Romance scam letter(s) from Carlos Moss to Elena (Ukraine)
Letter 1

My darling Elena,
I really do need your assistance here now... My mother in law has been able to come up with 5000. I still need 15,750 to make the complete payment. True love never die, its leaves never become wither no matter the weather.
Show me what you have done for one another and i will tell you how far you will go together.
Real love do not betray one another no matter the distance and circumstances, they remain committed to each other.
Love is a responsibility towards one another, those who are not ready for it should not venture into it.
Love takes advice and accepts correction with great appreciation.
Love does not condemn but encourage one another to produce the BEST.
In the atmosphere of love, there is no restriction. In the gallery of affection there is no limitation.
True love breaks barriers and makes impossibilities possible.
Love is like a string on oxen that moves them towards the same direction.
Love grows by intimacy and become stronger by understanding
To fulfill your dream, you need a relationship and to enjoy your destiny, you need a good partner.
The honor you give to your partner is the honor you gain to go further.
True love brings changes to one anothers life. I am always
Letter 2

My darling, how are you doing? I hope you had a good time with your parents over the weekend.
I went to the office of the ministry of finance, here in Malaysia today and submitted the documents proving that i am the next of kin to my late fathers funds. I need to get a letter of authorization from the ministry of finance which i have to present to the bank Negara( Malaysia central bank), so they can process the transfer of the funds. I have already spent 67,000 in acquiring the required documents from local government and ministry of works. Darling, i really do need your financial assistance right now. I need a letter of authority from the ministry of finance here before the bank can attend to me. They charges for it is more than what i have on me now. The total sum is 42,750 but i only have a total cash of 22,000 with me here now. I still have a balance of 20,750 to complete the payment. I have tried calling Michael my very good friend, only to my shock that he has hospitalized... he got an accident on an offshore project and from the information i got, he might lose one of his legs.... I just pray that does not happen. I have also called my mother in law and she has promised me she will try to see what she can come up with for me....
I also tried to get loan from banks here but i was told that i am not a citizen and also do not have any collateral to present to them for the loan. Honey.... I am turning to you right now. Please i need your urgent assistance. I await for your reply soonest....
Kissing you all over
Love you always
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