Romance scam letter(s) from Charles Presten to Jette (Denmark)
Letter 1

You have to cancel that payment and take your money back and send it by Money Gram to ( Collins Peters ) to London - England. if the Western Union refuse the transfer you should cancel it and take your money and send it by Money Gram office.
Letter 2

I received your mail, i have to information that Mr. Martin ?2600 Pounds was also stop here by Western Union so you have to cancel both transactions and take the money back then go to Money Gram to send the money with this names. Send ?3000 to this name by Money Gram ( KEVIN JOHN AISTROP ) to City: LONDON. Country: ENGLAND. Send ?2600 to this name by Money Gram ( OVIE OKPE ) to City: LONDON. Country: ENGLAND. Please cancel both transaction of Collins Peters and Martin Bould and take back your ?5600 Pounds from Western Union then go to Money Gram office to send it with the names i gave to you now. Regards.
Diplomat Angelo Markson.
Letter 3

I received your mail, i have just finish a telephone discussion with Mr. Daniel Amah since you cannot send Money Gram from your city, you have to send the balance ?5600 GBP to Daniel Amah in Ghana for him to forward the payment to me here in the Heathrow Airport London for me to leave. Please try and act fast because i cannot wait too long here in the Heathrow Airport London so you have to try and send the balance to enable me leave to deliver your consignment to you. Regards.
Diplomat Angelo Markson.
Letter 4

Please try and do it on time because tomorrow is Friday and i want to leave here tomorrow to deliver your consignment to you please do your best to send the money tomorrow. Regards.
Diplomat Angelo Markson.
Letter 5

Very sorry i forget to send you email last night to inform you that Martin Bould have collected the money last night the Western Union called him to come and pick up the money so he did OK. You have to send the last payment of ?3000 pounds to Mr. Daniel for him to forward it to me here today so that i can leave the Airport to deliver your consignment to you today. Regards.
Diplomat Angelo Markson.
Letter 6

Hello ma How are you doing today nad how is life with father has told me alot about you and i have been wondering who is that who is swept my dad up his feet and he told me that you are the lady that put smile on his face once again and i will be very happy to have you in our life....All i have wanted is for my father to get someone and move on with his life and now i think he has found the one he has been telling me is looking for please ma don't break his heart cause my dad truely loves you with all his heart cause the way he speak about you to me i don't think he said so much like that to me about mother is he really do love you and hope you love him too the way he do feel for you pure than anything i have ever seen i promise to be a good son to you and please take good care of my dad i know he will take good care of you my best wishes Henry
Letter 7

Plot 75,Ist Junction,P o box 1897,
Accra Ghana Dear Miss Jette Pedersen, How are you doing i hope all is well with you, we Understand what you are asking from us and we have been waiting to hear from him or anybody he can entrust this funds for, the funds belongs to Mr Jack Clifford but because we are having an Internal problem with our Company so we ask all our depositor to come for their funds, we also understand that Mr Jack Clifford is a very busy man and he can not come here for his funds so we ask him to get us someone who he can trust for we to send the funds, we understand that you are the person he want us to send the funds to , Miss Jette Pedersen without wasting any much time the first thing we can do for now is for we to obtain the change of ownership certificate that means we have to put your name on the document that cover the funds and this will cost you $1,500 US Dollars, with this change of ownership then we can send you the funds and it will take us just 3days after you send us the money, Miss Jette Pedersen we need you to send this money across to the company secretary the names below then we shall start the legal procession on how to send you the funds, we await for your respond, here is the payment details if you are ready to send the money, you can make the payment through the Western Union or Money-gram Money Transfer.

RECEIVER NAME..............IYENDO PHILIP COUNTRY...........................GHANA CITY.....................................ACCRA AMOUNT.............................$1,500 US DOLLARS QUESTION..........................WHAT COLOR ANSWER.............................BLUE SENDER NAME............................ M.T.C.N......................................... We are waiting to hear from you soonest with the M.T.C.N thanks! Regard:
Dr Frank Atsu
Director of Operations
Letter 8

Plot 75,Ist Junction,P o box 1897,
Accra Ghana Dear Madam Jette Pederson, We want to thank you for your co operation with us and we are processing the delivery of your funds to you but there's something you need to do to clear your funds from our Company.
We want you to ask Mr Jack Clifford to give send you the deposit document of the funds so that you may go through it and see the amount of charges to be paid for your funds to be cleared, According to our estimate of the charges you are here to pay the sum of $11,500 US Dollars because Mr Jack Clifford have paid the remaining Six Months in the year 2011 but after the debating of our Company Board of Officials we hereby conclude that you have to pay the sum $7,000 US Dollars to clear the your funds, We hope for your co operation and responds to the demand of the our Company, You still have the payment information given to you and we are waiting for your responds thank you. Best Regard
Dr Frank Atsu
Director of Operations
Letter 9

Plot 75,Ist Junction,P o box 1897,
Accra Ghana Dear Miss Jette and Mr Jack Clifford, How are you doing and how are your family doing i hope all is well with you both, We want to thank you both for your co operation on your the transfer of your funds and we want to apologies for the late reply we were working seriously to see your funds transfer to you in save hands and we have proceed with the next step to transfer your consignment save funds, We have move your consignment save funds to the Unite Nation Delivery Company Accra Ghana and we have given them all the details wish you send to us, They will be expecting you to contact them for them to verify your ownership of the consignment save funds, Here is the delivery email address (, I want you to contact them before next week Monday so that your consignment funds can be deliver to you on time, I want to thank you very much for your co operation and it's nice doing business with you. Best Regard
Dr Frank Atsu
Director of Operations
Letter 10

Acknowledge, How are you and your family I hope everyone are doing well, I am (Mrs. Mavis Sosu ) the Police head quitter secretary, I was appointed to send you this latter from the desk of (I.G.P) INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE Mr. Paul Tawiah Quaye, Please we want to inform you that we got a man call Mr Daniel arrested and he still here in our custody and we will like to know the relationship between you and him . And i was giving this information from Daniel after some confection
Those are the information bellow Your name Jette That you are from Denmark email address: jette Thanks will do respect.
Mrs. Mavis Sosu the secretary
Letter 11

Good Day Mrs Jette, How are you and your family doing over there today, It might be of surprise to you receiving this email now I am Mohamed Ahmed Alhassan The Inspector General of Police here in Accra Ghana, I am contacting in respect of a very serious issue which has to do with some huge amount of funds which was deposited with the Visico Security Company here in Ghana by an American man known as Jack Clifford working in an Oil Rig in Saudi Arabia which the Managing Director of the company also confirm to be your husband. How ever the main issue is that we have come to understand that after every necessary process of getting the funds out from the company to be transfer to you by one Diplomatic Agent called Angelo Markson from the United Kingdom. Mrs Jette, We the police get to know all this after some urgent Investigation which has been going on for few weeks now. How ever madam I want you to know that an Agent called Fredrick Wilson was caught at the airport here in Ghana on his way to Iraq with a consignment Box with this code No and your names at the side of the Box :Ref. WSC/SV363/XX/002 - Mrs. Jette, and after the scanning of the Box it was made clear that it contains the sum of 1.250 MILLION DOLLARS as the Document says, he was taken away for interrogation and was also taken back to the company for a proper verification and he was made know to us by the Managing Director Frank Atsu that the Box was hand over to Agent Angelo Markson to be deliver to you in Denmark and not to Agent Fredrick Wilson after enough maltreating on him he later confessed that Mr Angelo Markson who was support to deliver the funds to you later switched it with another Box that contains some fake amount of money and he said that was delivered to you by Mr Angelo Markson and he also tricked you to get so amount of money from you, the right Box and Mr Fredrick are here in our custody while we sent an urgent message across to the inter-pool in UK with the urgent warrant arrest of that Mr Angelo Markson and they are still looking for him. Madam i have tried to reach you on the 2 mobile No given to me by the Managing Director but it wasn't responding that's why I have to contact you here, madam you must not contact him about this because he will run away if you do so please don't
I will be waiting for your urgent respond in order for the Box to be transfer to you or you can come over to Ghana if you wish i will be glad to receive you madam. BEST REGARDS
TELL:+233-549-551-989/ +233-302-433-314
Letter 12

hello my dear i will be happy if you send me your skype id so we will get to know ourselves better ok,,hope to hear from you later bye and have a nice day..... at the moment am at the office now and here in my office i don't have pictures here on my laptop,because here is a working place,so if i get home i send you some ok...but i will be happy if you send me your Skype id,and there at skype i have one picture there so you can have a look at it ok..or you add me on Skype at john.smith21171
Letter 13

hello my dear this is a message about me and i hope you will get to know me much more better Life is good at this name is john smith 54years of age with one son.. I feel I'm very blessed person. . family values are very important to me. I'm in good health and hope you having a nice day I am shy but outgoing, timid but strong, a loner but loves to be around people. It all depends on who I am with and how familiar or comfortable that I am with them. I am very educated, not necessarily from a collegiate accomplishment level as I am street wise and in tune with my surroundings, making me more often comfortable than anxious. I have spent a lot of time alone for being a widower for 7 years after i lost my only loving and caring wife at hospital when she was going to give birth to my second child.i said to my self i had to let love go but now i feel i really need someone else in my life cause i know the bad things in life open our eyes to the good things we weren't paying attention to before I think confidence is the greatest asset a person can have, both in themselves and in the environment around them. I like a woman who has achieved self actualization, that is not dwelling on what happened way back when but what could happen today or tomorrow. Those that dwell in the past are not around me very long, I spot them from miles and run fast. I enjoy dancing, great conversation, intelligence, not necessarily from the academic side, but common sense and the ability to think through things. I like a woman that can carry a conversation and is not afraid to learn or to teach for that matter. I want it all and will not settle for less, but at the same time, want that person that can stop and smell the roses and appreciate the time she has on this earth, knowing it is not forever I am imaginative, intelligent, and kind-heated. i am self employed, i deal in auto parts of cars, i deliver them to countries which needs my services, so as you can see i really travel a lot .I enjoy listening to music, playing music, reading, swimming, traveling as it is what my business has put me into. I enjoy conversation over coffee or tea; and I like dinning out. I also enjoy cooking, but my culinary skills max out at two pans and five ingredients. In addition to London, I like Korea and New York. Communication and loyalty are very important to me in a relationship. I value kids' fresh outlook on the world and the unconditional affection of pets. I had a great romance in the past so I know it is within me to express love and passion. Will you share the adventure of life as we help one another become happier, better people along the way? If you are sincere, smart, and special. I would like someone who's as warm on the inside as they are on the outside. Someone to laugh and cry with..And share what's in your heart..To be my friend, then become my best friend and possible become my life. Someone to watch sunsets with..walk along beaches with..Who will be there for good, bad,happy,sad,laugh,cry and even share a smile with.. My life is bright now..But with you maybe it'll be brighter.don't worry how far the distance is what it really important is true love.. hope to hear from you soon
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