Scam Email(s) from Peter Miller to Liz (Zimbabwe)


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Letter 1

Thanks for sending me your email on the dating site, I`m here to put a smile on your face as much as I also need it from you.Let me quickly re-introduce myself. I am John Green 49 years old resident of Reston Virginia USA,i am engaged in the business of arts and crafts,and i own a gallery here in Res-ton,(johns gallery inc)and i have a six years old son Peter who lives with me,he is my hope and inspiration.I got into this site in search of a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. I only want to be sure that you are going to be a wife to me and you will always see me as your baby. I am highly emotional and can't withstand being disappointed. I have been disappointed before by my ex wife,will explain more to you as we get to know each other.
I only want to share a bit of those motherly qualities you have got and see what I will give you in return. I can give you my life if it comes to that. I want to be happy again,I want you to Believe in destiny, destiny can be delayed, but it can not be denied. I hope you understand what I mean.I want you to know that when we become friends, Your family will be my family, because I don't have a family. Peter is the only one that makes me happy, I try my best to make him happy too by taking him to shopping and outings every Weekends. My hobby includes cooking,readying,traveling,shopping. What I like in a woman, honesty, tender, God-fearing and responsible. I dislike, dis-honesty,unfaithfulness,lies,and cheating.

My wife will never be a housewife, She will work and join hands with me and together we shall build a home that will be filled with so much joy and success. I am going to treat her like a queen, nothing will ever stop me from loving her.
can you tell me in details a little about yourself,so we can start knowing each other from there?i would really love if you can send pictures to me too ,so glad i found you,attached to this mail is my family picture i hope you like it.i switched off my profile so that i can concentrate on knowing you better ok





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