Scam Email(s) from Leui Rafael to Christin (Sweden)


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Letter 1

My one and only,
Hon, I'm thankful that i arrived here safe smooth here in Asian, I'm lucky that i found you and I don't want to lose you hon.
By the way I'm almost done all my appointments here but due to some hindrances that we can't be avoided i had already paid of the amount of 180,0000 pounds for the clearances and insurance so i have the balance of 120,000 the sum total that i need to paid off 300,000 pounds.
Unknowingly i got headache about the payments that's why the reason that i send you and attached the certificate of the approval Payment so that you will know hon,I don't want to stay here for so long a lot of expenses and the weather here i don't like hon please i need your cooperation with this matter i called my friends, to help me up some of them assist me but is not complete hon hope you can do anything I'm too shy to tell you this but what should i do i need it i spend a lot so please after this everything will be fine only that amount then they will release the cheque for me by Wednesday been 27th Nov. then i have to cash it by May bank of Malaysia, Honey I please you with all my heart i have nothing to do now since few days now i came to Malaysia i came up 200,000 Pounds i visit a lot of office that's how the money got spend, This my opportunity to cash my money because my lawyer said December Malaysia Government are going to elect a new ministry works and industries which mean if i fail it this moment that maybe the end of the payment because the current Prime Minister want to pay off the past debt in the house before he left the office, Honey i will end up my explanation here.
Hoping to hear from you God bless you




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