Romance scam letter(s) from Jack Redd to Trish (New Zealand)
Letter 1

Thanks also for responding to me,I really appreciate your effort very well i understand your point of view but if you wouldn't mind, we can only be friends as i also wish you the best of luck in your search. But to me, distance is not anything my Dear, its just a boundaries between us the most important is understanding and caring for each other.Its just a matter of time.
You can write to me anytime Dear.
Letter 2

My Dear,
Thanks once again for your respond. Well what do i have to say about myself, there's much? Im a self employed,i got introduced to the merchandise of cocoa, mostly dealer in buying and selling raw cocoa beans in large or small scale quantity to the small candy companies and some other business scales,to the stock market.I am my own boss and decide when to work and not to,love the job and also i enables me travel to see other nice things in other country...
My, Dad was an Australian and Mum a Swedish both blessed memory.I spent my early childhood in Blackwater,central Queensland,Australia and now in N.Z. I've been a widowed for the past 6 years now,lost my wife from cancer and ever since i have been on the low,taking care of my son (Kevin)who is i6 years old and lives with me sometimes when on vacation , My elderly Son will turn 21 this years now he is in IT college in Japan(Osaka),Asia .
I am a single parent and been single for the past couple of years now,never been into any kind of relationship because i think it is bond of two loving each other,thus spirit,right? I always strive to give my youngest son the best of everything. Im an independent Man and like to have value for who i am .well that's just something about me will be glad to hear from you again
Letter 3

My Dearest,
Hope your Day Today went well and everything is okay with you this Night cus I asked the good Lord to protect all my love ones for me especially you lol. pleasure was all mine after reading everything about you,Knowing you have a very good relation with your Children and i also glad that you're blessed with a grandchildren for you to enjoy.Well that's all about life as Family value is also very important to me but its very devastating for losing someone whom you've really toiled through your entire life and was very precious to you.But the facts still remains that we shouldn't dwell on the past for the future is more brighter.My Dear, Im not intriguing you in any way as i stated on my profile as a Farmer and appearing to you something different.I have a large crop of cocoa plantation outside N.Z. and constantly visit there during the harvest period.I also travel to other countries which are the leading producer of cocoa then sell to the candy companies and that also make me a Business Man but im main into the Farming.
Back here,I'm also looking for the person who is my best friend, other half. A best friend is someone you share your dreams with and want to achieve them together.I want someone who wants to be with me but makes time for Her other interest as I would do. I need someone who is loyal and honest.someone who respects me and values my beliefs and opinions. I want to spend time with that person, sometimes go out and others just stay home and cuddle.
Well that's all i can say for now .
Good Night and Sweet Dreams
Kiss and hugs
Letter 4

Good Evening my Dear,
I read this mail of you with much interest and i'm really honored by your compliment.There is so much beautiful in you and your words are very pour and has captivated my attention. As you can see we are both not getting any younger and are some advantages. For one: is experience in life and love. At this stage in my life I truly do understand how to treat woman also how to love respect and honor her. I love to share my experience and help others absorb my wisdom as they expand their horizons. I am sure that my experience in life will serve well to create a varied and exciting relationship.
I enjoy learning from others as well because everybody has unique experiences and wisdom that I can absorb. Even though I am older I am very energetic, generous, healthy, active, and adventuresome, open minded,Honest and very sincere and as an Australian and a Swedish born, i speak very good and you'll love it when i'm closer to your ears. My Dear, i thought i told you earlier on that i'm into a cocoa plantation and also buy some from the cocoa producing countries and sale it to the candy company but not here in NZ.
I'm presently in N.Z. and God willing i might be travelling to Australia in a couple of weeks. I beg to end here and if you wouldn't mind lets us exchange email address so we can be able to communicate further STAY BLESS AND HAVE A PEACEFUL WEEKEND WITH ME IN YOUR THOUGHT
Letter 5

My Dearest,
Hope you had a great weekend and I hope the weather was good to you. I spent my weekend with Friends and we had plenty of laughter, it was great, but at the end of the day it's still just you by yourself and no one to hold as your own. I miss that in my life.
Anyway, this is my contact email address Please write to me because im yearning to hear from you. Good Night and enjoy the rest of the days ahead of you.
Hugs and kisses
Letter 6

Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your Creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don't waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail. Thanks a lot for your message and its my pleasure meeting you here, as it would be very easy for us to communicate more often.My Dear, you sound perpetually very optimistic that even if our relationship grew and blossomed you wouldn't be able to settle down here with me and i'm glad that you've poured out your heart to me at the initial stage. i must say that i respectively understand your point of view and i don't hold any grudge against that because I know that we can't be near each other very much at the moment, but if we just put up with being apart for a bit longer it will all work out and it'll be worth it in the end since we both have similarities and characters. I've been thinking of it a lot but if you are really ready to love someone, then everything would work out just fine. So if our relationship is to make strong, we could make it through anything. I have again realized that age,distance,status, political view don't matter,neither does race or the amount of money we both make, non religious or faith.I care more about the heart and soul.But the hardest part is chemistry,you know that magic,it can be found when a good and a serious communication is elaborated between the two of us.So all that matters is trust and understanding and i know love will take it time to grow. My Dear, i do like you and if we're to give our-self some time to study each other, i believe we can make a lot of difference from now. Its a Start... I beg to end here and really hope to hear more from you soon. Enjoy the rest of your Day. Hugs and Kisses
Letter 7

Words cannot express how much your words has meant to me. You have found the time to cheer me up via e-mail and/or messages,and would love to chat on lines. You've really seems to know just what to say and I really appreciate that. I know that you are so sincere with your thoughts that you write to me and I know with time we will see each other and I can't wait.Thanks very much for your compliment about my Looks.Perhaps,you only took glance of my picture but you've been able to make a good remarks about my appearance and i appreciate that a lot.Your words are pour and there are soo much beautiful in your thought. My Dear, I acknowledge your receipt for understanding that as long as we love each other then all problems can be overcome.Thank you once again for that.Now i really know that i have a woman in my life,though we've not really gone further but I know that we shall surely get there and i have no doubt about that.Thank you for the comfortable conversations you've had with me in this resent time Most importantly, thank you for sharing your love desire with me and i can assure you that i will always put a beautiful smile on your face as A sense of humor is critical and I happen to be one of the best punsters around and have a quick wit since humor keeps us feeling alive and is the world's best stress reducer.No matter how slowly or at what distance our courtship develops, I know standing before God and our future,things will get better.Although it’s hard for us to be apart, I know there is nothing that can keep us apart forever. Our desires will continue to stretch across any distance, over every mountain and ocean between us.Nothing can stand between us, and nothing will stop me from meeting you if only you want that to happen but for me, I am here with open arms where you will one day finally arrive right where you belong. It has almost been a week that I met you but now it seems that it was more than that ... as time flies faster, it's getting deeper and greater. We'll continue to communicate and fixed a regular chatting schedule once a week just to share each other's thoughts and dreams if you like that.We shall manage to send mails and off-line messages once we get a chance and I Will love to call whenever possible and that will make the relationship stronger, giving me the thoughts that it will definitely last forever, even if we think that distance would be of great hindrance, to destroy us. I beg to end here with much of joy in my heart. I've therefore attach some pictures of me here in this mail and hope you'll like them.
Thanks for everything. Thank you for giving me a chance to be a true friend and love a dreamer that has been there all the while and i am wishing I can always catch you, hoping never to lose you, and make everything into reality soon. STAY BLESS AND ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR DAY
Letter 8

Sorry for the late respond and Im not very sure that you'll be able to read this mail before travlliing but if it dose,I wish you the Best wishes for a safe, happy, healthy journey! It is always very enticing hearing from you and its arrival added an estacy of joy to my feelings.Thanks once again for your compliment i'm really glad that i put a smile on your face. I must confess that you've equally made me the proudest Man on earth and i'm honored by your appreciation. i really would love to chat and communicate further with you when you return and as a courtesy demand, writing to each other all the time makes a lasting bond and with time we will be able to cross that boundaries between us and clime the Mountain as well because,to get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping. Its rrather unfortunate that im not close to you, i would have put all things aside and move together with you to the Son of your best Friend's weeding but i assure you that my spirit will be with you at where ever you go. I beg to end now.
Good luck! Hope you have an amazing time...and hope you make millions of amazing memories, I am looking forward to hearing the stories of your wonderful Weeding Trip, have a fun! Love!
Letter 9

My Dear, Its been really nice to hear from you once again over there in Auckland,though i never thought you could write to me in your way out with your tiny screen lol. so i'm really glad that you've spent time to reached me here. How are you and The family? I wish you all the best especially your Daughter and Her Husband.
its really amazing to hear that you'll have me in spirit at the wedding today and I do appreciate that as would get me closer to you. Did you have a good night? You're really bringing a change into my life. Someone that's going to be in my heart and i feel good now.Soon we shall also have our romantic evening and that will be awesome. Have a lovely day and enjoy yourself to the fullest.
Letter 10

Another Day ends and we look forward to a new day with great anticipation but a Dear one like you never ends whatever the passage of time.
I am thinking of you, of us, of the future as I’m getitng very close to you.there is so much emotion in me as it seems you are beside of me and happy you share everything with me. I had a wonderful time with my friends and told them about you and all was very happy as i’ve meet someone who interest me.
Im gradually getting interested in you and in this stage of our friendship.I hope it extend far because i feel very comfortable with you. Im also glad to hear you had a nice time at the wedding, how i wish was with you and show the world you are mine.
i beg to sleep now. kindly send me some pictures of yourself to me when you return. Good Night my sweet one , i pray you lay in rest and may tomorrow brings you much love and happiness. Love!

Letter 11

Alright My Dear,i'm glad that you've gotten home safely and wish was with you this very evening to prepare some warm water to cool you down and sleep beside you as you very tired now .
i will be waiting for your lovely pictures here inside my heart but until that, have a Wonderful Evening with me in your mind.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams Comfort You.
Letter 12

My Dearest one,
Your message came to me exactly when i expected it, because it always makes me feel excited before sleeping and
Feel more relieve after i wake from bed.Your such a lovely and a wonderful person that i will proudly like to go further with. I like your photos,you are very Charming. you, only you,are very beautiful,your eyes are so inviting,your smile is so exciting,my Sweet one,how can I meet you? My Eyes are eager to see You.., My ears are eager to listen You.,
My lips are eager to kiss You.., And I like to show my Love to you.. I think its now time to suggest a remedy that can stop me from trembling in joy like a lunatic whenever I hear from you.
I've actually feel some sparks with you quite recently and think would be much better when we extend our friendship into another level. Something that can be more than a Friends and call that thing a Love. When i take a look in the mirror and see the bigger pictures,It's really good to be alive and it's good to be with someone like you.
Though,We are apart of an environment and the only way we can survive Is if we harmonize and understand each other.We are busy people,you and i and i need to accomplish what i do even if I had to starve myself,my love will always be there.its true, pure thick and clean. You mean so much to me now and that is why i have taken this opportunity to express my love for you.
It seems i have said enough but still these words cant express the love i have in abundance for you, all i can say is to give me the chance and let me be your manager.
Thanks also for your kindness and how you have time to write to me because you've made me feel so good and beginning to fall in love again after a very long time. I beg to end here my Dear,I will be waiting for your lovely words here inside my heart since I'm the one who wants to love you more. Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you, sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you, and in those dreams, whatever they be, dream a little dream of me. HUGS AND KISSES ....
Letter 13

Good Morning My Sunshine,
Hope you slept well last night as i whispered to the Angle of guadian to guard and preotect you for me.
You've been throuhout my mind since i went to bed and I've been thinking of you
the first time i got up early this morning and it has become a casual thought of me.My Dear, being your manager does not necessarily means a 'manager' in the real sense, what i simply meant was to give me the chance to be in your heart and make you the happiest woman on earth since i've got abundance of love for you.I want to spend time with you and sometimes go out and others just stay home and cuddle.I have become more comfortable with you and I'm very anxious to have you in my arms.

do you mind if i ask you some few questions because i will like to know much about your personal interest...
What is your favorite color ??
What is your dream come true ??
What are your likes and dislikes ??
What is one thing you will never forgive your partner when he commits against you ???
How do you like to spend your holidays ??And if you were to take a trip for vacation where will be your destination ??
What is your favorite sports and what kind of music do you like to listen to ....
I want you to feel free and ask me any question you want to and i will never hesitate to answer them.. I have therefore attach some picture here and will like to know if your okay with me. please let me have your skyp ID so we could chat sometimes. I think that's all for now take care and enjoy your Day. i will be looking forward to hear from you soon ..
Your Cuddle Bear
Your Guadian Angel,
Love,Chocolate and Rose
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