Romance scam letter(s) from Victanno Vick Martins to Denise (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Cutie, Thanks for response, your words are so calm i feel honored, I am having a pretty good day today with myself, how about you? what have you been up to?, I just thought I'd share my background with you to enable you know me more. I came from a middle-class background, I was born in Torino July 3rd,1963. My mother is from England while my dad is from Italy, I hold a dual citizenship(Italy and British), My father has worked a variety of jobs, But he ended up in as an oil merchant before he died, I was into the oil business with him but after his death I decided to go into construction as I am a graduate of civil engineer (Civil/Construction/Building Engineering). I went back to my field and as a self employed so I work for myself. A friend of mine introduce me to the site but I never found interest on it, I believe there will more lot of Games in it, just to give a try on it just for once. I am very open in heart and as a free minded person,I really want to open my heart for some one that can handle it with care from his heart,cos i am afraid of heart break I don't like thinking about my past anymore. I was married to my late wife 10years ago, who dead in a car accident 2years ago, she was very caring, understanding with sense of humor, she's interesting to be with at any time.My mom was working as a medical biller for the government,she bills claims and medical stuffs, although they are late now 13years ago,i was very close to my parents,as the only child i was spoiled and they always try to provide everything I want, I was born and brought up as a Christian,I have never been to Italy since my parents left as am not close to my relatives,we had a fight over my dad properties in UK after he died,i was so disappointed in them and decided to move on as I am not a material person.Some day I hope to help people make healthier, more loving decisions with their lives.In the mean time, I’m happy with what I am doing because I know that the work I do makes a difference, I love everything about my construction work, I love to create new things everyday, I am into construction of oil pipe lines, hospitals, construction of roads, building of structures for companies and underground laying of oil pipes Lines, I hardly get angry because i do believe that energy and time should be put into something good. This will be all for now and thanks for reading, hope that you find nothing offensive in what I have written, if there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hold back to ask any Question and I would like to know more about you? Till i hear from you.
Letter 2

Hello Cutie, Thanks for sharing more about yourself. I really appreciate that, how was your night? Mine is great because am relaxing with myself. Tell me more of your likes, dislikes, passion and interest???
Letter 3

Hello Pretty, Good Morning dear and how was your night? It was really nice receiving your emails, yes am so serious in getting to know you better and talk more, I thought it would be helpful if I shared what some of my interests are and what some of my passions are and also what my likes and dislikes are. This will give you an idea about the man you are communicating with and probably spend the rest of your life with.....

Interests: I tend to have a variety of interests, such as the following: I enjoy the outdoors. I love spending time by the water (lakes and oceans) as the water grounds me and provides me with inner peace. I too enjoy a nice sunset especially by the water (romantic). I enjoy walking, swimming, anything with outdoors involvement and playing like a kid when am with my partner. A swing is always lots of fun especially if someone is pushing you. I have a playful spirit. I enjoy quality time spent with my daughter. I enjoy a good movie, all types of music, reading, some sports, different types of foods. I am open to trying new things. The bottom line is I am active and have a tremendous amount of energy to expend.

Passions: I have a few passions in my life and I would have to say that I am passionate about being a good father, about my career, about developing relationships (in general), and I really look forward to being passionate and having a passionate intimate relationship someday. I tend to be passionate about all things that are attached to the heart, my heart. Generally, this is my love and passion for humanity and for those that will come into my love life.

Likes: I like many things as I am open minded and flexible person. Generally, I like everything providing that there is no dislikes of mine infringing on the likes. Some of my favorite food (restaurants) consist of Chinese, Mexican, Italian with Jamaican sauce and rice being my favorite. I love red licorice and my favorite flowers are carnations. I do enjoy traveling and thanks to my job. I would like to see castles close up some day and stay in a beautiful hotel close to the sea. I am thinking about a holiday over at the Caribbean. Not sure where I would like to go for now...

Dislikes: There is not a whole lot that I dislike, however; the things that I do dislike seem to be based on values and character, allow me to explain. There are certain things that I have no interest in, however; these are the things that I clearly dislike or choose not to tolerate are: disrespect, unfaithfulness, dishonesty, lying, cheating, mean spitefulness, being judgmental, callousness, harsh words, hurtful acts, intrusting people, displaced anger, unfairness, injustice, selfishness, being inconsiderate, blaming, not taking responsibility, self-contentedness, rigidity and anything else that can cause damage or be damaging to another human being.

Let me see, what else can I share about me? I have a strong work ethic and I never give anything less than my absolute best.

I trust that you are having a lovely day. I would love to hear from you and if there is anything else you would love to know or share about likes, dislikes, passions, and interests, do not hold back, am glad we are having this conversation. You are in my thoughts always,
Letter 4

Hello Angel, Good Morning Angel and how was your night? I look forward to your emails...I see what we both are looking for in a relationship..a partner..a friend..a couple..most of all the truth...Seems so simple but not for most ..they tell you what you want to hear. My motto is I would rather have you hurt my feeling with truth than to spare my feeling with lie.....I treat people with the up most respect ,and expect the same back..I learned because of my long term commitment to my late-wife it was about wanting to be with that person in good times and to get through the bad times. Its about being together because you want to, not because you have to. This is not about being with someone just for now or until something better comes along..I go for long road not the short ride....I have high expectations for myself and any one in my life ...This isn't about material things or money ..that doesn't buy you real love or happiness...I have always been independent even when one person should be responsible for another persons happiness,I believe it's up to yourself to make that happen...I'm looking for that love and won't settle for less..I know what real love is ..I'm not going to play games with your feelings or mine..We have our family's which is part of us and they are just as important when someone comes into my life..I hope you can feel in my words about trust....and truth..they go hand in hand.......I hope you understand me...I think we both have come across with our wants and needs in a relationship, I think we are on the same page...this seems to be a good start..we can build from here..A good foundation starts a good relationship...Still interested???? Hope a great day, and good bye my lovely pretty angel.
Letter 5

Hi Honey,

Good Morning honey and how was your night? I loved reading your emails, I cannot keep my thought from wandering to you.
I want to know everything about you. Your favorite color, your favorite beach, your favorite song, your favorite drink, your favorite...I want to see you, to touch you, to kiss you,so that I know you are real.
Thought I would share my "top ten" list. This is a list of qualities I came up with to measure a woman. They are a list of values I want in my partner. Here goes: 1. Freedom - I need someone that enjoys freedom, that has interests of their own and allows freedom in another.
2. Compassion/Kindness - The Dalia Lama says that compassion is the greatest power. So true..
3. Spontaneity - I love being spur of the moment, living in the moment. Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, and today a gift. That's why they call it the present.
4. Responsibility/Stability - I need to rely on the other person to be there for me and to have our life together.
5. Healthy - Body, mind and spirit.
6. Humorous - If you cannot find the humor in life, then what is the point?
7. Spirituality - My partner must think on a different level and I am not talking about religion.
8. Intelligence - Must I say more?
9. Passionate - I love a woman that is passionate about life, about the little things, about love.
10. Respectful - One must show respect for their partner.

I came up with this long time ago. Still looking for the person to fill all of these traits. I see so much of these qualities in you and want to know if you agree.
I only do monthly subscription on zoosk and i was not always on the site because i am always busy with work till i found you. you are only the person that i am communicating with and this is my first relationship i am going to ever since i lost my wife 2years ago. Please i will like you to send me some of pictures. Hope to hear from you.
Letter 6

Hello Sweetness, What I’m about to say to you is important for both of us. Knowing and realizing that there is still a lot to unfold, I’m willing to go forward if you are. Something shifted in me today, not sure what or why, but it did.I’m Surrendering my HEART to you.I’m going to trust, that what is happening between us, is of GOD. I’m going to try to put all my fears aside and go with what my heart has been telling me. I take your Heart in my Hands with all the gentleness, kindness and love that I can possibly hold in my Soul I ask you to do the same.
Baby you are so sweet and i will like you to send me your phone number to enable me hear your lovely voice and get use to you.
Letter 7

Hello Sweetness, Good Morning my sweetness and how was your night? I prayed for us this morning...I will share my prayer that I prayed this morning. I asked that God Bless our Union together. That it be filled with Love, Peace and Happiness. That we would be Bless with Long Life together with Good Health and financial security although our life. Slipping undergarments
Sliding through silky skin
Sweat wet
Oozing heated yearning Parting lips touching buds
Of sweet tasting affection;
Grasps tighten round
Fused bodies; Lunges welcomed,
Mingling pain and love
Lingering vibes showing,
Cloudy skies;
Frenzied moments Completed, shared, embraced self
Sharing the world with
You...................xoxoxoxoxoxo, Victanno.
Letter 8

I don't really know on how to convince you because i am disappointed at you already, I never expect such different words from you and is very annoying, Since we have been talking have i ever ask you for money that you talking like that and how can you use another people names to disturb my mind?
talking about my pictures i forgot to send it to you yesterday. Please i don't want you to use that kind of adjective to qualify next time because i am among of those men on the dating site who play games with women.
Letter 9

Hello Sweetness, Good Morning my sweetness and how was your night? Your words is so touching and i don't have anything against you because you are just trying to protect yourself. My feelings are growing stronger and stronger every second. Honey, I think that if we take our time and do everything right, this love could blossom into a fairytale romance. Please be true to me and be true to yourself. I have put all my trust in you, and I have opened every fiber of my being to you and only you. I don't care about looks or money, granted they are nice things, but I am after a love that will give me a reason to breathe. I want a future wife in my life, someone to hold, confide in, laugh with, cry with; someone I can watch football with, who can take my daughter as her own, walk along the beach at night with. I want it. I deserve it, SO do you. I sincerely hope that you feel the same as I do about you. I received two calls this morning, one from Shantel's Grandma in Cambridge saying that my daughter is not feeling too well so, i called them immediately and from our conversation, i know she is missing me.... The second call is a very good news and i can't wait to share it with you because i believe it is happening because of me meeting you but still, i will keep it until i get a formal written notification.............. I came up with these, I don't know whether to call it a poem or something else....Read and tell me what you think. When you find a dream inside your heart, don't let it go. for dreams are the tiny seeds from which beautiful TomorrowGrows. A man's dreams are an index to his greatness.
In life LOVE is never planned nor does it happen for a reason. But when LOVE is real, It becomes your PLAN for life and your reason for living. Don't think how many moments in your life, just think how much life is there in a moment. Life gives answer in 3 ways... It says Yes & gives you what u want, it says no and gives u something better, it says wait and gives u the Best! When time comes for you to give your heart to someone, make sure you select someone who will never break your heart, cause broken hearts has never spare parts and Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing pain.
Please i will like you to send me your phone number so that we can plan on how to meet because i will be traveling out of the states very soon for my work. So tell me, what do you think.... xoxoxoxoxo Love,
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