Romance scam letter(s) from Richard Walker to Julia (Philippines)
Letter 1

My Darling Wife

I am writing you this mail with deep sense of pain in my heart. There was a robbery incident few hours ago at the hotel where Mary and I stays. Most of my possessions were stolen by the robbers. Our daughter Mary is at the point of death right now as I write you this mail. During the commotion caused by the robbers, Mary stumbled and hit her head on the table in the room which led to internal bleeding of the artery that leads to her brain. I have rushed our daughter to the hospital and the doctor has diagnosed her with severe intercerebral haemorrhage and a surgery must be done to stop the internal bleeding as soon as possible to prevent a permanent brain damage which might lead to death. They are yet to start the surgery because the doctor demanded a deposit ( part payment ) of about $1600 USD before he can commence with the surgery. The problem I have right now is that all my money that was left after i paid for the flight ticket and my goods and shipping were stolen by the robbers during the robbery incident and I have not been able to pay the deposit required for the commencement of the Surgery. I am so confused and scared right now because Mary''s life is at stake as I write to you now. I have tried to pay the doctor with my credit card but they do not accept credit card payment neither do they use it in this country because their banks are not yet upgraded to international standards. I have even begged him to start the operation that I will do all I can to pay him in the coming days but he said that it is in their policy for the patient to make a substantial deposit for an operation of this type.. I will kindly request your assistance to borrow me $1600 USD so that I can give the doctor to enable him start the surgery immediately before the bleeding gets worse. I will pay you back from my credit card when i arrive your country because I have confirmed from the bank over here that it will work over there. I really need you to do this for us in order to save Mary''s life. Her life and future depends on this operation. The doctor said that Mary will be very fine within 72 hours if the operation is done. I need to remind you of the urgent need for this operation because our daughter''s life depends on it. So, please do all you can to help because you are all we have right now. I would not have bothered you if I had an alternative of getting the money required for the deposit of the operation. You can send the money through western union by going to any bank or western union office. Send the money to me directly with these details.
Letter 2

Manage my Booking
Complete your trip
Destination Guide
Flying Blue Confirmation and Payment Receipt
Your booking is confirmed and successful
The confirmation of your booking has been sent to you by e-mail, this indicate that your booking was successful.
• Please make sure that you arrive at the airport on time.
• We suggest that you always check in online if possible. This is an easy way to avoid queues at the airport.
• All times mentioned are local times.
• Please make sure you possess all valid travel documents during your entire journey.
• Find more information about health matters, passports and visas on
• Travelling to or from Belgium? You can travel partly by train by exchanging your flight coupon for a train ticket. Read more about using a KLM ticket to travel by rail Any other questions?
Feel free to contact the KLM Service Centre.
Your booking description
Please save your booking code. You may need to use this code in your correspondence with KLM and our partners.
Flight - booked
Total price
Flight USD 4,360.27
Your payment method: Zenith bank
• You have transferred the total amount of money required for the flight as at on Fri 23rd Sept 2011.
Your payment in USD was made into account no. 4070012681 on Fri 23rd Sept 2011.
Please note that 1 USD = 152.50 NGN was used as the exchange rate for transferring the money to KLM via Zenith bank. Important: Additional costs may be charged by your bank on domestic transfers. Bank charges for transfers to another country always apply.These charges will have to be paid on top of the total amount shown. Please contact your bank about the exact charges before you transfer the money to KLM. Thank you for booking with KLM. We wish you a pleasant flight.

Flight summary Flight: Lagos - Manila - One way USD 4,360.27
Fri 30 Sep 11 Departure: Lagos - Manila
Fri 30 Sep 11 20:20 Lagos (Murtala Mohammed Airport, Nigeria) -
04:10 Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands)
Class: Economy
Flight number: KL 0588
Aircraft type: Boeing 777-200 | view seat map
Operated by: KLM
The waiting time until the next flight is 8h20
Sat 1 Oct 11 12:30 Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands) -
23:55 Manila (Ninoy Aquino Intl Airport, Philippines)
Class: Economy
Flight number: KL 0803
Aircraft type: Boeing 777-300 | view seat map
Operated by: KLM
Total travel time 20h35 Passengers Mr Richard Walker (adult) Please note that your name is spelled "RICHARD MR WALKER" on your ticket
Telephone number 1 002348184805242
E-mail address Miss Mary Walker (child) Please note that your name is spelled "MARY MISS WALKER" on your ticket
Date of birth Friday 4 November 2005
Price specification Adult Child Price 1,916.00 1,437.00
Booking fee - -
Taxes and surcharges 515.61 491.66
Price (per passenger) 2,431.61 1,928.66
Number of passengers 1 1 Total price for all passengers
USD 4,360.27

Total price:
USD 4,360.27
Ticket conditions Departure flight : Lagos - Manila
• Changes are not permitted for any reason.
• This ticket is non transferrable.
• Changes are not allowed in the event of a no-show.
• The ticket becomes invalid after the period stated above
• Your ticket must be presented at the point of departure.
• A ticket is non-refundable in the event of a no-show.
• You will be travelling in U class with fare basis ULSFYNG.
• Flying Blue members earn 9636 Miles, upgrade with Miles is possible. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. geregistreerd in Amstelveen, Nederland, onder handelsregisternummer 33014286.
For information, services and offers, please visit our web site: This e-mail and any attachment may contain confidential and privileged material intended for the addressee only. If you are not the addressee, you are notified that no part of the e-mail or any attachment may be disclosed, copied or distributed, and that any other action related to this e-mail or attachment is strictly prohibited, and may be unlawful. If you have received this e-mail by error, please notify the sender immediately by return e-mail, and delete this message. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij NV (KLM), its subsidiaries and/or its employees shall not be liable for the incorrect or incomplete transmission of this e-mail or any attachments, nor responsible for any delay in receipt.
Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (also known as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) is registered in Amstelveen, The Netherlands, with registered number 33014286
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