Romance scam letter(s) from Erickson Schuurman to Judy (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hello and how are you today,its really nice reading from you and we are all confidence that you will be there for our entire family and we are glad that Dad is happy with you as well. we believe he must have told you he will be onshore on the 5th and his chopper will land cape town Air port about 5pm he said,he said meeting you will mean a lot to him and he sounded much like a young guy when we called few hours ago lol thou he seams very tired cos he has worked so hard that we know. when we visit SA and hopefully we shall see good and beautiful places is been hectic thou but we are doing so well and we wanna make Dad and you proud as well,have a nice cool evening our regards to all we love you Duke's family.?
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