Romance scam letter(s) from Joshua Tayo to Nichole (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Nichole, How are you doing? Thank you for the long message, i do really like it. I thought i will never get a response from you simply because i am in Africa and maybe the distance will be an issue for you but you proved me wrong.I do work as a building contractor. I am presently here in Africa for a Contract which i have been praying to get and now it is mine and i need to do a better job so that they would give Credit to me when i am done. I wanted to construct a huge medical Hospital for there state government and i have hired a lot of workers here to do the work while i monitor/supervise them and draw the plan of the Building, settle there payments. I have a lot to do huh ? That tell you how hard working i am but never the less, i have a flexible time because i don't am my boss.( smile )
I will be heading back to the state once i am through with this project, it is more fun here but the crazy thing about this country is that they don't accept credit cards here and they have low technology and power supply but i am still coping fine. I have been in a relationship before but all the women i have dated were beautiful but shallow in there brain/characters. I think i am at this point of going for a woman who has an inner beauty and not the physical/facial one. I am a man who is very loving and helpless romantic and caring and i know that i deserve a better woman who is loving and as well looking for something long term and not a one night stand.I think you are ready for this? If Yes kindly let me know and please i would like to know about you last relationship,like what lead to your departure.

I sold my house to execute this contract i am doing in Africa right now so when i got to the state i am going to lodge in an hotel and then purchase a new house. My properties are been kept in the store till i return to the state. About my Family, i am an orphan i lost my dad when i was 3 years old and mom when i was 19 years old. I was brought up by my late dad's friend and he enrolled me to college and give me support both moral and financial, he wasn't able to have children of his own so he took good and proper care of me when he was alive, He died at the age of 87 years old, it was a great lose. I really lack the love/affection of families because the weren't in support of my late parents relationship. They ignore them when they were alive and do the same thing for me too, it was a sad experience but here i am now... I am successful and i give glory to the Almighty God. Can you tell me what are the qualities are you looking for in a man and what are your favorite food, sport, movies Lastly,do you like the beach if yes...How often do you go to the beach? Do you live alone or with roommates? By the way my full name is Joshua Tayo , i will be waiting for your response and let me know if you have instant messenger maybe we could chat sometimes, Do you have an instant messenger? If Yes kindly add me up to your buddy list and let us chat sometimes because i think that would make it more lively and we can easily build the passion/love very fast, here is my screen name ( dadonstouch ) ... Take care of yourself and be safe... Here is my Cell Phone here in Africa +2348039296949 . Feel free to call me any day and any time. Joshua. T
Letter 2

Hi Nichole, Firstly, i want to apologize for the late response... I have been so busy with works but now i have much time to chat/talk...( I am not a workaholic though ) "SMILE"..Good to hear from you and you sound really interesting too... A little bit about me, i am 42 years old single and doesn't have any kids. I live alone in an appt , sold my house couple of months back just to use the money to execute a contract and i am working on the contract right now in Africa. I don't know if you can handle the long distance between us, though i believe that it doesn't matter the miles/distance that separate us if out hearts can communicate together. I am an orphan, lost my dad when i was 3 and mom when i was 19 years old... I thank God for what i have become today because he was able to help me and provide for me without any help from relatives. I am not a bad man and i don't flirt around with women, i am a one woman man and i am a helpless romantic person... I am not looking for a one night stand, all i am looking for is a good relationship. Can you tell me what are you looking for in a man and what are favorite things? What type of relationship are you looking for and what is your profession? Hope i have not bore you with a lot of message, here is my other email address for fast response ... Get in touch with me and i will reply back with more details. Take care and be safe, Joshua
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