Romance scam letter(s) from Eric Douglas to Diana (USA)
Letter 1

Thanks For the smile,I went through your profile and I must confess that you indeed do have a very lovely profile and smile.
I would love to know more about you if you don't mind,
Please tell me more about yourself.
Merry Christmas David
Letter 2

You seems to have a great personality which is what really caught my attention.I love the way you express yourself and the things you wrote up here about yourself.I would love to use this medium to tell you more things about myself so you may get a better understanding of who I am and the man behind this profile My name is David and I am a gentle man with so much passion in my heart,I'm a creative,artistic,loving and affectionate man in search of a woman for a serious relationship which has actually led me coming over this dating website.I do have a lovely daughter that means so much to me. I am not into games and hope for the same in a potential mate that we will be relating to each other with tender love and emotional nurturing in the future. Enjoying the gift of Life... By celebrating one another in words, deeds, and contented smiles. I enjoy best the simple pleasures of life, I am a confident, articulate, educated, successful professional that is seeking an exceptional partner in life. I am good looking, adventurous and a romantic individual that enjoys: walking out, music, movies, laughter, dining out and spontaneous travel. I want a woman that I can trust without question and who can trust me the same, love me for me and I will Love her for her person. A woman who will love me from the bottom of her heart, Someone that we would be like two vases of water poured into one larger and more beautiful vase, in which we would be one. Holding each other, breathing each other, tasting each other as we watch the sun rise and set in each others arms. Laughing, crying, singing, praying, going to Church together, playing, working together to make life fun and safe for each other, and most especially someone that will fill that vacuum in my heart infinitely.
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