Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Graham to Katryn (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hi beauty,
How are you doing ?,
thanks for sending me your address,
Am sorry for getting back to you late,i have been having busy times with my work.but from now i promise to be in constant communication with you. Let me start by introducing myself to you again,we met at online dating site .
My names are Mark Graham .
Am a Lead Electrical engineer and a Contractor.
i am 49 years of age,divorced, i have one child a boy of 16 years old he is studying in Canada. I am searching for a serious, stable , and lasting relationship,i love to settle down and get married again. I am a south African, but i was born in USA ,i grew up in USA,did all my studies in USA and i speak English and French .
i live in Sandton -Johannesburg. i have attached 3 of my pics here for you,
do send me your pics too and tell me more about yourself,
tell me everything about yourself, names,your job,your family ,and where do you live .
Waiting to hear from you. my regards , Mark.
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