Romance scam letter(s) from Robert Cahill to Anna (Russia)
Letter 1

My beautiful wife Anna, Thank you so much for your love and help. I so much trust you and I know you will never disappoint me, we are already two in one flesh. Honey, my love i will never leave you okay. I have sent you the money, it is (?250,000) British pounds(Two hundred and fifty thousand pounds) through Air Xpress Delivery Security Services. This is an independent security company in the sea shore here. They are into handling of freights and other consignments. They told me they will contact you for the delivery when they arrive Malaysia by today because they have they dont want to send it to africa that africa is bad . I have never trusted anybody in my life to entrust such money in his/her hand or care, but I so much trust you. Honey, please be careful with the money, it's work money i worked for my desire. I sent it to you as my wife family personal effect and so the company is not aware of what is inside the shipment because i don't want them to charge me much and so do not even tell them because i don't trust anybody except you. It's only you that can open it once you receive it. Honey I have attached the Airway bill and the deposit certificate because they will demand it from you when they get to Russia before delivering it to you. I have paid the International charges of 6,500 pounds for the shipment long ago vefore they contacted me yesterday to be shiped to me in UK but now i told them it will be you they send it to in Russia so dont, because it's undisclosed. I also ask them if you will pay any charges there to receive it, but they told me you are only going to pay for local charges to enable their office in Malaysia deliver the shipment to you in your Address. I wanted to pay this charges as am in nigeria but my card didnt access my account in nigeria and i told you before now they the delivery service said there is no much time or i wait for another months before i get the package and they wanted to discharged and deliver all what they have in their possession now baby they also said it has to be paid to their office in Malaysia because they don't know the exact amount because their office in Malaysia have to pay for Malaysia government tax and local bills. Honey the Unlock code number is 7752 please keep it secret. I will join you as soon as kid is well and strong perfectly which the doctor said baby and baby i dont have much time to delay and they are sending it right and directly to you Please honey, as soon as they deliver to you, open the box and remove whatever you must have spent on the bill and also the money you send to me for Dyfans operation and also take part money to start the construction of the HOUSE you intending building baby and keep the rest in your account till I come over. My love please copy the shipment code number and keep it secret for safety reasons. Scan and Photostat the AirWay Bill receipt. They will need it from you also to prove you are the rightful recipient of the box. I will always Love you and God bless you..I LOVE YOU MY PECULIAR.. Hug and kisses and thanks.
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