Romance scam letter(s) from Joe Merlin Williams to Katherine (USA)
Letter 1


My day was great, today is looking like we are going to end the day very late but I thank God for his mercies and love. I thought you said there was no school until Tuesday, what did you have to go and fix in school. I hope you enjoyed your dinner? What did you have for dinner? What is your favorite meal if I may ask?

I loved the way you told me about yourself, the outline was very straight forward that I have no questions to ask and I see that we have a lot in common as I am also of European origin, My Father is from Switzerland and my Mum is Irish, I was born in Auburn Atlanta here in the states but had my elementary through to high school in Zurich Switzerland, I had my first degree in Austin, University of Texas, My MBA (Finance) in University of Phoenix and PhD in Austin, UT in Information Technology. I have lived in Texas, Georgia, California and now New York, I love Watertown so much because it is small like where you live, crime free and the people there are nice. My parents are also in Heaven. I like your dream towards life, I am thinking of retiring soon, live in a small town with a wonderful person God provides for me and enjoy life till the end. I am the only child of my parents, I have a daughter who is a Medical Doctor in Zurich, Switzerland, she is doing her residency in Heamatology. My late wife lost her life in 2008 to an auto accident, I miss her but I thank God that he has given me the courage to move on and at the same time, I bless his holy name that I met someone that I can write to and tell her about myself and how I feel.

I am very sorry about your marriages, well, it is obvious that God is your strength and love because reading from you makes me even stronger and I see that there is a better purpose for my life. Your second marriage is must have been very hurtful, having a Man doing all of that, I do not think you should have spent a minute with him, well, I understand that you had your vows and that was why you fought that long. So, when do you think your divorce will be final? I am happy that you have a lot strength, I see that I will get a lot of courage from you and I am certain that meeting you was a plan by God because the way we met and chatted, I do not understand, I was online just to check and leave because I was working but chatting with you was so wonderful that I did not want to stop, it was like we were sitting on a round table and I was looking into your eyes, that was the way it felt. You did not scare me off, you made me more attracted because I love honesty and being opened which you are. So, I want to know more and more about you as I am very sure that you have a wonderful heart.

Your view towards life is beautiful. I have used just 2 weeks on the site and I wish to meet someone who has the fear of the lord first of all and then knows the values of being a wife, I am going to do the same to her, treat her as a woman, respect, love, provide and protect, while I need love, care, trust and honesty. I was persuaded by my daughter to get in Christianmingle, she told me that she is sure I am going to meet a god Christian and a wonderful person unlike going to the bar or other social media sites where you can meet a wrong person who wants you because of what you are and not who you are. I want to meet someone that I can love, trust and care for which I am glad that you have made that clear in your second to the last paragraph.

Thanks for being honest, I appreciate it so much, it is wonderful. I will like to know
What you mean by the mistakes you made? I just want to hear from you as it will be a lesson I can pass across to someone who needs an advice, for instance, my daughter. I have also made mistakes too in life, well, I think I was lucky about marriage though but she did not last. I pray that God has brought you into my life forever, well, "time will tell" I want to make you understand that there is nothing that you feel you want to tell me that you can't. I will like to go back to work now, I will love to hear more from you and any questions you feel you want to ask me, you can go ahead. Thanks for the kiss and hugs, I am sending you kisses too. Joe
Letter 2

Hello, How are you doing? I am in Syracuse Airport now, I have an urgent job in Distrito Federal, Mexico by Monday so I have to be there tonight to get settled and do what needs to be done. I am very sorry that I cannot reply your wonderful e mail yet but I promise to reply your e mail as soon as I am settled in Mexico. This just came up all of a sudden and I have to leave, I should not use more than a week there and then I will be back to Watertown. Please, I want you to know that I have you in my mind and I appreciate your e mails, they make my heart heart beat fast and it is a good feeling. I want you not to give up on us as I will be busy for the next 2 - 3 days before I can give you the wonderful reply I have in my mind. How are you doing? I will love if you do not hesitate to continue keeping in touch with me. Thanks dear.
Letter 3

Hello, Thanks a lot for the loving e mails, please I need you to hold on to us as I know that we have the strong connection together and nothing will take that away from my mind and heart. I just got access to Internet now so I said I should drop you another note that I am thinking about you with strong feelings that I like, seeing my e mail today with your e mails almost made tears come out from my eyes because it has been a while I have had a feeling of care from someone I hold special in my mind, I hold you special. I am working on an Health Information Systems here in a hospital, getting computers, connectivity wires, network connections and a database for health care/health statistics and coding connectivity. I will tell you more later. I promise that I will reply your e mails when I have settled the major stress of this job. I will answer all your questions and trust me I have questions for you too lol. I miss us and thanks for making me know that you are worth it. xoxoxo. Talk to you later. Please be patient with me, by Wednesday, I will be very free. I will love to talk to you over the phone then. I should be back to Watertown by next week Friday. Stay loved and blessed. I am sorry that my e mail is clumsy, just said I should rush this. God bless
Letter 4

Hello, How are you doing? I am sorry that I have not replied your lovely e mails all this time, it is not because I do not want to reply it, I am in a very difficult situation now and I do not want to bore you with what is wrong with me. I am intrigued by your strength, I read all your e mails today and I knew that you are a very positive person. I want to know more about you, have a relationship with you that can grow and make both of us happy that we met each other. I know it was God that led the both of us to the computer that very day, we connected and I had a strong peace in my mind, may be this is God's will/test for me so that I can be strong and know that he has provided someone for me that will stay during the rough times in my life and also the good. Sweetheart, I understand your concerns and trust me, I have not forgotten your name, I think about you everyday but I do not have the opportunity to get to the computer everyday because the situation of things has withheld that opportunity from me but I know it will be for a while. Thanks for all the e mails you have been sending, it is really working and making me strong. I know that you might have concerns in your mind especially for the fact that we have not met yet but I guess you did not look very well, at the same time, I am a very opened person and I have nothing to hide. If you really want to be sure that you have noting to be afraid of, I can give you my social and then you can look me up, you will find out that there is nothing I am hiding. I will send you my picture. I guess it will be better if I can get your phone number, I will also give you my phone number so you can may be text or try to call, I might not be available because of what is happening to me at the moment. If you send your number tonight, I will try to call and then explain to you better over the phone why I could not reply your e mails and why I am a little distance. Thanks and God bless my wonderful Katherine. Kisses and Hugs.
My number is 3154664548 Kisses N.B... You look so beautiful, I love your look so much. Thanks for your pictures. I hope mine is not that bad. God bless.
Letter 5

Hello my Katherine, I am sorry my dear, I should have called but I was not given my phone as it was seized by the authority here, things have not been as easy as the way they should be but I keep my hope and I trust God. I have spoken to them that I have an important call to make so please be rest assured that I will call you tonight. I do not want you to be sad, please that is something I do not want you to ever be. I will talk with you later sweetheart. Joe
Letter 6

Hello, how are you doing? I am thinking it is too late, I do not want to disturb you, I would have called, my computer was not given to me today, my friend disappointed me, so I might have to use you to get my credit card and send it to me here. I am not sure if you are still awake, it will be great to speak with you. I miss you and much love my dear.
Letter 7

Hello Katherine, You have no idea how much your e mail made me feel. I thank God that my Father has met someone like you, I just woke up now and I have a little time before I go to church. I am glad that you are a good christian because there is nothing as important as having Christ in one's life. I know my Dad told you a lot about me, I my self know that he is in love because my Father is a kind of person that likes to keep to himself, check and balance everything before he goes for it, the moment he told me that he has found a woman that he is in love with and he is certain that he will use the rest of his life with, I was amazed that, which kind of charm did you use. I have spoken with him many times long after my Mother went to be with the lord but he always said that God will bring the right woman at the right time which I am sure it is you by God's grace. I hope my Dad called you, he is a Man of his word. The major thing I admire in him is that he is very straight forward, can be hard a times but lovely and sweet. He made me what I am. He used to tell me that, I will never be here to protect and advice you but know that I do not love you as God does so everything you have as problems, pray to God first before you even inform me because I am Man and there is little I can do, he is my blessing and my life, he never abandoned me even when everything seemed so. I will love to communicate more with you, I am like my Father in attitude, "very real". As wonderful as he his, he has a lot of pride and will not listen to advice especially from me because he feels that I know little, nevertheless, I will forever love him cause he is my blood and without him, I would not be here. My step Mother to be, my Father makes me very unhappy sometimes because he believes that somethings should be done in some ways but I believe that if you need help, you should reach out, why should you be shy or feel that it is not right? even the bible says "ask you shall be given, seek you shall find, knock and the door shall be open". I have to tell you the truth, he is in a terrible situation there, this is a Man that has worked all his life to attain a great height that I am very proud of. I asked him that has he told you about his situation and he said he does not want to bug you, he is my father, I love him and I do not want to lose him in anyway, at least not now, I have no Kids for him yet and I have not even finished my residency. I am writing this e mail with pain and he makes me upset, why don't you try to get the help that you need to get out of that problems or worries that you are in. Majority of a your friends turned thier backs on you, only few helped. I have sent my Father 15,000 dollars which was very difficult for me, he needs 13,000 to end his predicament out of 70,000, all the people that helped cannot assist anymore and he is like God will do something, "HOW"???? you need to ask. "little drops of water make a mighty ocean" little from here and there will fill the cup up and after everything, you will pay back. I could not sleep overnight because of his court case this week, if my Father is imprisoned with his age, how will he survive. The irony about everything is that after I complained with pain, he told me that if I mailed you, I should not inform you into details because he wants to protect you and make you love him as he his not with his problems, who does not have problems, I do not care about that, I need a person that I can share everything with, I need his safety. Anyone who cares and loves, will have a listening ear and will help in anyway they can. I am sorry that at my second response to you, I write all of this but I believe you are close to his heart so I can share my pain and my heart desire. I will send you the court letter he received, it is not fair what they are doing to him there, it hurts me really bad, my Father is not that kind of person, I will also send his website to you, this is a Man that has achieved and they know his profile but something bad happened to him and they turn their back. He was robbed for crying out loud. I am sorry for writing all of that but it was relieving to pour my heart out. How are you doing? My Father told me a lot about you, he said you have two Sons, if I had him right, I might need advises from you because I am in a relationship that I need someone to talk to as things are not going as I expected but I cannot tell my Father. Please Katherine, I will love if you do not tell my Father about what I wrote to you about him and my relationship, I just need you to be sweet and nice to him so I can have you as a Mother which I have missed. I will e mail the court document to you so you know more about the situation "he will always say everything is fine, but it is not" God bless you and your union, I look forward to the best for him, you and us. Please find attached document, we need to pray. Alice
Letter 8

Hello, I totally understand but it is just so difficult, at least with the help he has received since yesterday, he will be needing 6000 dollars to complete everything, even 1,000 dollars for help will be appreciated, I know that it is not easy generally but there is nothing impossible for God to do and it is during rough times we know who was there. My father has two houses, one in Watertown which he recently bought, 1145 Harrison St Watertown NY 13601 and he has another house in Portland OR, 6233 SE Mitchell st Portland OR 97206 before he bought the house in Portland, we lived in 629 Cedar Ave S Apt 202 Renton, WA 98057. My Father should have told you all this, he always takes his time though, it will be wonderful for him to get back home and get a mail, he will love it. I have attached his website underneath this e mail, my father should have given you all this information, he is slow in things like that.Okay, God bless you and take good care of yourself.
Letter 9

Hello, Thanks for your e mail, I appreciate it so much. My work today was great apart from the fact that it is always hectic, I am so tired. I spoke with my Dad's Attorney earlier today and he told me that my Father got some help from someone in London, he just needs 4,500 dollars to complete everything, at least he is getting there, I am hoping that he will get everything soonest so he can get out of that unsafe place, I will never forgive my self if something bad happens to him there. Well, at least we know how life is now, I helped him with all I had which was 12,000 dollars. I understand what you mean but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE..... Katherine, it will be great if you could at least help with an amount close to it even if it is 1,000 or 500 dollars, at least that will reduce the amount he needs, I should get 1,500 for him by Wednesday from my bank as a loan, it is not easy to ask to borrow but there can be a loan some where that can help, my Father has exhausted every where and they are not giving him the chance there. Well, I know it is not easy, even what I am asking you about, he must not know because he will be upset with me but I have to help him in anyway. Thanks a lot Alice
Letter 10

Hello, Its okay, I understand, I had to fly to Mexico. My Father has been charged with premeditated theft. I just want to thank you for everything, at this moment, they have not even given me the chance to see him, well, God is in control. Thanks very much, God bless Alice

Letter 11

Hello, Thanks very much for your concern, things are very hard, we have communicated with the Embassy earlier in the case but they did not give us a positive response, I am just praying that when they meet on Wednesday again they can give him the opportunity to leave for the US with a notary that he will pay everything back, that is what we are pressing for. He said I should tell you that he misses you and he is sorry for whatever he has put you through. He said I should ask you if you can help us get a good address that he could use to get a credit card as the address you gave him is not accepted, may be you could use someone else's address so he will put it in c/o of you, Thanks for everything and God bless. Alice
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