Scam Email(s) from Peter Miller to Peris (Kenya)


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Letter 1

Thanks for sending me your email on the dating site, I`m here to put a smile on your face as much as I also need it from you.Let me quickly re-introduce myself. I am Miller Peter 49 years old resident of Reston Virginia USA,i am engaged in the business of arts and crafts,and i own a gallery here in Res-ton,(Millers gallery inc)and i have a Six years old son Kelly who lives with me,he is my hope and inspiration.I got into this site in search of a serious relationship .I am highly emotional and can't withstand being disappointed. I have been disappointed before by my ex wife,will explain more to you as we get to know each other.
Kelly is the only one that makes me happy, I try my best to make him happy too by taking him to shopping and outings every Weekends. My hobby includes cooking,readying,traveling,shopping. What I like in a woman, honesty, tender, God-fearing and responsible. I dislike, dis-honesty,unfaithfulness,lies,and cheating.can you tell me a little about yourself so we can start knowing each other,i would really love if you can send pictures to me


Letter 2

Dear,this all about me, I am telling you this, so that we can plan for the betterment of our future,since i know that we are going to be together very soon as one. It seems so hard for me to relate all these to you as regards my life story,that is why i have not sent any email to you,just thinking of how to let you into my life story.sorry for the late reply but i want you to know that i will never
hide anything from since because i have fallen in love with you and you have to know everything about me.

My father loved my mother so much after my birth cos they had waited for 15 years after marriage until my mom conceived and gave birth to me,life was so terrible as the business of art and craft which he was involved in was paying little then,but my father kept trying everything possible to put food on the table no matter how little,i promised that when i come of age i would make sure i do everything possible to assist him as i was their only child,my mom became terribly ill and because we didn't have enough money to cater for the bills she died.

Life became so terrible with my mothers death and my father took to drinking because of the love he had for her,this made him develop heart problem ,he did all this because he was missing his true love,he later died ,and i had to become a man.doing all sorts of odd jobs to see my self through school.

i got married to my wife and we had a son Kelly,but things where not going well for me as i also had to pursue a masters degree at that time,so i started the business of arts and crafts on a small scale,since I was trained in the business by my father and I started traveling to different countries and attending Art Exhibition Shows to purchase various art designs at first it was really difficult because I invested everything i had saved all my life into it.

i divorced my wife in October 2011 because of her infidelity to me the height of which was when she slept with someone so close to me,we went to court and they granted me custody of my son,i heard she later remarried and moved to France with her new husband.right now i have a gallery of my own after so much suffering and i have all the luxuries i ever wished for,my past means nothing to me any more as i have decided to live a new life with you

Baby i want to know your exact address as i begin to make preparations to visit you after my charity exhibition coming up this week.but first i need to get to your embassy here in the US to make inquiries.

miss you dearly

Letter 3

Honey, we arrive west Africa Nigeria this morning, We had a Safe Trip, but the screening at the Airport delayed us for some hours, I checked into a hotel room with Kelly on arrival,I have been here for almost 3hours, trying to send e-mail to you, about our arrival, they really have very poor internet network here,and it is so tiring. i also had to buy a new Sim card on arrival , so that I can reach you always. I will be going to the exhibition center later this morning,as i have already met with the organizers of the event on arrival.

The phone number is +2348112252101 or you can call or text me at your wish,when i get to the exhibition show i intend to make some purchases of great art and Crafts of Africa descent some for sale and some as gift for you before the main show begins where i will showcase my own works,i know that i am going to come out top, I will also make some purchase tomorrow so that I can ship them to the United States on time, before embarking on my Journey to see you, mind you I only have 1 day left. By tomorrow, I will book my flight online to meet you,and I will send the details to you. How is everyone over there, I do hope everything is fine.

I care for you and thanks for your concern. Kelly is very happy that he will be seeing you soon.

Much Love, Hugs and kisses for you.

Letter 4

honey,I tried all afternoon to get connected to the internet, their internet facilities here is very poor, so that I can inform you about my first day at the charity Exhibition market, it was fun and stressful at the same time I was able to get nice arts works at the exhibition today and hope to purchase more tomorrow before i leave.

Honey I received a call from the hotel that Kelly started vomiting after I had left for the exhibition at about 1:00 pm, so I had to rush back to the hotel to see how his condition was, i took him to the hospital immediately i discovered that he was feeling very weak and he complained of stomach ache maybe because of the food he ate at the airport when we arrived yesterday. a scan was done on him,to identify the problem,and he has been admitted at the hospital for proper monitoring and treatment, the doctor said I should not worry that he will be fine.

I went to the ticket office today to get our ticket to your country, but could not purchase as they were not accepting payment because they had already closed, i went late though. I had to return back so I will book the ticket first thing tomorrow morning then I will send you the information immediately i book the flight.

I have to relax my head now, I will go and stay with Kelly later in the hospital maybe spend the night to watch over him. I am very happy that i will be meeting you soon.

kisses and hugs

Letter 5

Thanks for your e-mail so far and the care you have for i and Kelly, you have really giving Kelly a motherly love, I so much love that, I'm now fully getting set to travel with him .

Though the doctor is yet to discharge Kelly from the hospital ,He gave Kellys hospital bill to me this morning The drugs we bought,the scan and the total amount for treatment the Doctor gave me a total Bill of $900 dollars, I have paid $250 already ,because I wasn't expecting such a huge amount, I couldn't pay the full amount because, I have already spent the Money I came with on Goods ,shipment, and on Flight tickets to meet you, I was just left with $50 dollars,for feeding. So they needed me to complete the balance at the hospital of $650USD, and Credit card does not work here in Nigeria, because of they do not have the machine for payment,and i was not aware of this.

So I needed $650USD from you to enable me payoff the balance at the Hospital and get out of this country, so that they can discharge Kelly from the hospital,then we can embark on our Journey to meet you. I will pay you back immediately I arrive the airport,even if you have to collect from someone please do ok. please baby i never knew such a thing could ever happen, but I have confirmed that I will be able to use my Credit Cards when i get to the Airport in Nairobi

I expect your reply immediately, so that they can discharge Kelly from the hospital .as we can only take off immediately we complete payment today,That is why i need you to pay in the money on time

Please honey you can pay the money through Western Union office or Money Gram, Departmental Store, Post Office or Shopping Mall to me directly.

Receiver's Name: Mr.Miller Peter
Receiver's Address: St Johns International Hospital Lagos-Nigeria.

Honey i am counting on you because you are my only hope in this my trying time, I vow not to break your heart. I will pay you back immediately I use my credit card at the airport in Uganda. Honey you are precious to me and thanks for your assistance and love.please get back to me immediately i am stranded

Below is our flight details to Nairobi,as this is the only route available from Nigeria, i want you to know the time we arrive tomorrow,so you can make all the necessary arrangement of where to meet you ok honey





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