Scam Email(s) from George Summer to Irina (Russia)


Letter 1

my dear why are you doing this to me please come online i have fix my camera for you to see me now .
and we have to talk now please my queen come over now

Letter 2

this is the woman's address below:





you have to send it through Western Union or MoneyGramm
Thanks my lovely queen.

Letter 3

My Wife Irina,

Thanks for the mail and understanding. I am very shocked after reading this letter you received direct from the customs authority in London.
I must confirm that you have tried so much for me and i will forever be grateful to you until i die Honey. Please i understand your points very well but we cannot allow these custom men to have their way in performing the 100 % inspection because of 7,500 Pounds, I advise you to look for a soft loan and promise whoever that can assist a handsome interest rate between today and tomorrow.

Sweetheart, the sum of 7,500 Pounds is a whole lot of money and if you said you don't have it in your saving, I will believe you but if you tell me that you cannot be able to take a soft loan of this amount to pay back as soon as you take delivery of this luggage, knowing fully well what you are expecting from the luggage, My dear i will not believe you. I have to be very honest with you. I am offering you the sum of ($100,000 USD) from the total money as soon as diplomat hand it over to you in your city.

Now I want you to go all out to borrow this money and transfer it to the customs provided account today or tomorrow so that our package will be released to agent for him to take any available flight to join you in Russia. I know it will be somehow difficult but you really need to do it for our sake. My reputation and that of diplomat is at a stake even you. You know what it means if the real contents is revealed ! I am very sorry if i have pushed you to the wall, but i have to be very sincere to you as my would be wife.

Meanwhile i have e-mailed Agent Abudu to ask them for more time to enable us sort out this issue. I want you to be strong and see this as last minute test and challenge to our love and we must not allow the enemy to have it's way. It is well and i have the believe that Agent Abudu will be able to buy more time from the customs.

Honey, This $100,000 dollars which you will collect from the briefcase as soon as diplomat hand it over to you is to settle back all your expenditure and borrowing avenue concerning this transaction my love.
I will quickly send you my 6 digits secret code to open the box then access it and take $100,000 dollars from there immediately diplomat arrives in your city then you keep the rest for me.

I look forward to your positive urgent response.

Your Beloved Husband
Brian Perris
Worried & Sad.

Letter 4

My Dearest Wife,

Good Morning and how are you ? I hope you are fine and doing great !
Well at long last the war is over and i am back to Kabul, alive , healthy and victorious, although we lost so many of our men in the war, may their soul rest in perfect peace Amen. We have succeeded in setting the innocent children free and made away with the Taliban's guns and all their weapons.

I am so happy and glad whenever i remember that my mission has ended and that very soon will come to meet with you face to face in Russia.
My retirement letter has been approved and endorsed and so i will be leaving Kabul Afghanistan finally by Last week of September to Russia for our first and formal official meeting.

Honey, I know that we have not known our self very well or been together in person, but i want to let you know that i have been praying about our relationship and at last i have received the true revelation that we are destined to be together to spend the rest of our life together in true love, peace and happiness.

The one i love, i received a letter from the diplomat complaining that you are not comply with him and you said that someone called you from Moscow and Sankt - Petersburg, i want you to know that the agent which i sent to you is in Ukraine not in Moscow or Sankt - Petersburg. So nobody is calling you in Moscow or Sankt - Petersburg maybe it is network problem. Please try to comply with the person helping the agent to communicate with you to enable everything moves fine because i will not like to lose you and also lose the money my love.

Please do your possible best to comply with them and receive the money in Russia honey.

A lots of kisses and hugs.

Sincerely Yours,
I kiss you tenderly & Hug
Your Husband Brian.

Letter 5

Hello Madam
Your man is in the custody of the Belgian Immigration Service,for carrying a 50 kilo worth of 24 karat gold with the market worth of ?1,573,441.83 without a legal documentation.under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act(“Act”) has changed a number of laws in all of the securities acts
including the Commodity Exchange Act. Two specific changes deal with certain transactions in commodities on the spot market. Specifically,Section 742 of the Act deals with retail commodity transactions. In this section, the text of the Commodity Exchange Act is amended to include new Section 2(c)(2)(D) (dealing with retail commodity transactions) and new Section 2(c)(2)(E) (prohibiting trading in spot forex with retail investors unless the trader is subject to regulations by a Federal regulatory agency, i.e. CFTC, SEC, etc.).
And under the belgian law your man has the right to contact any member of his family.we try to contact you but unfortunatly you dont speak Nederlands or good English,so that is why your man has given us your email to explain to you what is going on,because he said he is heading to your destination.
you can contact us back for furtherinfomation.

yours faithfully
Jolien smith
signaturer OBIC
Jean-Pascal Labille

Letter 6

Hello love,
My wish for you is that you could feel all the passion and love that I carry around in my heart and soul for you. You have won my love and soul. You have gotten it all, even my heart. You make me feel like I am in heaven in the arms of an Angel. You and I have an amazing relationship,I see that I can only love you more and more every day, You're my inspiration each and every day. You are what keeps me going when I just want to give up. You are my meaning for life and love now. I love the way that you love me,
And also i will wish to join everywhere you will go so that no man will take you away from me because you are the reason why i live now .
Yours love

Letter 7

This is the lawyer's address below:

Name:Patrick samara kodjoe

Street: Drongensesteenweg 146

State: Gent

Zip code:9000


Letter 8

How the morning brighten the dark nights. How the moon brings shining light. Yet these, through the passing of time, dim when compared to this hope of mine...How a dream vanishes in the morning and a wish is only the hearts desire,where they are easily broken, shattered or they fail. Only hope for true love shall cannot be kept at bay, less for doubt, that pushes away, My dearest, my love, my soul so longs for your precious love. To the ends of the earth are but minor obstacles. For my eyes may not see, my heart will always follow after you. Remember always that I am here. Your skin, your bones, your body may be far away, but your love is not where you are...I love you today as I have from the start and I'll love you forever with all of my heart. You truly are the one God meant for me. You are the air that I breath, the sun that shines on my face, the food that feeds me, and the spirit that sets my soul on fire. You are my loving man forever and always.I love you this I know for sure. You are my hope, my dreams and all my wishes rolled up in one