Romance scam letter(s) from David Lopez to Lisa (Sweden)
Letter 1

Hello Lisa.
I feel it important i write a short letter to tell you more about myself and thank you for taking your time to reply my letter to you on the dating experience and also for writing to my personal email address.How are you doing and how did you?i hope everything is going on well with you today, Well i am fine and safe here .i am now living in the capital city of Afghanistan which is Kabul where i am now time over here is now 7:01pm Monday.
I am John Lopez by name, a Sergeant in the U.S.A Army and stationed in Afghanistan for some time now for missions a military personnel.i am a Spanish,i have lived most of my life in the USA, i am an American citizen. i have been blessed with a son, who mean the world to me, his name is Jeff, he is living with his mother.
i am honest, Kind, Caring, Loyal, intelligent and very adaptive and communicative when it comes to conversant conversation about the military and for the peace keeping force in the army i have come to understand the principles of the truth and life that follows everything we do. I am like a tender flower that needs care of my woman. I am a passionate man I like to be playful with my woman. I am full of positive energy and happiness. I am a honest man, I do not like to lie. I believe that a person who is honest and sincere will definitely find his second half in this world. I am serving as the command sergeant for Combined Joint Task Force 7 serving in Kabul, Afghanistan. I'm energetic! person I'll try anything once. I'm usually the type that is a good listener. Laughing is my favorite thing to do and there's never a moment when I'm not happy even though sometimes i feel so lonely and very empty and feel like talking to someone special i know i can trust and confide in. I'm a very positive person. I tend to see the glass half full with numerous possibilities. I'm the friend that's always there to lean on, even if we aren't getting along at that specific moment. Trust is the biggest thing for me. I'm very a forgiving person and i love kids, i am honest kind and caring. i am hard working person and don't discriminate as military man. i love to maintain peace. for now i am presently in Afghanistan for peace keeping mission....but will be retiring very soon from the Army.....which is in less than 2 months. I was born in Madrid.At the age of 10 (Ten) years i was taking to Florida In the United State Of America where i grew up and joined the United state army at the tender age of 16 years.I have served in the army almost all my life and i am proud that my retirement is just in 1 month 3 weeks time from now.As an army officer i am proud of myself because i have saved a lot of innocent life and i have always fought and helped the poor and less privilege since i have a kind heart and my heart is full of love to share with someone special at this moment in my life. I was betrayed by an American woman i married for good 18 years.I once went to Washington for a meeting for 2 weeks.On my return home i caught my wife making love to another man on our matrimonial bed. In fact,I felt so bad and as a result divorce her and paid her off.I know you might also have your own share of bad relationship experience to get a woman like you still searching just like i am doing.However lets put our effort,mind and energy into this and i know it will work out just perfectly. I am now looking for another woman to involve myself with which was the more reason why i came on motesplatsen, to see if God bless me with someone special,i will always make my woman feel secure in life. A real woman, i will always protect her and behind my shoulder she will always feel safe and secure.Someone who will appreciate me and treat me the way I deserve. Because I would do anything it takes to make my woman happy.
it was a friend who sing me up there,he is from Sweden but join the us army , i will be willing to come to Sweden just to spend time with the right woman of my life, i don't understand Swedish. i hope this help to know more about me,Please with all respect send me some more pictures of you and also do your best to write a mail of yourself just like i have done and send it to me please..Thank You For your understand and also feel free to ask me any question you want because that is the only way out we can get to know each other better ok. take care and i hope to here back from you soon. have a wonderful day.
Yours Faithfully,
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