Romance scam letter(s) from Alan Smith to Debra (USA)
Letter 1

How are you doing ? My name is Alan , I find your profile interesting and I you to know that you look so beautiful , I must confess if i ever saw an angel it will have to be in your eyes , I'm new at this , please take a tour on my profile and let me know what you think ? really interested in knowing more about you . Anxiously will be waiting to read from you soon . Alan
Letter 2

Thanks for responding back to Debra , I love your name , My name is Alan. I would really love to get to know you more. I know i'm far from AR but i will move to any state if that will be the only way for me to find happiness again in my life . I have a daughter who is 12 years old . I have been widowed for 5 years now. I would like to settle down with a woman now and live a happy life with my family once again. I believe that with God, all things are possible, I believe we can make it work through here although I have never been involved in this online dating before now but I think it is a very good way of associating because I hardly have time for myself and I'm always indoors when I'm not at work. I work as a an independent Petroleum Drilling Contractor for Shell Petroleum in an Oil Rig Location in the North Sea , Glasgow , Scotland Unite Kingdom , I have been working here now for three months without getting off , but very soon my contract will be ending by march and i will be moving back to the states if that will be the only way for me to find true love and everlasting happiness in my life again . I am a very happy man and I enjoy all the good things of life. I will be retiring soon once i'm done with this contract because I really want to settle down with my family and get married again. I would appreciate if you can kindly tell me more about yourself and where exactly you are from . I would appreciate if you could leave a contact e-mail address or email me at so that we can get to communicate via emails were we can reach each other for better communication as I hardly come online here when I'm at work. Do hope to read from you soon . Your New Friend, Alan
Letter 3

Wow i feel so happy and blessed to knowing more about you Debra . I want you to know that i love everything about you and i want to thank you for being so open in telling me more about yourself. I really like a lot of things about you. As I say getting a mail from you is really nice . It has been a very long time for me having someone to talk about myself and Interest, about my life and all that, At least, I have someone to share my day with at the moment and that person is you even if I have to type and tell about myself , it still make me feel happy. I'm so happy we share the same believe and have so much in common . I have been a widower for 5 years now , I have a daughter her name is Clara and she is 12 years old .I am good at heart, open minded, inquisitive,I enjoy learning whether in a formal interactions with people and other cultures. I set goals and chase after them, believing that life is best experienced when lived.I am looking for someone to journey with me in the adventure of life. I have a heart of supporting others through difficult times. I am an Understanding and intuitive to know what someone wants, but most importantly what they may not want. I am very happy and content with the life God gave me and choose to go forward not backward, I look for the same with someone I would spend time with. Confident not arrogant, a lover not a fighter and genuine not a poser. I was born into a Pentecostal Family . i am passionate about the things I love and love to do.I also enjoy spending good time with the less privileges at the orphanage homes and old peoples home and being creative with my hands in general. I find myself outside a lot, and camping. I don’t watch much TV, but when I do, I like reality shows, love stories. Dancing is a passion. A great portion of my free time is spent dancing. That can be in the form of taking lessons, teaching lessons or social dancing. Learning and practicing the intricacies of various dance forms, especially swing, is an important part of my life. I take pleasure in the sights and sounds of nature from the backyard as the sun sets. The moon always intrigues me. For me it reveals a sense of awe of God’s creation, as does most of nature. Well I am willing to relocate for the right woman and that should not be a problem at all. I am the only child of my parents mom got cancer and daddy couldn't deal with it so I began taking care of my mom as well as daddy , but it didn't take long i lost them both when i was just 20 years old and things really become so hard for me as i don't and never got any help from my family members and relatives ,thus they got into misunderstanding with me and chose not to have anything to do with and and not to be communicating with me , because they were not in good terms with my parents .I was alone and so lonely and lived my life alone , work so hard for my academics and be where I'm today , i don't depend on anyone , people who truly like and care about me help me all through my hard time in life , I had to move in and stay with a friend family when i was 23 years old , they accepted me and his parents care for me as if I'm there own son , i was so happy and obedient to them and mostly i was really prayerful to almighty God our Father , I work and suffer to hard to finance myself and I graduated BSC in Petroleum Engineering In University de Santiago de Compostela In Spain and went to Specialist and received degree in Oceanography And Geology , it was all the lords doing because it wasn't easy at all . I have not really had a lot of relationship in my life , my late wife was an orphan we met in London on one of Shell Oil company Seminal so we started dating we and seeing each other until we get married and started our life together in the state , she was really all I wanted never think this day will come when I will not get to see her again . she always had this liver Infection she can't battle with it anymore so she pass out right here on my arms. I spend my whole year sitting close to her and watch her go away slowly that was the most painful thing in my life but I move on , because sometimes we really do have to forget our past if we really do want to move forward in finding true love and everlasting happiness in our life again and i know that is what she want for me to be happy again after three years of being so lonely without someone to share my day with. Clara is currently being taken care of by a nanny in the city of London since she can't be with me here in the sea where i work , Clara , is all i have got now in my life ,I'm a patient man , i always learn to wait for the lord time , because it's the best , Things really became so hard for me after the death of my late wife as i have to be a dad and a mom to Clara at the same time . I know I'm trying all my possible best and the lord have been my back bone and have been giving me strength . So after the lost of my late wife i have to stop working for my company and decided to be there to take care of my daughter Clara , since she is the only i have got left in this world ,so i thought since she is a little bit grown up it would be nice for me to apply for a new contract , I to apply for an Independent Contractor Job with Shell Petroleum , which i fought so hard , selling all of my properties and what i inherited from my parents in the states to make sure i secure the contract , it was all the lord miracle because it was not easy at all i got so many challenges from Big investors and Contractors who are more financially stable than me , who where trying to buy to bribe there way in to have my contract , but trust the lord , he work perfectly and once he say yes no man can say no , i finally got the contract and i got a call from Shell that i had to start the contract , so i have to financial arrange all the machines and all we needed to start the contract , because as an independent contractor you finance the contract alone and bear all responsibilities that goes on the rig , because that is how an independent contractor work . I move to the United Kingdom to make sure i settle down before i travel to the sea to the Drilling Platform , which in located in the north sea of UK , Glasgow , Scotland , and i have been working and living here in the rig now for 3 months , without getting off or even getting to see or talk with Clara , it's really hard for me , because i miss her and she miss her daddy so much too , i will only get off here to the land , when my contracts ends very soon and as soon my contract is completed and i got paid i will be looking forward of moving to anywhere if that will be the only way for me to find happiness and true love again in my life . I have been a christian since i was 10 years old . I have tried to live as the Lord wants me to live , but certainly have lots of room to grow, especially in my prayer and bible reading. My relationship with the Lord could be a lot closer, but most people that know me would consider me as "religious" and know that I have pretty conservative values. Everything to do with the word of God really matter to me and i really want a partner who love the lord and want to make our life an example to other people around us, because his word say let your light so shine before all men that they may see His God work and glorify our father that is in heaven. Our father God. I like to do several things. I like to do mostly anything to do the the outdoors. I like fishing, camping, swimming, snorkeling, walking on beaches, sitting on the beach, and sunsets. One of the things that I think to do that is romantic is to sit in front of a fire place or a campfire. Sorry, I don't have a fire place. I like slow dancing, even though it has been several years since I have done it. I like playing pool, cards, board games, and cuddling dinner out and going on for cruise, I miss having a Partner to go to church/worship with, a friend to hang out with. A lover for those long nights. A dance partner. Someone to chat over coffee and the newspaper with (I would rather have a long philosophical talk with one interesting person than a roomful of chatters)So while I wait. I look for humor in everyday life, my funny-bone is connected to my heart and other vital organs I am serious when I need to be, but am a kind at heart. Always laughter! Dining, dancing, swimming, sailing, horseback-riding, movies, hiking, cycling, thrift store shopping, road trips and if on the back of a bike even better, any beach on any part of the planet travel yes! Strong fresh ground coffee, long massages, live music, a good deep book (I prefer books to TV), stimulating conversation or just quiet solitude together . Debra i think we have so much in common and i do want you to know that i feel so connected to you , i believe the Lord have a great plans for us , I want to be with a honest woman,caring romantic and God fearing,i want a woman to call my own,the love of my life,a woman i will spend the rest of my life with and achieve my dreams together with her..I promise i will give my woman the best of romance,the best of care the best of love and the best she wants from a man or me.. I am looking for someone who has there own identity and I'm looking for someone who understands my comments above. Someone interested in being a relationship and who is okay hardworking and sincere. Anything more is not only a bonus, but a treasure. also looking for someone who can listen when I am down, but who will also allow me to do the same. My hobbies reading traveling , films, music, a shopping and most of all a God fearing man down to heart , If things work out perfectly well for us someday it will be a great blessing to Clara life , she will be so happy because this is what she ever want in her life , Please tell me about your hard and good times in life , tell me what are you really looking for in a man , tell me more about yourself , your ,lifestyle and also send me some pictures too . Guess you had a pleasant night rest , Do hope to read from you soon . Warm Hug's and God bless you
Letter 4

Good Morning My Dearest Debra How are you doing and how was your night ? I really like a lot of things about you. As I say getting a mail from you is really nice and I look forward to reading from you also. It has been a very long time for me having someone to talk about myself and Interest, and about my busy day schedules and all that, At least, I have someone to share my day with at the moment and that person is you even if I have to type and tell you how my day was spent, it still make me feel happy. It's all good to hear all that from you, Now I feel I know you a little more and that makes me happy. I thank God for giving us this day to share love amongst each other. It is such a wonderful beginning as I prayed to God for this and God answered my prayer by bringing me to you. You are such a well-groomed woman and I love the feel of that. Debra you have so much that I'm currently looking for in a woman , I'm so happy that you put God first in everything you do in life and you believe in prayer , I believe in prayer because prayers is the key to open all lock doors , I am looking for a woman I can spend the rest of my life with happily, I just want to live happily and have a happy home. I need a woman that is ready and willing to show my daughter what true love is all about and willing to take my daughter like her own and treat her just the way a mother should do to a child. Clara is a smart and beautiful girl and have been missing the joy of motherhood for 5 years now as I lost her Mom to cancer. She needs that happiness back and I want to give her that and also want to be happy too. You look so beautiful Debra , i love all your pictures you sent me , If i were to present you pictures in heaven , the angels will hide there face in shame because you are so beautiful , i feel so connected to you and i think things will get to work perfectly well for us if we are committed and devoted to each other things will work perfectly well for us , I do not know how to express the conflicting emotions that have surged like a storm through my heart all night long. I only know that first and foremost in all my thoughts has been the glorious confirmation after reading your email and looking at your pictures - without effort, unconsciously, of course - of all I have ever thought of your mind and heart. You have the greatest soul, the noblest nature, the sweetest, most loving heart . My feelings and admiration for you have increased so much since i finish reading your email and pictures . If only I could have come up with the right words to describe the depth of this beautiful feeling that I have for you, I would have whispered them to you the first time we wrote each other. The best thing that I can do is to show you now. I’m very lucky to know someone as loyal and honest as you. Life usually brings you unpleasant surprises and events, but ever since we started talking i feel there’s a new lighthouse to guide me in my moments of indecision and doubt. You are special in a natural way, but apart from that, I can also see in you the interest and effort you put into making yourself available to others. I can see your interest in making the lives of your family lighter, happier, more comfortable and prosperous! Now that everything seems confused, now that people seem to be losing their faith in a better future, it’s good to know there’s someone special like you close by. I?m glad friendship and relationship doesn?t come with price tags. For if it does, I?d never afford someone as great as you.I would like to thank you for being my friend and making that special difference in my life.For me, this new friendship is precious and that’s why I intend to keep it till the end of my days . I believe we can achieve that, because I have faith in God and I have more and more faith in life and in the future. Those who have a friend like you fear nothing hehehe ,I believe if we are committed and devoted to each other things will work perfectly well for us . Always bear in mind that my affection and true friendship will be yours forever , Please write me and send me your mobile number so we can text chat and keep connected more . Guess you had a pleasant night rest ? Will be thinking about you . Kisses and Hug's
Letter 5

Good Morning How are you doing and how was your night ? It was really so nice reading from you and I'm happy that you are being so open in telling me more about what you feel , Debra i want you to know that i mean everything that i have said to you , I will never say any words to try to get your attention or try to impress you , every word that i have said to you i mean the word and they comes from my heart , Only a man can tell his woman who beautiful she is , I'm being realistic and not trying to lure you to get your attention , If anyone have ever say words to you , the less person you can expect to say such words to you is a man who truly care , value you and want you in his life , Debra i want you to know that beauty is not based on how attractive we are to everybody else, but how attractive we are to ourselves, for one cannot think other people think they are full of beauty unless they know they are beautiful too , so you shouldn't think that i don't mean every words that i have say to you okay ? Debra I'm a God fearing man and we have so many things in common , I'm old fashion also and don't believe on having sex before marriage , I believe we first have to know each other more , put everything the hands of the lord for him to show us the right way to follow for thins to work out perfectly well . If i could be an animal in an animal kingdom ,I will have to be a dog , because they are Loyal , Have so much love , Forgiveness ,Great desire to please and protective. I'm looking forward of retiring after I'm done with this my contract , because i have been working all my life and i believe it's high time for me to settle down and start a new life again and a new family , i believe i can take care of my self , my family and everything i need in life with what i will be getting from the contract . I have a mixed accent because i spend so many years studying in Spain , I guess my accent doesn't really bothers you at all . my family relatives decided not to have anything to do with me because they weren't in good terms with my parents before i lost them . Clara like dogs but she don't have any pet , She is more of girly , but don't worry it wouldn't be too stressful to you . If i were to have a quite diner party i would love to invite my dad and my mom , because they were so loving , caring , wonderful and they are my inspiration . Debra i believe i have answered all your questions , but what i want from you is for you to be positive , If I'm not being realistic and honest with you i wouldn't be devoting my time and attention in communicating with you , You should be positive and take all negative thoughts of your mind if you really do want to move forward in life . Please send me your mobile number so we can text chat and keep connected more . Guess you had a pleasant night rest , I really do hope to read from you soon . Alan
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