Romance scam letter(s) from Glover Martin Roberts to Jean (USA)
Letter 1

Thank you so much for giving a great opportunity to know you through the Our-time website, I have felt more comfortable the little time have known you and would like to express more interest in you. Thank you so much once again.
You mentioned about your mother settling between here and your sister in Missouri, Does it mean she is presently with you or your sister ? You are so lucky as am sure your mom would still be looking strong and smart. You also have that young looks on those pictures, Hardly could anyone predict your age. Am sorry to hear about your late father, I can imagine the pains you have to go through then. It's so difficult loosing someone we love. I also lost my wife 3 yrs back. How about your Godfather, does he live in the same house with you ? You also said you've been single for 13 years now, Do you at any point in time feel bored and wanted to make a difference' probably your style of living ? What is your Job ? Well' This is my home account' I only access it in the evening when am back home and as well during the weekends, hope that is not a problem, These are few pictures of me, my mother, son and his friend. I still have a lot to share about myself but i think we have to take one step after the other .lol. They are very up to date.
I have a son semi grown up Going to be 20 years, And my mother both live about 10 mins away from my home here. I was born and grew up in Holland and later migrated down here.Before now, I used to work with Plant Architectural woodwork. Had a successful career with them and after then' I decided to start working on my own as an Independent Contractor and a registered domestic builder, I usually get my contract Job both within the state and overseas. My Job really keeps me busy and as well make me travels a lot to many places. Have you been able to make any friends on the Our-time website? Can you share with me something about your day ? What makes you a happy woman ? I would write more about myself when i get a response back from you. In the meantime hope you like this. Take care and do have a pleasant evening. Yours Sincerely -- Glover M Robert (CEO / President)
Wincore Construction Ltd.
145 W 57th St, Amsterdam,
Am 10019 Netherlands
USA: (949)-783-8483
EU: (+312)08946088
Letter 2

How are you doing today and hope your day was great ? Thank you so much for the wonderful response, I really enjoyed the way you've managed to express yourself here, Sound straight and open minded. This day's it’s hard to see people being straight forward and honest.
Thank you once again for sharing your stories with me. How about your work place ? Did you work today and what time do you usually come back home ? I am not sure if you would checked your email before the end of the day , But' If not' I hope to be the first person to say good morning to you when you wake up tomorrow morning. Firstly' I want to thank you for the opportunity of giving me a chance to know you. Actually have not had any experience when its comes to online dating like i said before. But i have read some successful stories about people who got married and met through dating websites. I also think INTERNET dating can gives an opportunity to meet a lot of people you wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet in real life. It also helps people to express their desire' such as shy people like me..hehehe.. Maybe if i had met you in a coffee shop' i wouldn't have been bold enough to call you.. You are so cute on those pictures on the Ourtime Website, Including the ones you sent to me now, hmm.. You look so innocent on the younger picture.. I really like that.. Your grand daughter also looks great..Please extend my greetings to her and her other siblings, Including your daughter as well. Recently' i went through some articles online and was reading this story about a couple, He had corresponded with a lady in Ontario', for 6 months, visiting her once and then he proposed to her live on the radio. She said yes so he went to Canada and brought her back and they married and are living happily ever after. So i strongly believe it is possible to find true happiness from special words. I'm not used to writing letters like i am writing to you now but am ready to give it all it takes. I really want to know you more and more and it feels more like i am actually talking to you because, i don't even have to really think, the words just flow. Perhaps not making as much sense as i would like lol. My parent’s courtship was by letters also. They corresponded for many months and only saw each other a few times before they got married and were married for more than 50 years. I still feel something like this can happen these modern days. What do you think? Meanwhile' A bit brief of an introduction again about myself, I lost my wife in a recurrence of breast cancer three years back, She was the most cherished thing of my life, I remember the day we brought her home, made her as comfortable as possible, and she died in my arms a week later. At least i have the comfort of knowing she was home, surrounded by the things she loved, including her beloved cats. But, I really miss her so much. Everything i see reminds me of her. Our house isn't that big, but it feels enormous without her, especially in bed late at night. Colleagues have been wonderful, but they can't be there all the time. And they really can't do anything about the hurt. And it hurts more than i can ever describe. I try to live on by being focus with my Job and hopefully start a new life if God permits me. After the death of my late wife Robyn' I still have my mother whom had been the most special person in my life today. She's the only one who actually care about me. I can think back to my childhood and what i see is a mother that struggled with all the things that makes me the man i am today, She wasn't perfect and thank goodness for that, because i learned that not being a perfect parents was okay. The truth is I’m glad she wasn't afraid to show me her imperfections. It’s exactly what made her the best mom God could have given me. I hope you understand me Barbara. I'm a huge family oriented person but i didn't have a large family, because growing up i just never was. I think in part it has to do with being an only child. I always put my friends first because naturally that was more fun than hanging out with my parents who are traditional people with traditional outdated views. I later realize there is no fun out there than having your family around you and building a family of your own. I wish to have that. I think this message is getting more longer, before it turns out to be a book, I would write you again whenever i hear from you. Still have a lot to share but maybe my next email. Please take care of yourself and do have a pleasant evening. Greetings to your families. Yours sincerely,
Martin Glover Roberts. N.B, I attached some pictures here for your perusal, Am sure you would like them.. One was an old picture while i was a teen...
Letter 3

Good Morning I Decided to say good morning because its few minutes past twelve and am sure you should be sleeping by now, You must have waited to read from me. Really sorry for my late response to you Barbara. I have had a very busy day and would like you to understand that sometimes i might be late in my response. Except during the weekends which i do not have to go anywhere but stay home. I hope you understand me dear. Meanwhile, Thank you so much for your wonderful email, I got two emails.. Wow' I am really excited . Knowing that i have someone there who also things about me, It's a wonderful way to end the day with such a great smile and happiness. Thank you once again. Thank you also for taking your time to write me . That was really nice of you though. How was your day at work today ? I hope you had a good time and not having to over work yourself much, I can understand how stressing and frustrating work can be sometimes but if its possible for you to limit that, Please do. OKAY.. As you know our health is very much important especially at this stage. As we age, it is important to maintain good health. And a healthy body = a healthy mind. That also includes a healthy diet & good sleep. Do you agree with me? Thanks for understanding my stories concerning what i went through after loosing my wife, I also have to say' am really sorry knowing that you had also lost your father and your friend of 16 yrs ago, Honestly your mode of expression here are so touching. I am a very emotional man and see everybody around me as part of my families, When i lost Robyn few years back, i wish i could say it gets easier but it doesn't seem to.I remember trying to be tough for everyone after she died. I pushed myself to go back to work. To fight for normalcy. I broke down and cried my first day back at work. Finally I just had to tell myself that grief is hard enough without putting all this stress of expectation on myself. So my dear I want you to know that they would always be remembered in a good way. May their gentle soul rest in perfect peace. I like the way you've managed to put yourself strong' regarding the experiences you learned from your mother when you were young, And also proud of you bringing your Godfather all the way from New York down to live with you here. Off course' Those are the only things we could help in giving back to our old parents whom had done their best in the past to bring us up. How about your mom and sister ? I hope they are both doing fine back in Missouri, how about Erica and her hubby Eirik, Including their kids too ? I hope everyone is doing fine, Please kindly extend my greetings to them all. If i may ask, When last did you visited Missouri to see your mom and sister ? I know your work could be demanding sometimes in terms of being busy but you should try creating time for yourself. OK Do you know’ have never been these excited for a long time now, I'm not going to say why, The pictures you sent me yesterday are so amazing, and i might just have to save one of them on my phone, probably not sure how am going to transfer that, But first' I don't think it's polite doing that without taking permission from you, I want to have it save on my phone' So i can take you anywhere i go..hehehe... Well, I like your beautiful smile there and being young as well. I know you often keep yourself busy and this has really helped you in such a way.
I sure have some question for you, OK 1. What do you dislike?
2. What kind of man are you looking for? 3. Tell me how do you deal with frustration?
4. Do you wish you were less or more emotional? Why? I would be busy making amendment on a new proposal have been working at the office , Seriously working hard to get this done, The interview date is fast approaching. I hope you pray for me about this. I have to stop here, hope can read from you again in the morning when you are awake. Do take care of yourself and have a pleasant night rest. My Regards to everyone around you. You stay good and remain blessed. Yours Sincerely
Glover Robert.
Letter 4

What a wonderful way to end the week, Reading those beautiful and amazing messages from you has been so great, wow.. I really enjoyed them and i just couldn't wait to meet you in person and see what the next level would look like. That's very nice.. I could imagine every words in your message and that sounds great. Thank you very much . Anyway' how is your evening going there ? I know you didn't have to work today and am just wondering what you might have been doing since morning. Did you go anywhere ? Hope you had some fun ? First i wish to apologies for the long awaited response from me, I have been extremely busy the past couple of day ' I've been paying more attention on my proposal as the date for the interview gets closer and closer, Though' you know i do now work on weekends as i do spend my time doing some of my chores at home and catching up with paper works that needed to be done before the new week approaches. I know this might sounds like a busy and stressing Job, But I love what i do because it gives me so much room to acquire more skills and learn about how to deal or cope with people's characters. I like it quite a bit, and that's not by accident When i was in school, I remember my best subject was mathematics, and when it came time to think about careers, I had taken an engineering course and really enjoyed it. Since establishing myself Independently' I get to work as my own boss in a stimulating environment doing work which differs from one day to the next and which i have chosen because i find it interesting. Especially when i have projects in overseas. There aren't many jobs where you can say that. That's not to say, of course, that' it doesn't have its drawbacks and frustrations, but I think that's probably the case with any job this days. Whatever the best job in the world is, I'm not entirely sure what it is. And am told to quite what am doing at the moment, Then' I'd like to be either a top government official who work less and get huge pay or seating in an office in any of this Government Institution, I suspect they have rather long awaiting Those Jobs are quiet easy, work less and paid hugely.

How about your Godfather ? I hope his doing fine as well ? Glad to know you took the time out in visiting the Veterans Hospital for a seminar with him, I hope he enjoyed the every bit of the lecture there. Please extend my greetings to him. How about your mom as well, Including your sister too both in Missouri, I hope they are all doing fine and great, My greetings to them also. Good to know you would be bring her back to California. That's very nice of you .. Am sure she must have missed you. Please extend my greetings to Erica also and her families. I am looking forward to meet her as well. Thank you also for the permission granted on saving your pictures, hmmm... I have already saved the one with your grand daughter on my notebook screen saver, Thank you once again . Honestly' I have been very grateful since knowing you. Reading your messages everyday has always brighten up my day and added color to it as well. thanks for giving me more incite about you each time you write me. Thank you for being so caring and sweet. Thank you for being wonderful in every way. Thank you for always being sincere. And ' Thank you for being I want you to know that i cherish every thing and adore your kind of person. I feel we have great things in common. What do you think ? It seems that you are my best choice according to what we have been able to learn about each other in this short period of time. Lol…. So' I should cherish this good chance, because something deep down in me keeps saying that i have found the right one for my life but i really want us to progress, but i want it to happen softly, pacing and naturally so that we both fall comfortably with each other. Am kind of optimistic that something good will come out of my meeting you. hope i can count on you ? About the confusing part of my name My Last name is Robert. While my first name is Glover, My grand father gave me Martin and most times i address myself as Glover' some people tend to find it difficult in pronouncing and i just tell them to call me Martin which seems to be much more easier. All my document and resumes carries all three names. So my dear' You are free to call me whichever suits or easy to be pronounce. By the way, Thanks for taking your time to answer my questions, sounds great and amazing, Here are my answers to same questions, i hope they are nor boring . What do you dislike? I do not like dishonesty, others who are too scared to tell the truth, people who are mean without compassion and people who just decide to leave and not work through their problems. What am i looking for ? Well' I am looking for a life companion to grow old together, I believe both parties in a relationship sure have an equal right when its comes to decision making in a relationship, One of the major fact of a good relationship is having an understanding with your partner. I would love to establish a long and lasting relationship with my partner, build a family of our own and enjoy each other till death do us apart. Frustration, I tend to be very quiet if its about someone or Job related issues, I try to get over it by being quiet and not to over react, i also try to control my emotions as not to loose control with my workers. Do you wish you were less or more emotional ? Why ? Well, it would be better with less of the bad emotions and more of the good ones. They’re okay as it makes me human, not an unfeeling, heartless robot. But’ i don’t allow them to cloud my better judgment nor do i allow them to control me. hmmm, Really a long a message for you to read I guess i would just have to stop here and then write more during the weekend, There are a lot of things needed to share about each other.. I would definitely write more tomorrow. Thank you so much for everything. I hope you extend my greetings to Godfather, Mom, sister, Erica and other members of the families. Yours Sincerely
Glover Robert.
Letter 5

I should have come online to write you but just wanted to make sure i finish the day's home chores which i already did. Well' I decided to begin the morning and continue throughout the day as i think of you, and the imagination of your wonderful smiles and eyes on the last picture you sent to me…..I long to be able to see them looking at me with a teasing sparkle as we share a look and a touch….and so, I am filled with hope and faith that things would work fine between us if we keep communicating this way. Thank you so much for the wonderful email. You are such a wonderful woman I was also able to receive Erica and Eirik picture of their wedding, hmm.. They look compatible with nice smiles of their faces. I guess they are both tall... right ?? I think its good we keep in touch on phone also. Thank you for sharing your number with me. I would definitely give you a call one of this days. I was up earlier today with working on my chore list and the first thing was to begin cleaning my kitchen floor' the whole point of this effort is that i needed to find space to store and Organize my newly shelves which i bought yesterday evening. I've been out and started raking and i continue doing that till almost noon…..I've made the bed in the guest bedroom and just have to vacuum in there and it will be ready for future occupation.....on my second load of laundry and my TO DO list seems to always go on and on. I hope you are not surprise that i often do all this myself. Though am feeling very tired after this whole stuff and with all the business and stress of the last many weeks, I can feel my body heading for a crash and am trying hard not to let it go there. My last few weeks and days have been all about making preparation for my projects. I hope you understand me. How about your Godfather? I hope his doing fine and great, how was his appointment , I hope everything went on successfully for him there? You know am really getting to know your kind of person, Everything about you are just so special, I can feel everything you are going through just to ensure giving the best for your Godfather, you are so caring and i really like that so much. Yes, I remember you told me about a young man who lost his life in an accident, Really sorry for his family' on the pains they have to go through, Off course i understand about your work and just wondering how scaring it might look when doing reconstructing. Barbara you are a strong woman. I have to admit that. Honestly. How about your sister and mom too, I hope they are doing fine too, My regards to them please. Last night, before heading to bed, I thought about you just as usual and send my thoughts and prayers your way. The imagination of your pictures keeps coming to my mind. And as i lay down at night before i succumb to sleep' I thought about everything we have both shared among each other for the little time we have known. I wish you were living few houses away from mine, Maybe i would have come knocking at your door step' telling you how much i think we are both on the right path. Anyway, I would take a walk now with my neighbor Steve as part of an exercise, just to stretch my back a little. Please write me when you can..OK.. Take care and do have a pleasant weekend there. Looking forward to read from you. My greetings to Godfather, Erica and other members of the families. Yours Sincerely
Glover Robert.
Letter 6

It was nice speaking with you on phone last night, I hope we can do more talking on the phone as it seems we get to understand each other more properly there. How was your night ? I hope you slept properly as well, What about your Godfather ? Please extend my greetings to him. I know you have an appointment today concerning his health. Wish you have a pleasant day. I wasn't able to write you an email last night as i was too busy to do that, Immediately after my dinner' Steve was here again and we just kept on talking and talking concerning his families. I think his planning to reunite with his younger son whom had long been living in Arizona. His coming home. You know' sometimes its good to share your stories or probably what might have been bordering your mind. I hope you understand me dear. Well, It's going to be a good day' am certain about that...I have some appointment before noon time. So i wouldn't be having much time to write you a long note. I would definitely give you a call later today. OK... Please take care of yourself for me there and do have a pleasant day. Greetings to everyone. Yours Sincerely
Glover Robert.
Letter 7

How was your day there today? I hope you had a wonderful time with your Godfather also? You guys didn't stayed long at the Veterans hospital, How did it go ? I hope can read from you tomorrow morning before leaving for work. How about Erica and her husband??? I hope they are both doing fine, Including the kids as well. My up-most regards to everyone. Thank you for your wonderful response, honesty and for being so up front. That is a great quality to have. We have only been writing to each other for a very short time yet we have learned so much about each other. We are yet to meet physically and only time will tell what our destiny has ahead for us. Anything is possible if you believe it can be achieved, remember. We have connected and have formed a close bond already just by writing and a little bit of a phone communication. I like writing and I guess the same applies to you also. And yes i consider you as a best friend also and I would like nothing more than to be able to embrace you and feel the warmth of your hand in mine. Thank you once again. The little time have known you, has given me a reflection of how a couples life really looks like, Though’ this might sound funny but that’s the truth, You know its been few years now Robyn died, so I have been all alone. I am not a person who like to go out to parties and I think that's why i am still alone. I watch tv possibly too much and I blame that on living alone and sometimes just having it on for company. I think we all want something good in our lives. And having a good partner is the greatest of it. A relationship where two people truly love and care for each other, would be my ultimate dream. I realize that in the early stages of a relationship, all is usually very exciting. Successful long-term relationships however involve ongoing effort and compromise by both partners. Building healthy patterns early in a relationship establishes a solid foundation for the long run, such as showing appreciation and respect as well as trying new things together to expand mutual interests. This would be something very important to me. I would always do my best to treat my partner/wife in a way that says, "I love you and trust you" and I would want to work things out when difficulties arise.

OK, enough of the serious stuff. My day was great. Still getting myself ready for the proposal. I came back home around 9.30 pm , Didn't stop to see my mother, she’s doing fine.. I think.. I’ll get to see her tomorrow and Erick as well. I have started my own folder where I now drop all your emails into & I have saved a picture of you also on my notebook and phone. I do go through our previous messages sometimes (oooohhhh you have such a lovely smile on that picture). Yes, am looking forward to meet you this coming weekend, That is if things goes well as planned on my proposal, I hope you understand me Okay, enough for now. Its just past midnight & only a few hours before i rise again. No matter how far you have slept off now, you are always in my thoughts. Good Night and have a pleasant night rest. Yours Sincerely
Glover Robert.
Letter 8

My Dear
Thank you so much for wonderful email again, I just came back home now and was excited to read your messages, Might be wondering why i had to stay late before coming back home, have been at mom's house since 7 pm in the evening, Had my dinner there as usual and spend sometimes with her. I feel so tired after the long day meeting at the office.
It has been all about the proposal, Today was the last day for preparation as the Interview would commence tomorrow, I'm seriously putting this into prayers as i don't wish to be on the loose side. This project is too huge to loose out. I might not have explained to you that the parental company handling this project on behalf of the Qatari Government is a Vancouver based real estate developer Pinnacle International, which has a series of architectural sketches that surfaced in international level, All the applicant that submitted their formal proposal for this project' have all done this since October last year. The Major aim of all is to team up for a trans-Global Highway in one of the Middle eastern country ''Qatar'', which would consist of a series of roads, tunnels and railways that connect them together ahead of the next world cup. Its a huge project and they only need 3 sub contractors company's for this. All the applicants are companies within United States and Canada.
Anyway I hope you put me into prayers. I would give you a call tomorrow morning before leaving home, Please take care of yourself for me there and do have a pleasant night rest. Greetings to Godfather, Daughter and grand kids.. Good Night Dear.
Letter 9

Dear , Just a short note to inform you that, I got the Job already...Honestly' a very stressing day for me. The Interview was conducted three consecutive period of time today, Well' This is just a short note to confirm to you that i got the Job already... I am more than excited about this new development as this would help building my profile is Job.. I got your miss call earlier in the day but i couldn't respond back to you and am sure you would understand. Anyway, I am so tired at the moment and would just jump on my bed, A lot to be done tomorrow morning.. I would write you before starting my day. OK...Thank you so much for your support in prayers. I know i have a lot to talk about but please bear with me, i would write more in the morning. OK Thanks Robert.
Letter 10

Dearest It was nice to read from you, I just finish having my dinner with colleague whom had join me all the way from the office, They have all been celebrating this with me. Thank you also for your wonderful message. I've written several sentences and they just don’t seem to convey how i am feeling right now…delight, joy – giddiness ? The ability to share with you the good news. Yesterday, I left home very early in a last minute preparation for the proposal, and when it came my turn for the interview' i went in and that lasted for about a couple of hours. After then' I spent an hour with the man from Vancouver who does the identical project as the one i had applied for. All went really well. Then after finishing up with my lunch break, there was a message to call the operations manager & he told me that they would like to conduct a 3rd interview. So off I went again and all three of us chatted on Skype. That was my first experience chatting like that and I thought it was awesome to communicate face to face. After some discussions about the role. The next thing they said was Congratulation. It was total excitement and I couldn't believe it when it was announced. Am so lucky to be among the three companies that is going for this project, I am so excited, I really give thanks to God for making this a reality for me. Although' I wasn't so shocked' because i knew that i did a lot, I had really put in so much effort into this . Am so happy that everything came through as expected, also i should also thank you for bringing luck to me. YES’’ you are a very lucky woman and i would keep saying this. Because' I actually know what am talking about after spending 5 good month in pursuit of this project . Anyway' I was given the contract attestation today, I am not certain when precisely i could be traveling, Am hoping by 24th of this month because work has to commence as soon as possible. I don't think they would want to welcome any form of delay. As the Coordinator did pronounce this to us today and if possible only to spend a couple of weeks and come back to prepare fully for the project. So my dear, I am hoping we should try and see each other before i leave, Because it will give us more chances to know ourselves properly, and also miss each other’ so when i come back ' we don't meet as a stranger. because i might probably have to spend upto at least 2 weeks there before coming back to do other things here, My other visit there would be base on inspection of the projects. I hope you understand what i mean. Once again, I am so much happy and excited about everything. Hey' I forgot to ask you' how was your day at work today ? I hope you are doing fine and great ? What about your Godfather also ? Please extend my greetings to him, Including Erica and grand kids also. I am so much looking forward to meet everyone and get to know them. At the moment, I am going out with a colleague whom had been giving me words of hopes all this while. Please take care of yourself for me there and do have a pleasant night rest. Yours Sincerely
Glover Robert.
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