Romance scam letter(s) from Thomas Neale to Pamela (USA)
Letter 1

Pam, It is nice to meet you. Just thought I'd tell you a little more about me. My name is Thomas. I am 59 yrs young (will be 60 in 30th, Aug), widowed. I lost my wife and son in a car wreck 5 yrs ago. It was an awful experience but I am feeling better now and I am ready to move on with my life. This is the first time in 5 yrs that I am stepping out on the dating scene and I hope to find happiness again. I live alone and I own my own home. I am self employed and I deal with sales and supplies of Interior decorations. When I am not working, I like to go to the beach, cinema, live concerts, gym, listen to music and dancing. I think I am a good dancer and I used to attend dance lessons. I am a very active man and I eat healthy. I am on the site to see what is out there for me. I hope to find that special person and we can enjoy life together as ONE. I want a serious and long term relationship. I am looking for someone who will get to know me, who will love me forever and be there for me, who is willing to merge her soul with mine to result in what is called "FATE" then later merge her heart with mine and that will be "LOVE" and then we can get to live together in our humble abode for ever. I'm looking for someone who understands love and know what love is. Someone who is not ready to play with my heart. I want someone who will value my heart and life when I give her my heart because I am the type who gives his heart to the one I am in love with in a relationship and this has been my believe that relationship is built on Trust, Honesty, Faithfulness and Love, also Passion, Caring for one another, the ability to Compromise and Grow. That is what I call True Love and this include being there for each other through Thick and Think, in good times and in Bad times, willing to share your last Penny to save your Partners life in a Dying Situation. I want someone who will work to achieve mutual satisfaction. I love causally and informal conversation. I want someone who shows sincere interest and finds common interests and involvement. Being responsive towards ideas and commitments and present ideas softly. I am not looking for a perfectionist and I am not ready to change my woman. If I didn't scare you by being so serious and this sounds like something that would interest you then we could probably hit it off if you are up for it. We can start are being friends and see where it leads. Feel free to ask me any question, I am an open book.
Waiting to read from you again.
Have a wonderful day Thomas
Letter 2

Hi Pam, I hope you are having a wonderful day and not working too hard. Just want you to know that you have been in my thought since we exchanged emails last night. Thank you so much for the condolence. The past few years has been awful but I have taken time to heal and I am ready to move on with my life. I would like to explore with you and see where it leads. Tell me more about your job. How long have you been working for the same company? What do you do in your spare time? I have to stop before I bore you with my questions. Do you have yahoo messenger? I would like to chat with you sometime. Please let me know if you would like to chat and we can fix a time to meet online. I hope to read from you again. xoxo Thomas
Letter 3

Good Morning Pam, I hope you had a wonderful night and woke up with a great smile and enough energy to start your day. My quote for the day "Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us. (Samuel Smiles). Thank you for sharing the pictures with me. They are so beautiful. I have read your email over and over again and we seem to have a lot in common. Like you, I love to travel/sight seeing. I have been to 23 countries and my favorites are Ioannina- Greece, Paris, Egypt and Munich-Germany. I would like to see more of the world, with that special woman in my life of course. I am new to MN - 2 months and I am still trying to explore the area. I moved from Alexandria, VA. Why? I thought moving would be a great idea cos it's hard being an empty Nester and the memories of my family keeps coming back, especially when I move around the house and remember things that has happened. Then, I got a good offer for this house and I decided to buy it. You have a great job and I hope you love what you do. I love my job and it has taken me round the globe. Hopefully, you will show me places around here. I would love to drive to NOWHERE with that special person or take a long trip and explore new places and experience new culture. I also love to go to concerts, annual festivals and special events. I haven't done that lately cos It's not a lot of fun to go alone. I would like to experience going with someone again. Do you live alone? Do you love cars? What kind of car do you drive? Have you met a lot of people on match. What have been your experience on match so far? Enough of my questions before I bore you out.
I hope to read from you again soon. Have a wonderful day. Thomas PS: We can chat on instant messenger, maybe Yahoo or talk on the phone sometime. I think that is better than waiting for emails. What do you think?
Letter 4

Hey Pam, Thank you so much for the long email. I enjoyed reading every paragraph about you and I think you are so interesting and easy to talk to. I can feel a great connection and I am not scared to take this to the next level with you. It is nice to know that you are taking it easy on yourself. Please don't be a workaholic and make sure you don't work your butt off cos I would need enough to hold when we meet....smiles. Oh you have tried a lot of automobiles and I think that is a great experience. I love cars and I just acquired a Mercedes Benz GL 450 (Black) in January. I also have a Nissan Maxima 2011 (Blue - my fav color) and I paid cash for both. I don't like to owe on my properties. I have traveled on business and vacation...but when I travel on business, I try to set some time aside to have fun. It works because I am self employed and I control my own time. I agree with you on researching places and the effect it has on one's behavior. I met a lot of people with new culture and it has helped me to relate with people from different backgrounds. I think we would do good traveling together. I am very happy with my life and the only thing missing is that special woman and I hope to find her soon. Maybe I have found her, who knows. Never say Never. I am pretty new to the site and I joined the same day I saw you. Online dating is new to me, What happened to the old fashioned way of meeting? Nowadays, you have to place an advert to meet people but I think it is better than the bar scene. I decided to put my profile off of the site so that I can focus on US because I felt a great connection since we started talking and I like everything that I have learned about you. Hopefully, I can give you a reason to take your profile down too. Thank you so much for wanting to talk on the phone. I would like to add a voice to your lovely pictures. My number is 703-791-1979, I still have my VA number cos a lot of people still have that. I have my Bahamas accent, so you are warned. Did I tell you that I was born and raised in the Bahamas? Now you know. I hope to hear from you soon. I will have my phone next to me. Bye for now. Thomas
Letter 5

Pamela My Angel, Like usual, I am thinking about you which is the best thing in my life right now. Writing this right now makes tears come to my eyes. I have such a strong love for you that I could cry all day long just because I love you. Sure, I tell you that I love you and how much, and I try to show you, but no matter what I do, you will never know just what I feel inside. How you make me feel is something that can only be felt, never explained. You take my breath away with some of the things you say. Sometimes I am surprised of how much emotion comes out when I cry over you. My love for you is so strong that even I don't always realize how much I love you and cherish you. You are the air I need to breathe
The one in whom I'll always believe
You are the half that made me whole
You are the anchor of my soul

You are strong when I am weak
You are my words when I can't speak
You never fail to see me through
I only feel safe when I am with you

You are my shelter from the storm
Only your arms can keep me warm
You here with me face to face
Between us there will be no space

And only once in every life
You find the one who you know is right
And when I say forever it's true
Baby that's the love that I've found with you You have brought out a part in me that I put away a long time ago and thought I'd never be able to find again. You make everything so simple and easy for me to let go and with you in my life I don't need to hide that part of me anymore. What you make me feel for you is nothing short of the ultimate happiness. You are in my thoughts, my dreams, my desires, but most of all my heart! This may start sounding like a poem ... I don't know. I just wanted to let you know that you are my heart, my everything, and the other half of my soul, that I love you with everything I have and hold. Now, when I look towards the future, you are always pictured there. Maybe, in this lifetime, you will never know how much I love, care and cherish you. Your love gives me the feeling that the best is still ahead. I can't wait to spend forever with you. I love you wholeheartedly. Kisses and Hugs with so much love and strong affection. Thomas
Letter 6

What Is a Relationship?

It's a union, first of all.
It's a uniting; two hearts
becoming one.

Relationship is companionship
and friendship.

It's being together, acting
together doing things
together, and not wanting it
any other way.

Relationship is understanding.
It's being blind to the faults
of the other.
It's being considerate in every way--
considerate of the other's
time, feelings, and desires.

Relationship is caring.
It's being concerned.
Relationship is kindness.
It's saying kind words and
putting those words into

Relationship is Support.

It's supporting your mate in
their endeavors, in their projects,
in good times and bad.
It's giving them moral support,
physical support, prayer
support, all-around support.

It's cheering them on and
encouraging them when they
feel down.

Relationship is stooping to lift the
other. It's being strong when
the other is weak.

Relationship is communicating honestly
and openly.
It's being willing to humbly share
your heart and deepest thoughts.

Relationship is talking, praying,
discussing, and agreeing together.
Relationship does not let things build
up between you by ignoring the
other, but rather finds a way;
it creates solutions.

Relationship is Sacrifice.

It's givng of yourself
for the one you love. It's
being ready to give up
your own ideas or desires
to make your mate happy.

Relationship is going the extra mile.

Relationship is compassion.
It's preferring the
happiness of another
to your own.

Relationship is give and take.

Relationship is taking turns;
it's not one sided.

Relationship is submission.
It's giving the other person
a chance.

Relationship is learning from
one another.

Relationship is learning to
let the little things pass.

Relationship is being open minded.
Relationship is walking a mile in
another's shoes.

Relationship is listening and understanding.

Relationship is being there for the
other in bad times as well
as the good.

Relationship love stands through
thick and thin, no matter how hot
the trials or how hard the test.

Relationship is a good sense of
humor. It's relaxing together,
enojying each other.

Relationship is discovery.
It's discovering each other,
learning about each other and
all the funny things you say
and do.

Relationship is respect.
Relationship is having faith in
each other.

Relationship is accepting
another for what they are.
Relationship is coming to the
realization that you are not
complete without your
other half. What are you offering this relationship at this point?
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