Romance scam letter(s) from Roger Thomas to Veronica (UK)
Letter 1

Hello Veronica,
to be honest and faithful is most important things in life.I'm an easy going, hard working oilfield engineer,before i was retired 8yrs ago. I'm a very tender, loving person, with a great big heart, and a broad smile on even the bleakest situations. I am a very communicative person, and I lovefamily life i was transffered to many countries including WEST AFRICA to work due to the too much crude oil over there, so i had to travel down there with only child who are the only family i have to live there with me .. and it was a very great experience to see the sun set in AFRICA and the sounds of the Train and the cars and also their languages are very funny and sounds good and nice .. woow Africa is Beautiful the name of my sons name is nelson .. .... I lost his mother in a plane crash when he was 10yr old and my mother has to take care of him till he was 15yrs before she pass away (RIP JANICE SWEETMOTHER) .. and after the fight in africa about the Ethnic people over who owns the lands and the oil everything was bad with all we workers and we decided to leave and come back to STATE .. but NELSON was so much in love with Africa he decided to stay back in the house i bought over there ... and i left him there and i came back home to marco island where i am right now in Florida .. i only send Gifts items and money to him since i left him last 8year and i am now a happy owner of a very large boutique in Marco where i sell jewelries .. bags .. shoes ..pants .. clothes.. and many other things,... also am looking for an intelligent and good looking woman who is headstrong, full of initiative, likes to travel and is always curious about the world around her. She also has to want her own career. She is the person with whom together I can do the things I like. Like me she must like many different things. Most importantly, I no longer want to stay home alone to my big apartment. I want my soul mate to be there with me every day. My soul mate must be a romantic woman and like things like candlelight dinners. I want her to be that special someone I can engage in creative hobbies with. Its important to me that she is a person that will with me in my professional career and in my dreams and ambitions in live.
write back to know what you feel about this also how many man have you met online cause this is my first time online dating..
Sincerely Yours
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