Romance scam letter(s) from Scott Jones to Caroline (USA)
Letter 1

Caroline, Good morning Caroline baby,How was your night?Sorry I couldn't get online to chat with you at our usual time.Right now I am in pains and agony.Some gangs came to the Hotel that i lodged last night exactly 7:40pm,I couldn't believe what my eyes saw.They came to attacked the Hotel I lodged in. Smoke filled my room after bullets smashed my window.I hid myself in a corner of the room with my daughter.Then a guest next door came to my door,screaming 'Come out!Come out!' And when I came out with my daughter bullets continued to fly around. I went back to my room and locked my door but they forced there way in to attacked me and my daughter.After they had gone,Shortly afterward, the hotel staff asked me to come down and put me and my daughter in a room at the second floor with eight other survivors," He said. "The body of the co-customer at the hotel was lying at the small room. What really hurts me the most is that My little girl was hit on her forehead when I was fighting with them,They wanted to go away with my briefcase which they eventually did.She fainted on the spot.They went away with my briefcase,the most worst part of it, is that inside the Briefcase there are documents and a huge amount of money.They took everything that I had. At the moment, I am left with nothing and I won't get paid not until the project is completed.Now,Chris has been rushed to the nearest hospital and they would not treat her if I didn't deposit the some Money for her to deposit. 4 people were killed including the guard man.There was no way to immediately figure out who they are . My queen,I am gonna need your help till I get paid,I just want to make sure that Chris is fine...I am gonna need sum of $975.I will refund the money back to you don't worry...or made the transfer to your bank account as soon as I made it back.I really need this money to safe my Girl. And as soon as I get paid will refund the money back to you that I am assuring you.I love you babe and I am relying on you.God will not let you down neither forsaken you.Please get on the IM for me...We need to talk.I missed you so much. Your future Man. Scotty
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