Romance scam letter(s) from Eric Smith to Beverley (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hello Dear....
Well my dear I'm Raph Kneip.a soldier and I have been in the army of nearly 29 years .. and I have been in Afghanistan to maintain peace missions around 4 years, so I plan to resign in the army so you can meet someone that I love and I will come home next two months, and I do not mind the distance or age, because the distance is a shape and age is also a number.All is about who can make you happy and confident in you and treat you like a queen. Well I'm the only son of my late parents.I am a widow with one child only Jeff.He call is a good boy and I love him so much .. He is 14 years old.All my dream was to have a sister and brothers, but is that not all dreams come true... Well, i want you to know that you are the only woman am writing to and am kind with you..Know ones know more about me only you after reading this message..I am 59 and survive on my own financially. I love friends and family, I am a lot of fun and make friends easily. I love life, love my family and still have some love to share with a special lady. Life can be lonely without that someone...I am a person who is very real when it comes to life and its' issues. Am honest,kind caring,affectionate,good sense of humor,easy going,free thinker,trustworthy and respect the lives of other people.....I'm a man that is living life as it comes to me. I don't worry about tomorrw, for it will be here no matter what I do. The best days of my life are yet to looking for someone who will love and care about me for a long time relationship that can lead to marriage. Although I would consider myself a romantic, I don't believe that life is about the "grand passion." In reality it is more about comfortable comrade. I am a really fun person who loves people, loves to laugh....
I'm excited to see new places, meet new people and do new things.I'm not a fighter and I don't argue, life's too short but I do value friendship and intimacy. Respect is one of the most important requisites in a relationship, as are honesty and commitment. I enjoy going out to dinner, movies, walks, and quiet times. I love nature, enjoy learning, and have a deep respect and love for children. I'm fascinated with the world and different cultures and would enjoy learning more about them....I love to laugh and like being around people with a good sense of humor. I also appreciate people who are different and even quirky. They're usually interesting...I want to meet someone who is kind and enjoyable to be with.I know love takes time and am in no hurry. I have the rest of my life, that should be enough time ..She would have to be a woman of integrity, honest, confident, kind and with a sense of humor. Needless to say an intelligent woman who is able to converse on several subjects without getting into passionate arguments all the time. very affectionate,easy going,understands,trustworthy,family oriented and supportive. she should be fun-loving and love to laugh... I have been through a hardship time in a relationship. I think we all don't want to be hurt anymore in our lives. I have been a single parent for 6years now. I love life and would like to live it to the fullest,but its not all that easy without someone to share those life experiences with. I think two heads are better than one. I have lived in UK ever since i was brought up here by my late uncle to stay with him and help in his Military interruption after finishing High School and to a local community collage to improve more on my English accent............ Am employed, As a soldier in the army. I have been in the army for 29 years now. I inherited it from my uncle. I was born and raised in UK,so i would like to say am British, as my mother comes from UK and my father comes from Germany. Talking about my family background am the only son of my late parents.....
It's not all that easy meeting that rightful woman with all those qualities which I'm dreaming off, I love friends and family...I am a very sincere person who laughs easily, loves to tease and be teased and who communicates openly and honestly...I believe in honor, manners, ethics and treating people with respect and look for the same qualities in my friends. I also have a quiet side and am quite content staying home especially if I have someone to snuggle up with. I pride myself in being independent both emotionally and financially. I have reached the point where I am looking for someone who is open to a new friendship and maybe even a committed relationship...Am not just loking for someone to be with or just a one night stand but a partner who will be there for me and my son, who will be very loving, honest, caring and committed to home, marriage and family...I love to watch TV sports rather than participate. I love wrestling. I want to travel the US visit all of the states and do things in each state. I love to go to the theater and see Broadway musicals. I love animals not snakes and reptiles though I have a puppy that I love. I want to be with close friends. I want to have romantic dinners. be with the person I love, snuggling. Love to play around on the computer and learn things. I care about the wildlife. I want to travel to Germany,Spain and take a cruise. I like to do crafts an appreciate things that are home made. I love eating out. I like country music..I would like a partner who likes to travel and enjoys going to the movies and concerts. I do think it's important for partners to have individual interests that their partner respects.That will share life with it's routines, adventures, highs and lows. Will plan with me for our future and to grow old together. Taking a long walk together along the person habits are,Punctuality, kindness, good listener, loyalty, caring,cleanliness, love of learning, willing to try new things, explore, listen, communicate...and in general just being committed and dear is,Finding my soul mate and live happily ever after, if there is such a thing or it maybe wishful thinking. I want to find that special woman to share my life with. I know that there is a kind, warm and genuine woman who could be my very best friend and I look forward to meeting her. I have a pretty great life right now, but I think it could be even better with a friend and partner to travel with me on the rest of life's journey! That will be a dream to come true!....I hate to be with someone who is constantly unhappy about their life. Someone who is cocky and overly interested in their physical appearnce. Someone who engages in sex outside a committed relationship and impatient to people in any situation. The best thing in life can never be kept; they must be given away to someone so special and they are a smile,a kiss and love... I think am writing too much huh ! Well tell me more about you too? Well hope to hear from you soon..Take very good care of your self and try to tell me all about your self because i have nothing to hide from you..stay bless.kiss and hugs... Always Care.

Raph xxxxx
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