Romance scam letter(s) from Lewis Britz Kartel to Karen (USA)
Letter 1

Good day to you,i am really happy for all compliment you said about me i feel more joy in my heart having someone who cares for me and call me sweet names just like you have said to me in your letters mum i really appreciate your nice words may God bless you too. I will start by introducing myself to you just like my dad asked me to do,i am Romeo Murphy by name going to 16 years of age,
It is a great pleasure writing to you this letter, My dad has told me good things about you and i have been so delight with all i have heard about you, i am so happen to have you as a mum , Your presents in this family means we are complete again as my dad has been so lonely ever since i lost my mom. I have never experienced a lovely and happy family life but dad has shown all to me by providing to my needs up till date.mum he is the best dad i could ever think of,i promised him my words to grow with the fear of God that is the main reason i choose to study with the church here,(Religions and Cultural Studies) mum in our next letter i will tell you more about my studies Well mum here in Afrikan people think it socialized by afrikan language,I attend one of the best school here,which i am proud of and i always give thanks to almighty God for sending dad to my life,he placed me above my level,here in my school,we speak simple and correct English,with pure and simple vocabulary, Well i'll schooling here is one of the best thing that has ever happen to me i like it here ,mum i feel happy seeing the kind of people around me because it's give me hope of living,mum people work hard to make a bread here,not like in the state where everything is provided by the government or other bodies around you. You talking with dad give me joy and i am happy that we are now one happy family i can see someone to call a mother and also dad calling a wife. your coming to the family will bring a blessing to us all once more i most say you are one of the beautiful lady on planet earth, My dad sent me your picture and i showed my friends here they feel joy in their heart for me having a beautiful and good mother like you.. Mum i most say i am more lucky,i said i am lucky because God never let me down, i know God is my father and mother,since i don't have a mother anymore, dad has been with me as a father,and i recorded him as number one dad in the world,then God sent a mother to me again mum you can see how lucky i am, i am happy to have a mother like you i am more lucky. Mum schooling here is good but stressful,not that easy because we fight for what our futures tells,so i study hard on my own,doing research and some others,mum thank God for internet, with internet i can go to the web site and do more research. Mum if dad most have told you anything about me he is right but i have to tell you something about him,that he is humble,handsome and intelligent like king Solomon,mum dad have a caring heart he cares for everything around him that is something you need to know about him, Thanks for talking your time to read my letter From your lovely son
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