Romance scam letter(s) from Christopher Smith to Maria (Portugal)
Letter 1

Hello sweetie, How are you doing this morning? i hope you had a happy weekend and equally a wonderful night, i wish you well all the time, lol its funny when i read from you that you have magnet to health problem, baby i must tell you that what you need is a man in your life... A man who will be there to sample all the love that you need in life, a man who will understand you and will be there to make you smiles when you while away with deep emotional thoughts, i bet you that if you have this man in your life, you will never feel pain again... Again, i will like you to always put your problems to God and he has the final courage and help for his people, to me you are a kind of woman every man should long for, you are kindhearted and generally good, i will like to learn about your reactions and the way you handle issues when am out of this war zone, guess it will be that of a madonna. I thank you for being good, am so happy too that we can communicate through the email here, i will come back again to check if you have written for me, because i smile whenever i see news from give me joy in my heart...take care always and have a wonderful week days ahead my dearest...a kiss
Letter 2

Hello sweetie, i always feel good coming here to have words with you my dear, here you dropped another good word of your kind, i like people honest and open hearted, baby you are the kind of woman that my hearts longs for, i wish we are be together in the future. Baby can we try and see if the future is for us, i love your kind and wish we can make it happy in the future, i have passed through a lot already and now all i need is happiness, where i can have peace and smile to my family. Hope you will accept me dearest. I wish we are together now over there, so i can tell you this face to face, but due to our distance it has to come through an email, i hope you don't mind Today i receive news from my nanny and she said that my child asked of you, i will write to them now and tell him that you are fine and smiling for him too. i will like to send some of my pictures they ones i still have here with me, i hope you will like them too... kiss kiss...send my kisses to mummy too...take care and good night my admired beauty
Letter 3

Hello sweet, How are you doing over there? i have really missed you my dearest all these while i stayed in the mission, i have been in the mission for some days now and it has made me to have no time to come and have word with you, because i had no access to the computer, but am happy to come online this day to have words from you which makes me feel good. But today your words did not go down well with me, though you are making sense in your words, i know what am saying might sound crazy, but i want you to know that what i and my son needs now is happiness, because i have everything it takes now to survive my family to the end of time, if we handle it rightly. I have worked hard here for long now and all my wish is to find a good woman with honest heart, i understand your conditions, and i know that miracles do not kill yourself with your condition and believe that their is no tomorrow for you, i believe we can change the story-line and paint the future positive. Am willing to spend my life with, please dear do not misunderstand me, i know we can separated with distance of emptiness, and with hope and love we can come together as one and build the future together, i already have a son and even if there is need for more children...only God can decide, baby do you believe in HIM...we can make it together... A kiss
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