Romance scam letter(s) from Wesley William to Anne (UK)
Letter 1

i hope you will like them
Letter 2

I'm KELVIN FLINKS, I was born and raise in TEXAS, United States... my parents met at the University... It was what I was told.. Speaking of my family am the only son of my deceased parents.That reminds me of a good and beautiful family, we were together in the United States
I lived in TEXAS since I was raised here by my deceased uncle to stay with him and to contribute to its military interruption after completing high school in TEXAS and study mechanical engineering in a collage of local communities in TEXAS... I entered later in the Royal Military Academy, Sandhog, Berkshire when I was 21 years and graduated in 1970 as a Sergeant.Shortly after commissioning, I then got an educational leave to promoted my education defense Intelligence, sponsored by the military at the Ross University... I have also been in and out of Kristine US that this Camp is where I had the post of colonel and it is where most of the generals in each army are trained.
I was in the army for 29 years and I have been to many bases of. TEXAS City to work as well, the Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq,... and believe me I have seen and experienced in the and I will never regret joining the army.
I love life, I love my family and still have a little love to share with a lady special. Life can be alone without anyone... I am a person who is very true when it comes of life and its 'issues.I wouldn't start much but everyone has a goal to join the dating site. I do not ask for nothing rather than committed United and happy with someone special relationship. Always thank God for having given me a girl with whom I live the rest of my life. I'm not a fighter and I do not pretend, life is too short, but I do value friendship and intimacy.Respect is one of the most important requirements in a relationship, as are honesty and commitment... I believe that one of us had in mind to meet someone special online, but it just happened with our description of the personality to the learning of a few thing about each other.I'm ready to fall in love with someone special that never happens to be. . There are few qualities that speaks of real woman in relationship, such as fidelity, loyalty, trust, honesty, friendly etc I guess having these qualities in relationship can really help a lot. I'm not looking to fill a void in my life, I am looking for my soul mate. I myself am very easy going, even tempered consider.
I like cooking and a perfect evening would be to decide on a superb menu and cooking together sipping a good glass of red wine and great music. I very much appreciate the type of music ranging from jazz easy listening to classical music in the land of the West in particular Ian Tyson.I love having adventures, large or small, and I'm looking for someone to share with them. I look towards the future with hope and would like to create a relationship based on respect, understanding, trust and love. Looking for a relationship with longevity and not just something ends in a blink of an eye. I have a great sense of humor and can bomber out to make a nice sad day....I hope to hear from you and send me more of your photos....
Letter 3

Thank you very much for your email...well i do like all what you wrote about you and i want you to tell me more about you personal life and what kind of man you are looking for ...I like all your photos and you are so beautiful...plaese try and creat the skype so that we can chat and see aech other...take care and stay bless.. i hope to get ypur reply soon...
Letter 4

Thank you for your email and how your sleep last night and it my pleasure getting to know you more and see what time wil hold for us, it a bit suprising because i have never been on the dating site before and this is my first experience...
well talking about my family,i was the only child of my late parents and that remember the happily family i was in by then ,my parents were so proud of me and i never lack anything by then , but unfortunately i lost both of them through a terrible accident at the age of 9 years..
and i was taking care by my uncle who helped me in the military uncle was so nice to me and he plays his role well towards me..
my dad was an american and my mum came from spain . they met at the university and they got marriage in Texas...
my mum came from a place call Valencia in spain and hope you might know there..
i can speak little spanish but cannot write and hope you may teach me more one
well i have been a widower for the past 5 years now , i lost my wife out of breast cancer ,, my late wife really suffered of that, she was so nice to me . we understood each other and there was happiness . so i will commend my past relationship was so perfect and i am seeking for such a relationship again
Life became so hard for us both my son and i after her lost because that time there was no one to help and also my son was just 9 and half years but i manage as a man ...
Now my son is taking care by a caretaker in Texas since i have been away and life is very hard here at the moment..
i have been here for almost 7 month now and will be leaving here very soon...
my son do miss me so much as i do miss him also ..talking of my work , i do like my work so much because i have help so many people and also serve my coutry as well ...
i have been in my work for almost 31 years now and soon will be retiring thats why i join the dating site for a serious woman who is loving,caring, honest and with a good sense of humor to come and spend the rest of my life with..
this is little about my family and wife....
i am hoping you get the skype account today because that is fast and we can even see each other as well if you want..
take care of yourself .
yours friend..
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