Romance scam letter(s) from David Elkayam to Jane (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Angel,
Thanks for your message and your sympathy.I am truly a magnanimous man.I treat others the way i wanted to be treated.Well,you have pass through some bad moments too.I am sure it makes you a stronger person.Well,i admit we all are human struggling to get to where we are today.I am Glad you trusted me enough by telling me all this.I feel sober for you.I love the part of being a hardworking woman,I am also a hardworking Man.We can both get to retire at the same time and have good time
together. Well,I can see the reason while u may not want to rush into any relationship.Sincerely,i pray God gives me the opportunity to win heart and to make you happy for the rest of your life.You deserve happiness .You need the hands that will pamper you and care for you.
Everything that happens in life is Destiny.We need to accept our destiny day by day. We need to forget the past in order to be able to move on to the future. Change is the only constant thing in this life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.The past is never where you think you left it.The future influences the present just as much as the past.So we have to move on with our life. Well,I'm God's sent to wipe your tears away.True love is not easy to come about at our age.True love is what everyone talks about but only few has experience it.If we believe in this honest communication,we can be part of the few that will experience it.This is the best way to learn more about each other.I want to be your friend and let's see where it leads to.Every relationship starts with Friendship.Hon.Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion.Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.Baby,clearly,Now i can tell much about you,your past and your hobbies.I promise to care for you if given the chance.You will never have reason to regret being my friend.I will be glad if u can send me more pictures of yourself.Signing off for now. Talk to you later.
Letter 2

Dear Sweetie,
How are you doing ? Hope you are enjoying our daily conversation.Tell me what this new Friendship means to you.Do u feel any connection ? I am really ready to invest much time into this friendship because i see future in it.I know we have alot in common and when we meet in person,we will be very compatible.My daily routine is the same every day from Monday to Friday..I get up early in the morning around 6 am. I read for two hours which require meditation, prayer and putting thoughts in my journal. Then I go out for a morning walk. I take four rounds of the park. I stroll in the park. When I return, I take milk and refreshment.I get ready for office around 9am .I leave the Office by 5pm.When i get home,i check my emails and reply to my messages.Then i take a short nap and after that,I watch the TV. I usually go to bed around 9pm.By weekends,i go shopping and do house cleaning. What i do at work is this.For over 10 years,i have been working based on contract.I seek contract locally and internationally.When i get any contract approval,either locally or internationally,i travel to execute it.I have travel down to Dubai, Bulgaria and Mexico to work for Companies.I have a project i will be working on very soon.It is also an International contract from Egypt.I am still waiting for their approval.Once i get an approval,i will be travelling over to Egypt to execute it. My work involves the Computer Hardware and electronic circuits that use the properties of components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and transistors to achieve a particular functionality.Some examples of high-tech projects that I work on are global positioning systems that can pinpoint a car's location, giant generators that can power entire cities, or the lighting and wiring in buildings.Tell me about your daily Routine too. Yours affectionately,
Letter 3

Hello Dear,
How are you doing right now over there, how was your day? How have u been doing and how is life treating you now,i guess u are doing pretty nice over there today,well its so nice to share a lot of feelings with you , well i have imagined u as a nice person and as a caring person too, and i am so much liking what i get to read from you everyday, cause u really know what you want in a relationship, i know life hasn't been easy in the past for any one cause we just want to struggle from the bottom to the top cause no one wants to remain below his demands, well i get to see some things in your words which made me write u and your personality speaks a lot about you, cause u really know how to describe yourself and the things u want in life, well nice try, you really know who u really are and that's what i mean by self personality,its just all about you knowing who u really are and the things u do to make u a happy woman, ur words are short but meaningful cause at least u could write something about yourself,and i know u cud say more in person or write more with the aid of u wanting to express yourself, what really do u think of yourself and who do u see yourself as,and what are ur dreams and what kind of things do u do to yourself that makes u think u cud be a special person, or do u have to share your personality with someone before u can know how special u are to people, i assume u are the gift of God and God has blessed you with a lot in life all u just need is to focus on things around you and the people around you to know what God has in stock for you, how do u go about making a life meaning full for you and how do u try to make others smile by u considering how special you are. Before a person cud think of caring for someone u have to know how special u are to people and how caring u cud be, its doesn't matter by you really knowing that person, God might send you to that person for an help and u will be willing to help but it just take time cause the world is never a safe place anymore and there is a lot to learn about people,i my self i have learn a lot from my environment, the things i do and the things i try not to do,i just sit and listen to music read books and make my life meaningful to me and try to be honest about the whole thing i do, cause honesty is only the key to human success and it makes life meaningful if u can apply all the principles of been a special person to people,every day people die and everyday a new one is been born, so we all want to be in a safe place but we don't really know how to go about been there, cause we havent really learned about the principles of life,life is full of joy if u can discover the joy inside of you,life doesn't begin from your environment, it begins from inside of you,cause life begins if u can start it with a very first step and a very first chance. If life goes on with one thing there will be another thing that might destroy it, so we just try not to fall a victim of circumstances,i have been through a lot of things in life but that didn't make me to do any silly things in life,it only makes me stronger in a lot of things cause i learn not to put my problems in my head cause if u do it will just weigh u down and it wont allow u think of better things to make your life meaningful,so i just want to make my life meaningful and use it in helping others and its all about me taking a chance to do what i have to do to make the world a loving place and to make people know that there is so much love inside of them to use in changing the world, life goes on if u begin with something real and sincere and u learn to focus about it, and learn to see the principles that guides it,life is been guided with a lot of principles leading to the truth of life and love,the earth alone is filled with so much love but we humans made it hidden cause of the bad things that we thought is good, if we only can learn to bring out the love of life and the life of love and get to make the world a place to live then every one don't have to get scared of each other, cause i have been into alot of things i have tried alot of things and it didn't really work out for me cause i cant really cheat on my feelings or judge myself for the things i do,i just want to make alot of things come to reality by me focusing on them and wanting it to come to reality, i just want to make people happy with my kind of personality and the wisdom God has given me and i want to make others smile while i make myself smile to as well, there are more things we Still need to learn about our self, if only u can have a time to relax and focus on your thought and have a deep imagination about the whole thing happening in the world,if only u can do that, u will get to see the Good and Bad things on earth and that will surely keep u out of trouble, cause u decided to focus on building yourself in way that cud help you and help others,the reason why we are in the world is to be here for one and other and to help when we are in need, but this generation that i have seen has turned to something else,there is a lot of hatred, crime, greed, jealousy,self centered and fornication,all this didn't create or started in a day it all started from individuals cause they just wanted to make life meaningless for them self and satisfy there immediate needs, life began inside of us and we need to learn about the way of life to make it meaningful for us. My words might sound too prophetic but my life is all about the truth and i mean all i say and do and i really want to start a family i can grow older with and with a woman i will do love with all my heart, i do sincerely know Wat love means to me and others and i go about building it in the right way if only my woman is ready to start a strong and fulfilled relationship..i really feel the music of your words and my heart sings the same rhythm and i know we will both be happy someday and i do have a lot of faith in your words cause they are words of truth and u are completely honest about it..i am not here to judge your past but i am here to build the present and show u the personalities love has and the really person inside of you..if u find it so hard discovering the real person in you i am here filled with so much music for you which you cud dance to...i know someday i will be great and will be so special to alot of people but i wanna take life the way i see and meet it..but i can only change situation is permanent.we both can change it..forget about the
past and think of the beauty of the present and build on it and u will surely see the music in you... I will tell you more about life and marriage if u want to listen to it and u will be so happy to read my emails cause my words come deep down from my heart and i speak them and put them to words cause i am confident of my self.With time u will learn a lot about me cause i am just like an angel on to you and i know ur life will be so wonderful been with me..marriage is a life time commitment to me and we will build on that someday sometime.Have a nice and lovely day and take good care of your family and tell them someone real and special is coming into your word soon. Love You. David.
Letter 4

My Sweetheart,
I've been in "hopeless romantic" mood all day. I've watched three different movies throughout my trip that have centered around relationships between two guys. This isn't typical of me, but I guess I'm just in that state of mind where I want to be reminded that such love and tenderness really can exist. The last movie I watched before i landed-- It was a nice British film called "Beautiful Thing." It was slow in places (which seems to be common in just about every British film I've watched), but it was a wonderful and touching story. It was about two teenage boys who were neighbors and their struggles as they discovered they loved one another, but had to deal with all of the difficulties in pursuing a relationship. The scene that really touched me, though (well, other than the scene where Jaime rubbed creme into the welts on Ste's back and told him he was quite attractive) was the final scene. This is the scene where Ste and Jaime end up slow dancing in the middle of the square near their home. As they start to dance, a crowd starts to gather round them, and Jaime's mother and another neighbor (also female) end up joining the young lovers, dancing with one another. And as they danced, the four of them talked back and forth, laughing (mainly about what Ste's abusive father would have to say if he was there to see the scene) and just enjoying one another while the crowd watched in wonder. I'd love to be a part of a scene like that with you, Sweetie. There was a tender intimacy and sweet love wrapped up into it. It's something that could never be expressed half as adequately in all the grandiose "romantic dates" and nights of passionate lovemaking in the world. It's a gentle beauty and sense of serenity that can only come from those small, simple things, those moments that create a perfect moment of intimacy and love simply by the fact that they are an instant of absolutely sweet and genuine togetherness. I long for those moments, and I revel in the thought of someday finding them with you.I just wish to share this with u first before i forgot. Actually,I have landed about 3 hours ago..I have alot to tell you about this country.How i wish we came down here together..I am sorry i haven't email you since when i landed,the Taxi that brought me down to the hotel left with my tools..I went down to their Police Station to report the Taxi but they asked me to come tomorrow morning.I hope they get my tools back because i needed them here for the contract.

I was thinking about you throughout my trip.I slept off twice inside the plane and dreamt you were beside me.sincerely,am crazy in love with you.Well, hope everything is fine with you.. I am so Glad to read from you. I just want to let you know that I had a nice trip to Cairo and I arrived there safely today and I am staying in an hotel now, If only I'd known that you were out there, then I could have been searching long before I met you. If only I'd known that there was a woman like you, I could have searched the ends of the earth. If only I'd known that I would someday meet someone like you, who gives me everything, would do anything for me, gives me all your love... I could have done anything and everything in my power to find you sooner. But, now that I have found you I'll never let you go. Because of you all of my wishes and dreams have come true! I love you with ALL of my heart i love you so much . Thinking of you everyday is my problem i love you so much and i miss you..Hon,there is alot of time difference between Egypt and USA.It is 09 :30 am here. As soon as you got my message hon,call me on my number it as been roamed authomatically.I can't wait to hear your lovely voice.I am glad there is internet in the hotel.So we won't miss any of our daily message.I will keep you updated about my welfare here..I will figure how to make international calls tomorrow so i can call u. I love you with all my heart and i will never stop loving you.
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