Romance scam letter(s) from Glover Martin Roberts to Melody (Australia)
Letter 1

Dear Melody,
I know you are thousands of miles away now , Including your daughter as well. Am already missing you this morning as i woke up as usual to check if there would be a message for me to read, I had a pretty good sleep until about 3 am today.. then i started having tummy trouble and could not go back to sleep.. I would try my best to be at the parental company's for the result of last week presentation and see what the good news was all about. I don’t want to miss that... But if the tummy troubles don’t go away, I’ll probably come home early and just work from home. There is plenty i can do from here on the computer. With all the business and stress of the last many weeks, I can feel my body heading for a crash and am trying hard not to let it go there. My last few weeks and days have been all about preparation for this project. Anyway' I hope everything went on smoothly for you. I can't wait for you to be back home next week. Did you have a good sleep ? I hope you had sweet dreams before waking up that early and leaving for the airport, Please make sure you take care of yourself for me there and my best regards to your son and other members of the families. I am also looking forward to Erick being here next weekend. I hope to read from you. Would write you again about the outcome of the interview. Yours Sincerely
Letter 2

Dear Melody,
Am sorry about my late response to you, I'm sure you must have checked on your email several times today to see if there was any message from me, I kept thinking about you but there wasn't enough time for me to get on the computer and write you, Yesterday' I wasn't happy when they ask us to come back again today, After the announcement was being made, I thought they wanted to make some changes on the names they had. and i already gave up the hope. But luckily today my name was among the lucky ones. Anyway' I just finish having my dinner now' (A late night one) and had to write you this before i begin to feel lazy. It was really nice to read all those beautiful messages from you, I've written several sentences and they just don’t seem to convey how i am feeling right now melody…..delight, joy – giddiness? The ability to share with you the good news. Today was total excitement and I couldn't believe it when i heard my name. I am so excited, I really give thanks to God for making this a reality for me. Although' I wasn't so shocked' because i knew that i did a lot, I had really put in so much effort into this . Am so happy that everything came through, also i should also thank you for bringing luck to me. Off course you gave me luck. Anyway' I was given the contract attestation immediately after the announcement, I am not certain when precisely i could be traveling, Am hoping by 12th of this month because work has to commence as soon as possible. I don't think they would want to welcome any form of delay. Because' this contract has an affiliate with one of the Perth's longest standing real estate developer , which has a series of architectural sketches that surfaced in international level, They want this 3 lucky company's to be sub-contractors joined partner with other local contractors in the middle eastern country of Qatar. I hope you understand me. By the way, how is your son, his wife and grand-son also ? I hope they are all doing fine and great ? My regards to everyone there.. I understand when you mentioned about not wanting them to know what you are writing about. Am seriously missing our daily night chat melody, Please come back home in time.. Its like i have known you for a very long time. I think i like everything about you and i must confess that have been feeling the same way. Alright, Sleeping time! Sleeping time !! Sleeping time !!!, You know what that means dear ? My bed is calling me.. Please take care of yourself for me there and do have a pleasant night rest. Greetings to every members of the families, Including your daughter as well. I will write you again. Yours Sincerely
Letter 3

Dear Melody,
I know you haven't had the chance to write and would surely understand, Hope everything is going on fine there with you ? How about your son and his families, Including your daughter ? I hope everybody is doing fine, My regards to them all...Its just a normal weekend days here.. have steve around in the morning. He wanted us to visit his mother again but i told him, maybe during the week days. As i am getting myself prepared for the Qatar trip. You would be back on tuesay, right ? Can't wait to have you back on our night chat.. hehehe.. Sounds funny right? Anyway' I am looking forward to read from you soon, Take care of yourself for me there and do have a pleasant time. Greetings to everyone. Yours Sincerely
Letter 4

I haven't heard from you since last week, Guess you haven't been able to check on your email ? How is everything going there? I hope you are doing fine and your daughter, son' Including his families are all doing fine, Please kindly extend my greetings to them. I was just surprise that you've not written any message to me since last week and wondering if there was anything wrong over there. Anyway' all is well with me here.. I would be traveling to Qatar tomorrow afternoon via Singapore Airline.. Was thinking we can see before my departure.. Maybe not the right time. Please let me know whenever you are back. OK Take care and do have a pleasant Journey back home. God Bless you. Yours Sincerely
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