Romance scam letter(s) from David Lopez to Carol (USA)
Letter 1

Good morning ! , Just wanted to know how you’re doing. I was imagining what it would be like to wake up every morning seeing your face.I hope you find this letter beneath the sheets when you awake this morning. I know this seems wired to have a letter across distance wish you good morning with alot of love.Pretty I want to spend my all time on you because i wanna know you more,am ready to give you all the attention and devotion a woman requires from a man, and I hope this isnt too forward, but I want to be the only man in your life i hate to share an egg like you with some one else, I see my future in your smile and I am my strongest and my weakest with you, and I hope you will consider spending the rest of your life with me. Well I just finished my daily devotion for today. Hehe. I wanna read the bible with you one day. Just sharing thoughts about how wonderful God has been to me through out my dangerous work for the past years even at war front. I wanna hear your stories of how your faith became stronger. Lol. Random thoughts keep coming up my mind. I don’t even have the slightest clue if you wanna marry ever again in your life. Yet, my faith in loving you is still soo strong. I wanna ask you but I don’t wanna start anything awkward between us two considering the fact that I get to see you sooner than later. In person. I wanna see you laugh. I wanna know how it feels to see your outermost beauty and know the feeling of falling all over again. I wanna see your joy sparkling all over your face. Not caring what other people think. Just be happy Yea,I wanna see you being happy and that is why i promised to keep smile on your face forever as long as we remain close. Yours Van
Letter 2

Never blame a day in ur life Good days give u happiness
Bad days give u experience Both are essential in life!All are Gods blessings!always Close your eyes,Concentrate your mind & Pray to God about the things That you want most.GOD must fulfill your prayer. Am still alive here because of the love filled in my heart which i wanna share with you, and with the blessing of the most High God am still alive because we were meant to be together. Although My day was hectic and My schedule were tight. But that would never let the day end without talking to you and thinking of you.Am very happy reading all that from you in the morning, read over and over again because you have got my attention all so tell me how did you charmed me so quick what is your secret...?I have been thinking so much about you and just cant wait to be with me. I know rightful that we belongs to each other that is the only secret why we had a quick crash on each other so quick...Lol i think we were meant to be together, and that is why God has keep us single to now Just look the moon is calling u !!...see the stars are shining for u..hear my heart says: may god build for u a castle in heaven and made u eat from its fruits,I just cant get my eyes of your beautiful and charming face, please promised me that You will never give up on me, We are already winner's because under no circumstance am ready to quite on you, am prepared to give all within me to keep you forever Yours Van
Soo much Kisses and Love Across miles
Letter 3

Hello Madam thank you very much for contacting me and Choosing me to help delivery your Package to Your Man,My name is STEPHEN AYIGLO British Diplomat mainly assigned for Distributing of Parcels/Packages to UK ARMY,US ARMY AND GERMANY ARMY men who are on peace-keeping mission in AFGHANISTAN.I love my work very much because it helps me to meet Great men(Hero's) who have dedicated their life's to serve their countries for the good name and to maintain peace and Order in other countries. Am now in UK Spending some good time with my family, I visit Afghanistan every two weeks, and i was there in Last week friday therefore am going there again on next week friday,I have alot of men waiting to received their packages,I will be flying from UK to Ghana(Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan Peace Keeping) on Monday to wait and clear some packages because i have one of my Offices there.So i want you to send the package to these POSTAL ADDRESS Below is my Representative Secretary.Send it through the USPS And take a Tracking Number with an EXPRESS SHIPMENT. You will have to send the Tracking number after sending to you man that number is what he will show to me before he get his Package.NB:DON'T WRITE ANY OTHER NAMES ON THE BOX APARTMENT FROM THESE ADDRESS BISMARK KWAKU AGYEI
P.O.BOX M/S 556
(WEST AFRICA) Also bear in mind that You can send anything as Big as you Want,the Only rules is that dont explain anything when you are the Post Only give them the Postal Address Above and tell them to send it,Pay for the Charges,Take your Tracking and you leave. Email me Back after sending with the Tracking Number as well. Thank You
Diplomat Stephen Ayiglo
Letter 4

Attention Madam Good-morning am writing to informed you that since you said you will be sending of the package today, I want you to take a picture of the receipt which you will be given from the Post after sending so i can know how much you paid for Sending and what i will be taken for clearance fee. Thank you
Dip Stephen Ayiglo
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