online maze.We express love and kindness without a face it comes from deep inside our hearts from a special place. Within our lives we share special dreams, unusual and unique,and it is with our keyboards that we speak.You are a friend of mine from the emails we exchange,I wouldn't know you on the street and it doesn't even seem strange.You have brightened my life with the thoughtfulness you show.Your words encourage me more than you could know.As people change and times keep changing too,one thing stays the same the way I feel for you.For this friendship we possess owe a world of gratitude and debt,because we would not know each other if it wasn't for the net,I will want you to tell me your feelings about me and what you think we can do to achieve our goal.Hope to hear from you soon.Hugs....


Letter 5

Hello Sweetest Tracie

Thanks for your message and thanks for telling more things about you and your work, and also thanks for those wonderful and lovely pictures,You are so so beautiful,I wish i could kiss you from here to let you know how beautiful and wonderful you look,I must confess,I like everything about you and i think we have many things in common...I'm glad i met you and am also happy you had lot of fun at the wedding and the wedding was successful,i can notice that from the pictures you sent to me,Everything keep shining their bright white believe you are so honest,I think if it was some other woman she wouldn't even let me know she went with her husband soon to be EX,she will skip that off the message she will send to me,That shows how honest and truthful you will be with me,I've been thinking,We have written lot of emails to each other,I don't know if you don't mind sharing your phone number with me so that we can always send text message to each other and also speak over the phone before making plans of finally meeting each other,What do you think on about this? Please let me know, I can't wait to hear your beautiful voice over the is Mine: 516-350-5938





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