Romance scam letter(s) from Charles Presten to Lesley (Spain)
Letter 1

Hello my wife , I didn't want to tell you this in other to make you worried about my life, but it is getting more and more dangerous here so I have no option than to tell you. Thanks for the lovely mail and the card, which you sent to me. I must admit that your mail always makes my heart melts very much. I hope this mail finds you in the best of health at wherever you may be now. As for me, I'm fine and safe, even though there have been some murdering in the military camp, which is making life very insecure for some of us here. I am very worried now because I don't want to lose my life so I need not to think about anything but free my mind and only think of returning home so that I can spend the rest of my life together with you and Williams. I miss you and I have been thinking a lot about you... I'm very hopeful we are going to be in each other's arm soon so that we can spend our life together forever and ever. I ordered for and urgent flight out of the country so I will be coming on sunday, I mean tomorrows week because am not done with my Job here this week. Last week, we held a meeting with the Syria government and other ministers to discuss ways we can work together to maintain peace and stability in the Syria and their health challenges, and after the meeting, the Syria ministers who I and some of the soldiers help since i arrived. The minister awarded some committed army commanders including myself, and some soldiers who are working hard to maintain peace and stability in the Middle East. The soldiers who were given a box of gold bar with few dollars. the army commanders were given boxes that contain gold bars with few dollars. Since four days now, four commanders and nine army officers have been murdered secretly in the military camp, but from my own investigation and thinking, some commanders and soldiers intentionally murdered these army commanders and soldiers so that they can take away the gold bars... So due to what is happening, I feel more insecure, and I do not even know what to do now. I have been thinking and worried about the situation now in the military camp because I cannot afford to lose the gold and I don't want to lose my life, because I know you are waiting for me to come home safe and sound, so I have thought of sending you my share of the award which was given to me by the Syria minister as consignment through an international friend who works in collaboration with the United Nations so that you can keep it for me until I come to you in Spain. I entreat you not to worry or be afraid of anything because I have all the legal documents which shows that I'm the owner of the gold. My friend works in collaboration with the United Nations international delivery unit, so he will meet you personally before he can deliver the consignment. My friend will require your full name, your home address, your mobile number and the name of the nearest airport in the region that you are living, so he can deliver the boxes to you. I want you to know that before I give the boxes to my friend to deliver to you, I will include a signed letter, which I would like you to read to me on our first meeting. I will also include three copies of printed pictures of myself so that you can know that the consignment comes from me. I am going to attached all the necessary documents and stamps that prove that am the owner of the boxes, and as for my friend, I will pay him for his service before he leave Syria to make the delivery to you. I have securely locked the box with a six digit secret number, which you will need to open the consignment. You need to keep it very safe and it must remain a secret between you and I because I'm going to tell my friend the box contains only some clothes and some jewelries I bought for you. I want you to keep a close eye on my friend when he arrives and report to me any move that he makes since I cannot keep in contact with him as soon as he leave here to make the delivery to you.
My Wife , I trust you very much that is why am telling you what is happening now in the military camp because it's not advisable to tell people outside the military camp about what is happening in the military camp due to security reasons so I would entreat you not to tell anyone about what is inside the boxes because not even my friend knows what is inside the box. I want you to know that the gold bar is for you and me, and for our better future and our family together so I want you to keep the boxes safe for me when my friend deliver it to you.
I think I have said enough so I will stop here for just now but I will be waiting patiently to hear from you soon. Do not forget that I truly love you with all my heart and soul. Talk with you later on Skype in evening my love and I hope that you will be there for me .
With true love,
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