Romance scam letter(s) from Matthew Dawson to Suelle (Singapore)
Letter 1

How are you doing today? so nice to have meet you in here,well am new to online dating and i just joined the dating site .(i came into this site.
and i came accross your profile, then i have to make this confession, saying, i wonder if an Angel like you still exist on this planet earth i will want you for a good, caring, communicative, Committed Friendship and Intimate relationship)This is my first time doing this and will be appericative for us to get along in knowing each other. And also will be coming to your country soon,so it will be nice for us to get to know each other.This is my mail contact matthewdowson09 //at// live //dot //com.or mattewdowson09 at yahoo//dot //co //dot //uk.. You can add me so we can chat online or mail me directly so we can get familar.
You look great !!!
Thanks once more for reading my message.
Matthew Dawson.
Letter 2

Hello my Sweet Angel,The Love Of Love My Life,

honey I arrived africa safely with my daughter this morning.Oh it is so good to be able to write to you from africa i am very glad. honey i was so stressed out when i arrived oh i wished you were here with me to massage my body for me.
Honey ( i call you befor i live ) i started sureping with my business here in africa and i hope to be with you in Singarpor and you have to know that i will be coming to meet you from here in africa my love ok. Honey oh God this place is wonderful you know what mein, and very hute.This country is so underdeveloped and there is so much sufferings and diseases here. Honey,we don't have enough free time to spare, or a chance to express just how much we care, but I think of you when each day ends, and I say a prayer for you, My Love. Honey i will be going to the travel agency after i shower .take a good rest like you alway tell me honey .maybe this week to buy the tickets for me and my daughter to i told you on phone that i will be in you .am spen just 4to5days here .on i really hope to see you soon.i will forward the time and date of our flight to you.when am ture with what am doing I will also tell you the name of the airport where we will land so you'll go there and wait for us then we will go to the hotel.
Baby you have taken total control over my thoughts and i cannnot help it.
Honey i want to look into your eyes and tell you how i feelings. about you. Sweet Angel i want you to know that i have been a very lonely man ever since i was a window because i no longer have any friend at all. The only person i talk with are my daughter and you now you are in my life. I feel so much alive ever since i met you. Thank you for coming into my life sweetAngel. My love i want you to know that i love you so much with all my heart ok.Hope to hear from you soon my baby.Honey SweetAngel .when just the hotel will look for away to get a local online to reach you honey.
i will call you ........ you can also reach me with it, Baby Angel .Honey i will call you with the number honey.Today try and be online leter honey Your Love my sweetcinderla And Your Prince Matthew Dawson
Letter 3

Honey please send me the $5,50 Dollars with the below details Through Western Union Money Transfer. Honey take the cash to the nearest western union agent close to you, sent like this
Receivers Name: Matthew Dawson
Transfer city :Benin City, Edo state.
Tex Question:honey

Honey as soon as you have send the money,please send me the information as they appear on the western union transfer slip:Control Number M.T.C.N:

Your love Matthew...Kiss U Honey
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