Romance scam letter(s) from Allen J. Arckerman to Kristiina (Finland)
Letter 1

This is Allen from Is a pleasure to know you, I’m glad that my mail got to the right person and hopefully we can see how it goes, story of my life is too long but I will be telling you one after the other, I got the alert concerning your message, I assure you that every of your mail will be read and reply, hope you are doing okay?, I've never tried online dating but can consider it as this time, once I see the perfect woman I will automatically delete my profile from the site because I value people and respect people, and I wouldn’t want to engage myself in having too many friends and probably find myself not replying mail which I’m supposed to be replying, I will always be out to check on you and once I have an e-mail from you, I will also reply to you, I hope that you find me interesting and will respond to this communication soon. Now! Please tell me more about yourself! I am interested in details about your family, your job, your hobbies and goals, culture, and all regards of your future plans. Please write back as soon as you can. Hope to read from you soonest…I attached my picture for you to remember me... Thanks and good luck Allen J.
Letter 2

Hello & Happy Sunday.. First of all, I want to apologies for my inabilities to email you, I am deeply sorry and hope you will understand me and forgive me, Thanks for emailing me and I wish to let you know that the reason for my delay is because I wasn't in town, I live in Texas, Houston USA but at this moment, I am in another city called Dallas here Texas too, I have been away before you emailed me and I do not have access to computer that's why i did not reply you, I will be back to my house by Tuesday morning and I promise to email you in details and tell you so much more about me & why i am interested in having a relationship at this moment, Let me brief you, I lost my wife to road accident 3 years ago, even though i have had two relationships in the past but It did not progress because they both do not want marriage, I am a family oriented person and like to have a woman who is oriented and has class, someone who her no will be her no, someone strong but tender in heart, My intention is to relocate from US since i have live here all through my life and will like to have a change of life and atmosphere, If you are serious with me, I promise i am ready to move to the next level of friendship with you, we can start by friendship and then move more deeper if we find progress in our selves, I respect and adore a woman with moral value. As you know, My son is 16yrs and he's aspiring to become as astranauts, so he's with the NASA Academy in New York, the good thing about this is that we get to see once every month but sometimes we didn't get to see but he stays in my sisters house whenever he gets vacation, My sister is married to a welsh man, and they both live in New York with their daughter, In case you don't know WELSH is in ENGLAND, My true intention is to find someone who is ready for a relationship, I do not want someone who's gonna ditch me, I want someone who want the same thing that I want, someone who is ready for a relationship that will lead to marriage, I want to make sure you are ready before i can commit myself to you, Please if i do not reply your mail, do exercise more time and patience for me until Tuesday/Wednesday when i will be back home, But i will try to keep in touch with you until then.. I hope everything will be well placed under control if we both move in the same direction, Lets hope and pray that everything goes fine for us, and please once more forgive me for delay... I will write more later.. Hope to hear from you and see more pictures of you before then, I will send mine when i get home and also do believe that we can be able to chat in Yahoo messenger anytime soon, so we can see each other on the webcam.. Thanks and waiting to hear from you Allen J
Letter 3

Hi Sweetie.. Thanks for your email, I do understand you so well, we are of the same age range and need to build something more meaningful with each other, ur e-mail really it light up my interest in this friendship, I call it friendship because we have to climb the ladder slowly to get to the bottom line, but to be honest when I see what I like, I happen to go for it but won’t make it to look like I’m pushy, so when you are able to unlock my heart, hold the key and seize it, trust me I will be pushy to have your own heart too and when that start, don’t tell me is too early, I just got in the mood to bury the hatchet I lost my wife to a car accident, as a result of answering call / texting and driving and since then the reflection has been within me and I dislike to see the person I like or value to be driving, texting or calling so if we happen to click in a better deal of relationship promise me you aren’t going to be texting/calling while driving, since the death of my wife, I have never been able to establish a close relationship with any woman, to be honest, I have been in friendship with two different women American and Latino but we both didn’t have any plan of MARRIAGE and just fling and nothing more, I have been alone for 14months, always minded to my work as I’m basically into Construction & Environmental Science and it requires a lot of concentration and energy so it keeps me going and never been able to have time for a woman who does want a marriage relationship, as a matter of fact I do not intend to come online to waste my time nor to play with someone’s heart as people call it, if I want sexual affairs, or unserious relationship trust me, online is a waste of time and I do know how to get a woman or woo a woman just for that I do not have the view other people have for online dating, I believe “ JUST PERSONAL THOUGHT “ that there a billion of good people online and when you find someone who you have TRUST online value the person because he/she is a serious for even thinking of coming online to catch up with someone, because there are tons of girls/guys within the neighborhood to choose from, I am the kind of person that can give you my password and email ID and then tell you to delete me from the website if we happen to find love and trust within each other, I TREASURE my sister to the core and can give my life for her, she is the BEST woman in this world, I have been in the US & Canada for 10years and able to learn how to speak at least what you can listen to and understand, as America have their own accent, is quite difficult to speak like Americans and to crown it all, I had my schools in countries that doesn’t speak English and only did my masters in Dublin, like you know I am Portuguese-Swedish I hope you won’t dump me knowing that I am mixed race, I'm a humble and well educated man, I am not perfect and do not want a perfect woman but I want someone I can help make perfect and she does the same to me, I try to be the best man I can, I don’t expect my woman to handle everything, we can share everything both in the kitchen and in bed lol! Forgive me! I believe in God, I feel that my faith has been tested MANY times, but through all this my faith has become stronger. I have a wonderful church family that is there to lift me up when I'm feeling down...and when my faith is low...they have enough to get me through, Now the faith i have in Jesus Christ is even more precious. It is my personal expression of trust and dependency on Him, which transcends all human friendship. I know what He did for us was sufficient to pay the penalty for our earthly sins and He goes a full step further by offering His hand to help us on our perilous journey through life. In turn I give Him my faith because I feel confident He will never disappoint or let me down, it is time for us to stop focusing on our problems and start building faith in Jesus Christ. In the gospel St. Mark 4:35-40 it tells us a story of the disciples who forgot their faith when their boat came into trouble even with Jesus there. They forgot about the mighty power of the One who was right there in the boat with them. St. Mark reads ‘the disciples took Jesus along in a boat as He was and other little boats were also with Him. And a great windstorm arose, and the waves beat into the boat, so that it was already filling. But Jesus was in the stern, asleep on a pillow and they awoke Him and said to Him, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” Then He arose and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace is still!” and the wind ceased and there was a great calm. Jesus Said “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” If our Lord can get the wind and sea to obey Him as it did in the bible, how is it that we do not have faith in what He can do for us? Why are we fearful? I can’t even answer this, every one want love, pray for love, seek for love but when LOVE comes they get scared and say so many thing, why do we fear when we need love and love comes, I do not fear love, if I love you I will know I love you, and love comes when you are satisfied, before I can develop love with you, I have to be ready for it and fulfilled with what you present to me, it doesn’t matter if we have seen each other face to face, contact emailing, chatting, webcam, telephonic conversation and text message can help build the bridge fast, I'm looking for someone who is happy with herself and isn't looking for someone to 'complete' her, Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they are meant to be there; they serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or help you figure out who you are. Every person is a new door to a different world. Nice to meet you and I am in your life to stay if you welcome me into your heart..... I have to stop here and do hope that my email will find you in good condition; you have known 20% of Allen J Arckerman, I am making research about my family background and will sure let you know when the times comes.. If you want us to chat using Yahoo Messnger so we can get to see each other on webcam, let me know so i can set up my yahoo messnger Allen J.
Letter 4

Family Background... I think is right time to tell you everything you need to know about me because now we are no longer two but one, we are purely one heart people now from my own understanding.. I'd like to tell you a lot about myself...I'm an open book to u and would hide absolutely nothing, I was born in the Sweden to the family of Mr. Ulf Arckerman, My ancestry could be traced to the Scottish-Irish which settled in the Southern Appalachian backcountry and in the Carolina piedmont, I was born in Linkoping, Sweden, Which is the world’s first Plantagon Greenhouse for Urban Agriculture breaks ground in Sweden, My ancestor’s migrated from Ireland and Scotland to the United States, They were descendants of Scottish and English tenant farmers who had been settled in Ireland by the British government during the 17th-century Plantation of Ulster and An estimated 250,000 migrated to America during the colonial era. The Scotch-Irish settled mainly in the colonial "back country" of the Appalachian Mountain region, and became the prominent ethnic strain in the culture that developed there, The descendants of Scotch-Irish settlers had a great influence on the later culture of the United States through such contributions as American folk music, Country and Western music, and stock car racing, which became popular throughout the country in the late 20th century, My father's parents settled down in Charleston, South Carolina, My mother is Portuguese-Brazilian, My parents met when my mother came for a vacation in the United States and my father was also in United States for vacation too in his parents’ house. My mom continued visiting the United States to keep the relationship going, my father also did visit her in Portugal, Later on! my mother relocated to the Sweden, They dated and got married, I and my only sister was born in Linkoping, Sweden after 10 years my parents relocated to Charleston, South Carolina where he’s parents settled, Where my dad was able to study and learn more about his maternal side of Native Indian Americans, few years after my parent’s marriage, we lost my father to severe cancer of the brain, mother had no option than going down to Portugal to be with her family. We grew up in Sweden and Portugal because my mother always want to get us closer and closer to her maternal side, we had our pre-school (forskola) in Sweden and before we could start the compulsory school, We was offered a place in a pre-school class (forskoleklass) which combines the pedagogical methods of the pre-school with those of compulsory school, ...well as independent schools, which may charge tuition. Only a very small percentage of all Swedish children attend private or independent schools. The comprehensive school (grundskola) is compulsory for nine years. Children are required to attend school between the ages of 7 and 16. Compulsory education is free, and no charge is made for school lunches...I was lucky enough to secure a scholarship in The Sapienza University of Rome, officially Sapienza – Universita di Roma, I was so intelligent. I spent many years in the University trying to secure 2 degrees one in Environmental Science and another in Architectural Constructions and Drawings. I graduated from both disciplines with distinctions, With the urge to go to Ireland and learn more about my ancestor’s and their migration from Ireland to the United States, I applied for a scholarship to do my Masters in International Oil & Gas Management in the University of Dublin, Dublin Ireland, I had already met my late wife in our University days in Italy, Many years in a relationship and after our wedding, we stay and live together for long before she got pregnant and had my lovely first daughter 24yrs ago, so back then we were together in Ireland for a while...She's Canadian by Origin, After my masters, I worked for a shell company in Ireland for few years but decided to resign and start up my own business, I never wanted to work for anyone and be boss around...My late wife was able to secure a contract job for me in Canada in partnership with her brother that earned us almost a million dollars, we were so young and elegant then and we made our first million as a young couple, We relocated to Canada because of my contract work and have our own house, That's where my daughter did her high school, We were in Canada for a while before my developed Gangrene due to smoking, (This disease is caused by smoking due to peripheral vascular disease, a condition wherein the arteries that carry blood to legs or arms become partially or totally blocked by the buildup of fatty material. Smokers are two and a half times more likely to develop this disease than a non-smoker) I went through hell being there for her all the while she was sick. We later lost our daughter to Gangrene...I was devastated and thought my life would end. That’s about the same period I discover that my daughter was pregnant for her boyfriend, things was real bad on us...I discussed with my wife and we sold the house and a her brother connected me to a job in Canada. I rented an apartment in Toronto, and Kennedy was born in Toronto 14 years ago... Finally back in Texas and sadly 3 years ago the worst happen to me, when my wife was hit by a school bus as i told you before due to answering or call and texting while driving, the two car collided and 3 young student died alongside my wife, since then I gave up on love and marriage and have not had any serious relationship with anyone, I hardly believe in love because my wife is my first love and we had serious of years under relationship, Life was hell without her, Thank God i am moving on now.. My job is basically into Construction & Managing of contracting company which base on Oil explorations, up-raise building and environmental maintenance. We go on temporary contract that comes up periodically, it usually last for weeks or months depending on the nature of the job...We are into renovation of oil field, treatment of oil spillage with the help of highly trained workers on helicopters dispersing chemicals on the sea, and oil spillage control by replacing damaged oil pipe lines and installing new ones. I also keep myself busy working at home when I’m not on a contract by engaging in consultations, architectural drawings and advising fellow contractors on how to go about their contract. I'm very good in what I do. I've decided to never work outside United States and Canada anymore...I've always worked in partnership with my late wife's brother on contract basis… But we do not work together anymore, he’s retired now, He’s been in the field of contracting work before me. I want to start working on my own, my spare time is spent biking about 3-4 days a week taking long walks along the street and doing various things, I like to mix it up. Keeping fit is very important to me. Don't belong to a gym, I also like golf a lot. The almighty God comes first in my life and I don't miss out on the private and special moments I share with him in the church and in my chapel, Hope this tells you a lot and gives you a good insight into the life of Mr. Allen J. Arckerman...Feel free to ask me anything else you'd like to talk and get to know more about me. God bless you and Keep you for me always.... Mr. Allen J. Arckerman
Letter 5

Hi The ANGEL of my life! How are you, I understand your mail you are an ordinary girl and that makes me to like you because i am an ordinary man either, so that makes the two of us, two ordinary persons, thanks for the pictures they look quite good and I appreciate all our communication, Kirsi lets make this a beautiful relationship, I have to let you know that i am enjoying every bit of out communication since the very first time we start emailing each other, and on this regards I want us to solidify our relationship, because i believe that once we can meet our special someone online and that person feels the same way too then this is a very good start to maintain and build a loving solid relationship, When this happens, both of us can't even wait for the long awaited email every day. We can't even imagine that that two of us are in a "Long Distance Relationship" or some singles would call it as LDR, My dear! I do not know the sweet names to call you but let me still keep my head down and be calling you by your name as i believe that i will find a better name to call you when the right time comes, also we both should know that consistency of correspondence is very important right now in our lives, As long as there is constant communication between us while we are trying to build a strong relationship, physical separation can be solved in many ways. Instead of looking on the negative aspects of the present situation while the two of us are still dating, we rather place our hopes, desires and energy toward the reality that one day or soonest, both of us will finally decide to meet and stay together forever...I would like us to be keeping in contact frequently because baby you know that i have so many interview and works to be doing at the moment, but it won't stop me from thinking about you and emailing you all the time, I believe is time we start seeing each other as fiance, I'd like to make you my fiance but will still propose to you, I can relate to this situation since my friend met his wife through an online dating site and the thought of living together now, is truly a dream come true for both of us. We just continuously pray and hope that one day, we can, Indeed time can pass significantly quicker and all I know is that I will leave with you as a family, every relationship including online or physical also have the "Honeymoon Phase" where everything seems so nice, exciting and wonderful because as are both singles we are still learning a lot of new things about each other. We continue to communicate every day and send photos as well. When we start to care for each other online and end up falling for one another, maintaining a real and committed relationship over the internet is truly possible for both of us to live together, My friend advise me that maintaining an online relationship is truly a simple and an inspiring process if we are dedicated to the connection for the love of our life. He also said that, It only takes constant communication of exchanging emails as well as speaking and listening to each other on a daily basis so that we can make the other person feel being loved and secured in the relationship even if two of us are physically apart, trust me i believe in what he told me and i want to put it into practice, time is quality and when we are able to dedicate precious time to each other, then our relationship gets stronger every day, a very good foundation before starting to think about a serious relationship leading to marriage, I do not know how you feel about this issue? I know that a relationship that is based on important key factors like trust, commitment, love and future goals can provide security and assurance to us if we are serious to get involved into something so important in our life. These are vital things which we need to maintain in our relationship and keep it stronger every day. Respect for each other is also essential to consider even though we may have doubts about ourselves at first because it really takes time to know each other online, for us to know each other and everything thing around us such as our daily life and family backgrounds, we need to exchange emails regularly, a relationship is not really so much about physically looks, as long as we already have the level of trust for each other and then avoid keeping our doubts to ourselves, Do not keep it as a mere secret, but instead we talk about it, if we have worries since nothing works better than disclosing it and talking about it unless we fear something so deeply that it could also jeopardizes’ our safety, If we can establish a relationship with our special person, we shall continue to nurture it. Even if we don't have physical closeness to each other during this temporary period, we can still maintain an online relationship while waiting for the right time that both of us are ready to settle down and live together as a couple, we requires a true commitment from both of us if we want to dedicate our time, effort and love for each other, I shall do my best to avoid any problem in our friendship/relationship we need to communicate, Baby if i do not get to be in full contact with you this week, please do exercise patience with me because this week, I will be traveling to Dallas, I don't know when yet, but i am sure the company will summon all the contractors, I am an individual contractor, but i registered with Sea-drill America's, it was owned by a Norwegian person, so if i happen to be among the selected contractors to handle the project, I will work in partnership with Sea-drill America's, Baby at this moment all i want from you is prayers, I know with God all this are possible, I have equally told my family about you, my mom, son and sister are happy and maybe someday, you will get to communicate with my sister and probably see her on webcam too, she will so well like to know you as she told me, I have entrusted my heart to your hand, I am no longer myself, I am not a young boy rather and I am weak, All i want is you and nothing else, with you i can achieve everything that i needed, with you things will be fine, I won't get to write much this morning, but i will always be around to keep you inform about everything, whenever is due date for me to go to Dallas i will let you know, is over 3hrs from Houston, I pray they call us this week or latest Monday next week, is my plan to make this my retirement work that is why i have made some savings for this project, it will be a wonderful feeling for me if i click this project and thereafter good life comes afterwards, we can then make plans and think of what we can do with our life, REMEMBER we shall need a long vacation and little bit of travel to make together.. you mean the WORLD to me my ONLY ANGEL ON EARTH.. So my dear, Are you 100% ready for full commitment in our friendship? I hope to stop here and wait for your email, please ensure you read my email with clear understanding...because after this email we are moving to the next level of LOVE Regards Allen J
Letter 6

Dear sweetie.. Thanks for your email, and thanks for the music you keeping sending to me, I love more and more and more to listen to them before i go to bed, u SAID about telling your family about me, what did they say, I am nervous do you think they will accept me? I have searched and see that no words can express how much this relationship means to me, truthfully u have always found the time to cheer me up, you always seem to know just what to say and I really appreciate that. I know that you are so sincere with your thoughts that you write to me and I know with time we will see each other and I can't wait, Thank you for your friendship, whenever I am down, I can think of you and it seems to work. Thank you, Before you came along, I use to think that I was ugly and just not special but now that you are in my life, you have made me feel like I am special and handsome, no matter what happens in our lives whether we have positive or negative outing, I know that you made my life so much better and I love you. Thanks for making my life richer, and for continually inspiring me to do better and be a better person. I love you more than I could ever tell you, I was just talking to family and also son about you and explaining how you are on my mind 24/7. I can't eat, sleep, walk, drive, or even work without thinking about you, Sweet u are in my thoughts all the time. I'd tell you you're in my heart, but I don't feel like that would be right, because my heart is not mine anymore, it belongs to you, u are sweet, loving, caring, beautiful, and you make me feel like one of the luckiest guys on earth. I need you to know I am with you through everything, the bad and the good. I've given you my heart and I hope that you won't break it. Keep it and give it some loving from time to time, nourish it, feed it and make it shine every day, I give you 100% liberty to do whatever you like with my heart..Baby I will be going to Dallas by 2pm so i can reach in the evening, the conference venue will be announced tomorrow morning so we are scheduled to meet there, As you know that i made this application as an individual but will obtain my license from Sea Drill America's to work in partnership with them if i happen to be among the last 3 selected contractors, The work has 3 sections and each among any of the last 3 contractors selected will be dispatched to one part, so by special grace of God, if i emerge as the winner, I will share the work 50/50 with Sea Drill America's, anyway let me keep my fingers cross and hope that good thing will happen at last, I just want this whole thing to come and pass by so i will focus on building my retirement life with you, I so believe in God that everything will go fine for us, when i come back probably next week, I can introduce you to my sister because i want you both to be in-touch and get to chat and see each other on webcam even if is once... I have to stop here for now and thank you for reading my mail, hope you will reply..... Allen J.
Letter 7

Hi Baby, I am so happy that i am out of words and do not know what to say, I just want to thank God for this wonderful opportunity, I don't know why i was so confident, thanks so much for coming into my life and bringing this retirement good luck into my way, I bless you and bless everything we plan to do today and after..As you know the documents and all other process will be done under the company i registered with and i will meet with the company so we can discuss about the terms and regulations of how i can work with them and things i need to do, I will meet the company management tomorrow, the official documents such as award documents, certificate of award endorsement etc will commence later, they will provide me with that later.. This is just a formal notice later. I will from tomorrow to know how the plans and everything will be done... I love you and can not write much, I have to ensure, I am not dreaming.. I love you baby Allen J
Letter 8

Hi Baby, I am so happy that i am out of words and do not know what to say, I just want to thank God for this wonderful opportunity, I don't know why i was so confident, thanks so much for coming into my life and bringing this retirement good luck into my way, I bless you and bless everything we plan to do today and after..As you know the documents and all other process will be done under the company i registered with and i will meet with the company so we can discuss about the terms and regulations of how i can work with them and things i need to do, I will meet the company management tomorrow, the official documents such as award documents, certificate of award endorsement etc will commence later, they will provide me with that later.. This is just a formal notice later. I will from tomorrow to know how the plans and everything will be done... I love you and can not write much, I have to ensure, I am not dreaming.. I love you baby Allen J
Letter 9

Hello Baby I am done with my today activities and have been in two places thank God, tomorrow will be a free day so I am getting the full details, total cost, duration, site and packages in the documents i will be awarded on Friday, I have also submitted the certificate for the termination of the fixed deposit i made, I will also know on Friday if i will need to apply for loan depending on the total cost of everything after it has been divided 50/50 between me and the company, the agreement signing and award endorsement will commence on Friday, upon knowing the duration of the contract then i will fix plan with my lawyer on how to take over alongside the supervising of my project when we are about to see, meanwhile my house rent will be expiring by January so i have let the property owner that i won't be renewing my rent, they are happy that i did inform them earlier, so they will start now to be looking for another person who will take over, I am so happy and blessed to have this contract which i know that after the contract, I can afford any average house we can think of buying and possible future investment with you, most of it will be what we shall discuss when we see, Kennedy will be coming by month end or first week of next month, HOWEVER i will let you know.. Baby, sincerely speaking, I need to eat, i am so hungry now and my mail to you won't be as long as before, anyway find attach the document from the registrar, so the business name has been registered, the original documents will be authorized and approved later next week.. I love you and happy that each day that passes by, I feel we shall be closer soon and have some good life together, I can see the future for us already.. Bye angel of mine ALLEN J
Letter 10

Hello Baby Gladly, I am done with most of the paper works and everything including registering and documentations of the approved engineers who will work with me, I have discuss with my lawyer, I have insured the project today, and also from the documents issued to me, I have made a rough estimate of my part of the 50% it means I will seek for loan, I have called my Bank office and he scheduled me to meet with the Bank loan manager next week, I will go to the Bank first thing Monday morning to submit my loan application letter and hope it will go well, so how are you my baby, Hope you are doing great and hope that soon we can be together to achieve our aims and heart desires, I know you are still a bit confused about what my work is, how much time it will take and so many things, but the documents, I am sending right with this email will reveal everything to you including my company ID Card, you will understand so well after reading it all, Baby I want to be ur strengths and your weaknesses, I had 'The perfect day', I did all I was supposed to do, Then I dedicated the rest of my day, to thinking of You, and us, It makes me so happy to think that my prayer was finally answered, I have always wanted to have a partner who I could give my whole self to, Thank you for coming into my life baby, I want to share my life with u, I could give my mind body and soul to u, and u who would love me back in the same way, I lived my life in a very composed and seemingly content way, but I always had this one wish at the 'core of my being' Knowing all along that one day, it would happen, and that I will know it instantly, It happened, one evening as I least expected it to, You came into my life, out of the blue, from thousands of miles away, From the moment we start our online communication, I knew that You were the person, who I was meant to give my love to, for the rest of my life, This promise I make to You with every ounce of integrity that I have in Me, I will love you, adore you, honor you, and be your best friend and partner till the last breath I take, I will trust you, nurture you and do all I can to make you content, I will be there for you 'darling', till the end of time, I will always be yours to have and to hold, Till Death Do Us Part, TILL THE END OF TIME. I love you baby, This is all i can say and thank you for believing in me.. Allen J
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