Romance scam letter(s) from Lucas James to Joanne (UK)
Letter 1

Good Morning to you Princess, How are you doing my charming princess? Hope you are doing okay and had a great and sound sleep last night. Well waking up with the great thoughts of you in my mind decided to write to you and see how a charming princess like you is doing and to let you know i did remembered you this morning when i woke up, as how i wish and thought i we were a bit closer, whereby i could possibly wake you up with a beautiful kiss on your forehead and nice breakfast in bed, hmm guess what i could possibly feed you breakfast in bed, to make you feel special and cared for again. How happy i was this morning when all i could think of is you,nothing could ever appear in my mind but your thoughts is all i have, the more i tried not to think of you is the more my heart keep on beating fast and harder for u. . So tell me what you having for breakfast? beside that what are your plans and schedules for today, beside those plans what do you intend doing for the rest of the day. Hope to chat with you soon, know that you are in my thoughts and thinking of you, kisses and hugs all over

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