Romance scam letter(s) from Gilbert Hill to Sandra (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Sandy, How are you doing? Thank you for responding to my personal email address, I am responding back to you through my personal work email address I get on here often so please respond back to me on here, My names are Gilbert Hill from Virgina, I'm a widower, I have one daughter, her name is Kelly and she's 33years old and a granddaughter Maria, she will turn 6years by 5th February, I am on the dating website seeking for my soul mate, I have been single for one and half years now, I'm Self-Employed, I am into Oil and Gas, I am open to relocate, I lost my father few years back, He was in the United State Army, I am the only child of my parent, My Birthday is May 15th, I have an accent when I speak,(I was brought up by my father in Jamaica)
I have live in VA for over twenty two years now, I was born in Miami, My mother is Spanish America while my father is an American, I am a mix race, let me cut the story short, I am originally from Miami, because that is where my father is from, I Like going to the Beach with my woman to Make her happy and talk romantic on the beach hold each other hands together and walk up and down the street to make her proud. Furthermore The most important qualities I am seek in my ideal woman is Honesty, I really cherish honesty so much in a relationship, and also reliable, loving and caring woman. Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end. (Forgive me if you think I am too forward) tell me more about yourself, I am going to put my profile on hold, I want to concentrate on getting to know you, attached is a photo of me. I will tell you more about me when you respond to this mail. Your New Friend.
Letter 2

Good Night My Queen
How are you doing? I hope that everything is good and stable,I did receive your message,I do understand the content of your message and I need for you to see that we have a life together ,I am very serious about LIFE and the things that are important to me.firstly GOD is the most important one in my life for without life would have no meaning! Secondly, family is important, and I have one piece of that family unit missing - that is a WIFE. I am seeking to make someone very happy - to enthrone her as my very QUEEN!!I am on the dating web searching for love,that we last for better for worse,I trust LOVE is so POWERFUL because it is God's most distinguishing characteristic,LOVE is the greatest of the fruits of spirit - even greater than joy, peace, long-suffering,kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, and self-control.I send you several pictures of me
Further more Don't get me wrong i am taken thing slow between you and I , my mother was the one who told me about the dating website,she said her girl friend son,just meant a nice lovely woman from the website and they about to get i am talking to a sweet woman like you.I do understand that you think I am moving way to fast I am just been honest with you because right from the moment I came across you from the dating website,My heart have been pounding I felt a very great connection between you and I,Your profile page was so simple for me to understand and the potential you process is what I am seeking for in a woman (smile)So don't misunderstand my letters to you.just pouring down my heart,I am not needing you to start calling me baby or love,if you don't sense or feel it inside you , When the right time should come,I will be pleased to hear it from you.I hope that I do make things clear to you,I have this culture in me on how to treat a woman like a Queen,Don't double date outside my marriage home ,To me it forbidden ,I respect my woman to the fullest and also believe every relationship should be 100% 100% independent ,There is something about you that is driving me crazy,I ask my self several time , what is this beautiful Queen doing to me ? I never believe in my wildest dream that i will find a someone online and fall for ,everything is possible.Have you had the word love at first sight ? If you understand where my feeling are coming from ,Thank you for understanding.
Your Man
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