Romance scam letter(s) from Micheal Morgan to Lina (Philippines)
Letter 1

My dear one, I am very glad to meet you here and I hope we will take each other serious until the time comes when we are finally together as one happy couple and as a couple who will love and respect each other, that's the only reason I am here and happy to meet you. I will make plans to travel to meet you as soon as possible as we work things out in a way and manner that is best suitable for us, because I cannot really wait a long time to spend my time with the woman of my dream, which i feel i have found in you among millions out there. I am happy i found you from the Philippines, my best friend was lucky enough to find his beloved wife here in this site and they are living happily here in Houston Texas, United States, it was from his wife i knew how loving and caring Filipino women are, he introduced me to this site and I am happy and lucky to meet you as well and hope soon we will have the opportunity to meet in person as time goes by and our love grows stronger. I have attached my pictures to you hope you will like them, I expect also to see more of yours. Please do take care till I hear from you. Yours Loving, Micheal Morgan.
Letter 2

My dearest, First, I am very much glad to read your message and see your pretty pictures in this dating site, you sound serious and matured in your write up, I am indeed very serious and I want to get married as soon as possible like my friend did, who is married to a Filipino woman he found her here in this social network and I am really not here to waste a single time, as you can see age is no longer on my side and I wanna marry a woman who is also serious like me and who shows interest in me too and who is ready to embark into this everlasting journey together with me as a happy couple, as a husband and wife. Well, I am Micheal Morgan from Houston, Texas. I am 65 years of age, divorced for over 16 years with two sons who are married and with their own families. Lately i have decided to remarry for i have seen that it is very lonely to be single at my age. I am a business owner of a Hardware/ building construction company here in Houston, Texas, United States. I have two sisters both of which are married and with their families, one in San Diego California and the other in Florida. I want to marry a woman I love and who will love me in return and will appreciate me too, that is why i sent a message to you. The reason i wanna marry a Filipino woman is because they are loving and caring, and humble not like most of our American women here, and i have seen it and have believed it. You have great looks and features and i appreciate you honey and I want you to know that i will go to extra miles to have you as mine forever for I have the instinct in me that told me that you are the one for me. I have given you the basics about me and again I am a simple, loving, down to earth man easy to please and to get along with, I believe that my actions will speaks louder than words as time goes by you will see and that is why i consider myself as a man of great actions, I hope that all works fine for us and when we are together you will get to know more about me as i am and me about you, and I will rest assure you that you will never have any regrets in meeting me and in marrying me. I am a man who knows how to love and care for people who are dear to me, and as i have come to admire and cherish you its is now my obligation to love you, respect you, treasure you and care and provide for you till the last end of my life. Till i hear from you, do take care. Yours Loving, Micheal Morgan.
Letter 3

My Dearest, For me you are a lovely and beautiful woman no matter what you think of yourself and you strongly appeal to my heart and my senses and that is the good reason I will love you till the end. And i will show you that you are really important to me and i value you so much in my life. I am gonna come and visit you very soon for us to spend quality time together. I really do care for you honey and i cannot wait too long to have you in my arms. Honey email me your complete address, name and contact number, having truly thought and considered my love for you and seeing how wise and noble it is to me, I have decided to come and visit you this coming Sunday February 2nd, to prove my love and care for you. I will email you my flight itinerary. I don't want to wait too long to spend quality time with you because if you love someone and you are far away the best thing to do to let the person know that you truly love and care for her is to visit her and be with her and make her happy and that is what am gonna do. Till i hear from you again, always do take care of yourself for me. I love you and will always do. Yours Loving, Micheal Morgan.
Letter 4

My dearest, Well I got your address, i am happy and excited to see you and to spend quality time with you soon. And am gonna shower you with lots of love and all the best things of life when am there with you. The reason because you mean everything to me and i want us to remain happy forever. You take care of yourself for me always and know that am here for you and that i love you very much. Yours ever in love, Micheal Morgan.
Letter 5

My Dearest, This is my very 1st time to visit the Philippines and am happy to undertake this trip for you because you mean so much to me. Yeah upon arrival at the Cebu airport i will give you a call immediately and i will have to book the next available domestic flight to manila as you have said, when i get to manila you will tell me what to do next. You are more important to me, you mean so much to me than anything you could imagine. I will do everything humanly possible to please you and make you happy and comfortable with me. Though like i said before we may not have seen in person and we may have met each other not long time ago, but I go with my instinct to love, to cherish and to respect you, I go with the believe that nature has a purpose for us and there is a good reason we are in love with each other right now. You do take care and I love you so much. See you then. Yours ever in love, Micheal Morgan.
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