Romance scam letter(s) from Jack Redd to Anita (Holland)
Letter 1

Dearest Anita, Good morning my dear Anita Thank you for your beautiful letter i am happy to read from you with great pleasure. I pray for you On this rising day, I wish to you the best of things that can happen to someone. As for me, it already did -- you, in my life! What else could I desire for myself? Only to keep my desire for you! Dear, I feel plenty of beautiful feelings inside my heart for you. I think it will be a pleasure to share them with you. You know , There are things in life that are inevitable. Nobody has power to control them. The sun will rise and set, the tide will come in and go out, the seasons will change, and the caterpillar will transform itself into a beautiful butterfly. But this feeling i have developed for you in this few days is beyond my imagination. I can't even concentrate anymore at work .
I'm impressed with your correspondence. Thanks! I’m grateful for your effort.
Let me share with you about my life and job which I don’t talk about; I see you as someone I can trust and confide in.About my work, I am the director of operation in the ship, I control signal and supervises the technical works. I work 16 hours from Mondays to Fridays, Saturday and Sunday are my leisure days when I have the time to sleep after a longed busy week. I design, operate, maintain, and repair the mechanical systems of ships. Working closely with the architect who designs the ship structure, .I am specialize in certain kinds of equipment such as pumps, engines, gears, heaters, or deck machinery. Other engineers on board deal largely with one area of a ship's functions, such as lubrication. I also inspect to make sure that the equipment works properly before the ship is launched. or in the repairing and maintenance of a ship when it is in dry dock. I am sometimes responsible for installing equipment in ships. I supervise the crews that install electrical equipment and Other engineers that are in charge of the building, heating and cooling systems to protect the cargo. So for this, i am always busy to the extent i only have two day to rest. Well, My life has been so boring, suffering and crumbling. I am from Northern Ireland and I live at Heswall United like you may know before. I got married before June 4th 1992. I was married to a German woman named; Cristine Marlyne. She was from Hamburg Germany and she was an engineer too an architect by profession; after my marriage, we stayed for four years before we start having children. Unfortunately, we miscarriage our two first children; and the doctor told us that she cannot give birth because of some circumstances; Perhaps, she was so upset wanted to end her life arguably, I came up with an idea of adopting children. But she opposed the idea of adoption and then, we tried our best again and she got pregnant for the third time we were both optimistic, hoping and praying to God for miracles . God so kind, she put to birth a baby girl and the baby was alive. And we had the baby on the 8th of April 2004. And she named her Jacynta....which means in gaelic my (Treasure)

I’m the only child of my late parents. My dad died on October 22nd 1987 and my Mum March 6th 1997. After given birth, we lived together as a happy family until this day! May 2nd 2008 she went to Moscow, Russia for her vacation and intended to spend a week there. But the third day in Moscow, I had an emergency call that my wife had an accident while driving with a friend but she has been rushed to the hospital. Perhaps, before I could get to Moscow, my wife was no more. Well, it was so painful and I vowed to stay strong and work hard for my daughter to survive. We are sailing from port London to Australia. At this moment, we are at the Port Gienk to take other goods going to Korea, Thailand and China before my final destination Australia. This journey is said to take 5 weeks. Probably, we shall arrive in Australia before the second week in September. So when I arrive in Pert Western Australia, I will wait for the containers to be unloaded. So the following days I will buy some oil in metal drums and load them in the ship and fly to Mexico for my business trip with an oil company which I already had contract agreement to supply them. Because I want resign in my company. I want to live my againg life with the only family I have left which is my daughter; She needs me the most in her live. I don't want her to suffer that's why i'm suffering to make her life stable. About my daughter: she is at Moffats Queens boarding School back in the United Kingdom. The school takes care of her while I’m aboard. We don't spent most the time together because of the nature of my Job. This is one of the major reason why I'm thinking of resigning soon to spend more time her. Please always pray for me and the rest crew members. Thank you for appreciating me. Here is my number +44(7) 012 926 684 try and call me or send me sms here +44(7) 999 315 979 ( Until i read from you again with love. Cheers

Letter 2

Madam, Your mail is received and we are still waiting for your remittance confirmation by our chief accountant may be it will take three (3) working days we expect to receive an information from him stating that your remittance has been confirmed so that we can commence delivery of your shipment by your husband... Best Regards,
Nora Wong
Letter 3

Good day Madam,
We write to inform you that we have not still receive an alert regarding your remittance; Please can you kindly go to your bank and confirm if the fund was transferred? Because your remittance was supposed to take (3) working days to arrive here in Malaysia and as it is now, it's more than 3 days. Please confirm from your bank if the money was wired to the account information given to you. Your shipment ought to have been delivered to you within 24hours of arrival. Please confirm; Thank you for your co-operation. As we await your response, we anticipates a meaningful service to you. Sincerely,
Nor Wong
Letter 4

ATTENTION:Doris Anita, We write to inform you that we couldn't depart Malaysia Airport today matters as regards the delivery of your shipment.You had wanted to put this company and yourself into a serious problem if not because of the quick intervention of the General manager and beside you would have lost your shipment.This company does not transfer/deliver money,we only deliver goods and services.You would have told us the content of your shipment is money otherwise we know how to escape the customs.We have done it for our customers when they declare the content to us and the company will declare it as company fund for investment Our delivery officers were highly embarrassed at the Malaysia International airport. A scanning was carried out by the customs and immigration and it was discovered that what you have in your shipment is a lot of money. I have a personal relationship with you and besides, I am a Father and at least you would have put me in confidence otherwise you had wanted to put yourself in serious problem both here and in Holland, they would charge you for money laundry and other related offenses like sponsoring terrorism and you know fully well what is happening around Asia now. However,after much negotiations with the top custom officials and the company management,they told us that before they could release your shipment to us that we should give them your personal information.We refuse because we know the implication and given them your information means you will be in serious problem and our customers are our first priority. After much deliberations, They told us we must produce or obtain International monetary transfer certificate and Anti-Drug / terrorist certificate before they could release the shipment to us for delivery to you. We have contacted the relevant authority here in Malaysia to issue us the certificates because we do not want any further problem and was told it will cost you 3,750 Euros for the issuance of these certificates. Please adhere to this mail and act fast so that your shipment will be released to us and freed from all the offenses like sponsoring terrorism Etc...... We are still there now and please get back to us as soon as possible

Yours at your service,
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