Romance scam letter(s) from Alexander Blair to Denise (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hello Baby,
I seem to have a problem with the Parcel i sent to Capetown at the OR Tambo International Airport. I just received Email and Phone call consigning the Parcel and attached is the Details and Email i received. Please Honey see if you can help me on this,the content of it is important and am worried. Would talk to you in a bit... Love............Jose
Letter 2

Hello Angel, How are you and hope you had a wonderful new year eve,i spent mine here with Audrey as we had to go to church and to have some prayers for the next year. I feel more glad that i am entering the new year with the love from you in my heart,this means a lot to me. I feel so renewed like a new baby,coming back. I have been able to fax the Payment Notification and i have just received Email that based on the holiday on 1st of January the Parcels would only be released the next day. Also here is a break down of my flight as i just received the final booking for my flight from Johannesburg to PE on Sunday Morning. I land South Africa from London 07:30AM 5th On Sunday after leaving London 18:05 PM 4th Night. I leave Toronto 4th Morning Central Canada Time so i arrive London 16:00 PM 4th. Find attached all flight bookings...Canada to London,London to O R Tambo and then Mango Airline to PE. Arrival Time at PE is 11:40 AM. I just want to say i miss,you take some sleep now just got to my place after a long day,we had to take Audrey for routine check up and then to church. Talk to you in the Morning. HAPPY NEW YEAR MY ANGEL Love........Jose
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