Romance scam letter(s) from David Valentino to Susan (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Sue,

Thanks so much for stoping by to send me an email before meeting your friend Casey.. I so much appreciate your effort in making sure that this grow because constant communication is what we need for now and am sure we are doing that which makes me feel that we are progressing...

I am so happy to know that you are not worried about my accent and i really hope we can find happiness within ourselves and become great as a partner if God willing.. Though it has not been easy for me to move down here from Italy because i did a lot of work in learning English, but thanks to my friend Aaron who put me through so many things.. I met Aaron in Italy back then when he has to travel down to Italy because of his work, he understand Italian but not much, but atlease we can communicate.. He was one that advise i attend a English class which really help me.. Aaron is in Iraq right now and it really been a long time since i hear from me because he is always busy but he does email once a while.. He is just a wonderful person and i appreciate him for his help when i first came down to the state... I understand that some men can be so rude on the dating site, but i thank God that things is really moving on fine between us.. I am just a simple person and very outgoing... I don't pretent not to be what am not, am very out spoken and easy for me to express my emotions.. I know it will be so good to hear each other's voice and i promise to call you this weekend, i have save your number on my phone and i can call you anytime but i pray you are home to answer the call.. I will so much appreciate it if you will be willing to help me understand much more about English, i believe that will be a great idea, and thank so much for that..

I understand the fact that you daughter want you to be happy in findind the right man, and i hope we can become a great partner because there is nothing more that i seek for at this age than to find my last love and settle down for good.. There is one moment in your life when you are with someone and you feel like the world has stopped and your life seems so perfect, make sure you never lose that person and to be honest with you i really want you to give me a chance in your heart and let me fill your lonliness with love and understanding.. I promise you will never regret your step and action if i could be the man to love and to care for you always.. I know there is distance betwee us, but am sure we are going to meet because i don't mind coming down there if something happen between us and also explore interest.. Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can't make a rainbow without a little rain... Happiness is knowing that somewhere there is someone who only cares for you, someone who will pick you up when you fall, someone who only knows you, who will hold you when you cry and embrace you when you smile; happiness is when you know that person is just for you, and all this i want to share with you...

I wanted to reply the message you sent to me Yesterday, but i found out that you have email me with another Novel lol.. I guess i will be putting my response in one place, that way it will be much more easier for us to keep the communication going.. Am happy to know that you had a nice time wih your friend.. I am so happy that i have set a high standard for you to reject some matches because of me.. You place me high and i so much appreciate you for that.. Kisses on your chick for that lol... Yes i love animal but i have known for now.. I love beeing around animal and i found them interesting but not wired animal's LOL... Is good to know that you have a cat, what is the cat's name and i hope the cat will like me when we finally be together one day if that is in your plan as it is for me... I think Dog don't like to be alone for so long but cat can because they have a way of making themself happy and their sound is always great when they see you around again... I love watching car shows but i have never watch any for quite a long time now, i only watch when they are showing it on TV, and i believe with you we can go watch someday if you will be willing to take me LOL.. I swim a lot and i enjoy the water so much, but i don't know how much you love to swim.. Do you have a pool in your house??

I believe the secret behind my profile is that i have come to discover the kind of man that i am.. Despite my English, i believe i can put what i want in life and in relationship to words.. I am just open minded and staright forward.. My profile is still viewable of BBP but i have stop my payment on there before i want ti focus my attention on you a lot and i don;t want anyone to contact me.. If you go on BBP and try to send me a message you will understand what am saying.. If am going to watch movie with you, i think i rather watch love stories and i might want you to get scared and hold me so tight through out the movie by chossen HORRO Movie... LOL.. Aarom like War movie but am not always interested about that..

I love your kind of movie and i know for sure that we are going to be great.. Have you seen this movie SPATACUS AND ROME? Am sure you will love them.. Sue, i really want to ask you a question but i don't know how you are going to take this because its what i really want.. Can i be the man to love and care for you?? Please let me know what you feel about this and i wish you are wonderful rest.. Looking forward to read again soon..


Hugs and Kissess..

Letter 2

Hello Sue, I forgot to send the picture.. Here you go.. Bye
Letter 3

You have trusted me so much by accepting to loan me $3,000 which i will surely pay back for sure because am a man of my word and i will always keep to my promises.Hello My Perfection,

First of all i am so happy to have receive your email.. I want you to know that am not upset in anyway that you did not get in contact with me because i know how hurt you are when i ask you for a help.. . Money is the route of all evil and i never wanted that to come in between us.. I am working in stress and thinking a lot, but that doesn't mean i will put all my problem on you because i know how things are going for you over there.. I was just hurt because you wanted me to lose the total sum of $50,000 just because i am having a problem of $5,000.. Honey this is something i will never do honestly because i am a business man and i know what it takes to lose such amount of money.. You might not understand my love because you are not in my line of business but i do appreciate you so much as i know you are just trying find a way out for me.. I was so worried and could not think clearly when i ask you for the help of $5,000 when i know is much for you, but i was expecting you to at least tell me to find a way out or look for another place where i can get a cheaper Generator that i needed and making sure the capacity and power supply is exactly what i needed which i have already done when i was able to think straight.. Honey i know you work so hard for money and honestly things are tight everywhere, but do you ever think i will get upset with you because of money issue?? My dear susu that will never happen, the love i have for you is more than that.. I just appreciate that you were able to help me when i needed the help but honestly i have found a renter company that rent it out in a cheap price that is if you care to know and want to consider to help me in anyway, but if you are not ready my love i will keep to myself but always remember i love you from the depth of my heart..

You did not lead me thinking you have so much money or what so ever.. I accepted you because we understand each other and we love each other so much and also you are a beautiful woman and adorable.. My love for you has never reduce but increase each and everyday because i never for once get you out of my thought.. I cry each and everyday that passes by because my financial problem create the distance between us.. I decided not to send you text message because i don't want you to get more upset and say something you will regret later on.. I believe now that you decided to e-mail me, you are a little bit calm and i do appreciate you for that.. I do check my e-mail each and everyday that is why i found you message and did not than to click on the reply in a minute before i decided to read it because it has been what i have been anticipating.. I love you so much my susu and i want you to know that.. Honey i have never change my plan about you coming to pick me up at LAX unless you don't want that to happen and i know you wont want that to happen.. Honey this might be hard to say honestly but find a way to help me out for the last time, you money will be available to you when am back in the state because i know you needed it to get something done also..

Work has not stop because of this situation of going through because i have to create a room where by they wont notice anything with the work.. The crew are nice and everyone is working and things are progressing.. I will stop here for now my love and look forward to read from you soon.. I love you so much my love and that has never for once change..

Hugs and Kisses..


Letter 4

Hello My Perfection..

First of all i want to say a very Big thank you for your help and support.. Honey when i read your message, i could not hold back the tears in my eyes because i know you love me deeply and i do the same.. Honestly i don't like the idea of selling your things because you wanted to help me and i know for sure you don't like it as well but in this case there is nothing we could do.. I love you so much for trying my love, you are very wonderful and i want to promise you that i will never let you down.. The help you are trying to render for me is what you finds so hard to do for yourself with the money pit you, that is your house i was trying to say.. Honey i am just short of words but all i could say is thank you, i can never thank you enough for your help and support.. I pray that everything went well pretty soon so that you could help me out so that i can come home with you and have a wonderful weeks with you.. I need you so very much my love, i want to cuddle you right now and whisper to your ear how much i love you..

As for my status, i want you to know that i am very intelligent when it comes my work.. My status is great and so far i have been able to handle things... The work would have been complete last week, but with the situation of things, i told the company that awarded the contract to me that i have to fix some cables to make sure that the job i did is great and they have no choice than to believe me because is my profession and they know am good at it.. The workers has done a very great job and we so much understand each other in teams of working.. Honey the people am owing is the company i took the Generator from.. I was support to rent a generator worth of $5,000 but i did talk to them to understand my situation, that is why they brought out a Generator that is more cheaper but have a high power voltage.. Honey after paying this money i will be on my way to LAX and send you my flight details..

Honey i am not concerned that you are asking many question.. You are so worried about me and you want to know how am doing that is why you ask the question which i so much understand.. Yes i am still staying in Government quarters because the contract is still valid since i am still working on the real estate.. Honey you have gone far in helping me and i do appreciate you for that.. I will never be thankful enough for this big help.. I love you so much sweetie, i will like to end this message for now..


Much love..

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