Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Dirk to Amy (USA)
Letter 1

Hi, Its Michael from plenty of fish, sorry I didn't get to write you earlier. I have been busy working on some last minute events.Hope you are having a good monday morning.its about 45degrees on this side of town. A little about me, I'm a very optimistic and open minded person. Being optimistic and open minded has always attracted people to me Naturally. I have been a long for a while now, I work a lot and even with that its not entirely wonderful being alone for a long time. I recently decided to try this out and see how it goes. I also enjoy taking cruises, shopping, hanging out at the park or museum. You can also catch me taking long walks at the beach but its usually always lonely when you don't have someone to share that time with I am fun loving person with a caring heart.I am also friendly and cheerful.I have beautiful daughter, who is my world and I love very much.She is turning 9 soon . Her name is Jessica. I haven't been in any close relationship for a long time and have chosen to get myself back together and search for someone who shares similar interests as myself and hopefully start a real relationship.I am in search of trust love and happiness.I was once very romantic i hope to bring that part of me back. I believe life is sometimes sweet and sad, which ever situation one finds himself he should always hope for the best cos its yet to come.I am an artist,I sell arts works and organize exhibitions. I get to travel a lot to different states and occasionally outside the country which could be a lot of fun sometimes.I was originally born Athens Greece, relocated to san diego California with my parents over 20 years but now live Olathe Kansas with my daughter Jessica. I've really have missed the touch of a woman in my life. I'm gonna be totally honest with you, I am too old for games and I'm not interested in flings. I'm hoping to be able to build a solid and committed relationship full of love with the woman I'm looking for. A person with a good sense of humor who can sometimes make me laugh when i am unhappy.A woman who will stand by me through it all. I'm very comfortable and is more than capable of taking care of myself. I even own my own business so please do not take that the wrong way.Looks don't matter that much all that matters is the love we share from the heart I like outdoors and cos of the nature of my job i travel a lot and learn different cultures.I enjoy spending time with my daughter.I occasionally like to go out visit nice places around time every other day am working in my gallery. I would love to know all about you and what you do. I'm an open book you can ask me anything you wanna know about me. here are some of my pictures, I would love to see some of yours as well, so feel free to include them in your response. I hope I didn't bore you with my I would love to really get to know you through emails since it gives us a better platform to write n share about our selves before exchanging phone numbers and all. Hope to hear back from you. have a lovely rest of your day Michael
Letter 2

Hi Amy, its about 8am cold as it can get for this time of the year, hope you had a good night.. Thanks for writing back, I think you are a sweet lady. I would like to get closer to you and learn more about you. You can ask me anything more you would like to know about me.It would be nice to get to know every little things about you.Call me old fashioned but i like to do it the conventional way, get to know each other proper and see how things turn out eventually. Thanks for the pictures, you have got a lovely There is no doubt about that fact that i am attracted to you and I'm happy we came across each other here.I am looking forward to meeting you soon and hopefully things would work out as we get to know each other. I would like to know what you desires are in your man. How u would like to be treated. The kinds of things you like and things you don't like ,so i can try not to annoy you or make you unhappy. what makes you smile cos seeing you happy would definitely give me joy. I liked everything i saw on your profile. I hope you can be that man i have been waiting for all this while. You seem like a good match, the good friend for me and the type i would definitely like to share a future with someday. I'm willing to learn whatever it takes to please you and makes you happy.I'm totally gonna be myself and I expect the same from you but if there's anything you don't like about me as we go along don't hesitate to let me know. The things I want are maturity, love, companionship, friendship, honesty and everything else in between. Some one to think of and know that you are also in their thoughts.Someone to share my daily experiences with be it good or bad.Someone who remotely connects with me regardless if there's distance between both of you in case of work or anything. Here are some things about me, some you must have read on my profile or probably not. Its been a rocky past couple of years.Due to my past state of mind, I have always kept myself busy and buried in my work. I spend a lot of time with my daughter when am not working, she's my only source of joy, happiness and companionship. Trust is hard to build especially these days, I'm believing I can trust you. I know i can be out there wasting my life with any woman and i mean i know i can get just anyone fill that physical place in my life but I don't want that. I also wanna share that life with someone as sweet as you. I wanna love again and be loved back in return. I love to listen to music such as blues,rock,good metal and classic music as well as jazz, I like to sit back and watch a good movie when i want to relax mostly weekend. I also like playing tennis and golf. I travel occasionally due to my job.I love beach or anything associated with water. I love dogs but I don't have any pets at the moment because there would be no one to look after them whenever I'm away. I would love to keep writing you till we make out time to meet each other in person. Pls include your number in the next mail so we can text and call each other sometime. I look forward to hearing from you, have a nice week ahead Michael
Letter 3

Hey sweetie, how are you doing today?It feel nice waking up knowing i would probably hear from you but a lil sad when i saw you didnt respond to my email from yesterday. I really enjoyed talking to you last night on the phone. You sounded as sweet as I hoped and even more. We should talk more every evening. Don't get me wrong texting is great but you talking and hearing each others voices takes it to another level :)after this it would be us meeting together for he first Seems my Thursday is kicking off with a bang! So how was the rest of your evening?when did you go to bed?I'm really happy to have come across you here, been a while i felt this good about any one or anything besides work and Jess.Its been great communicating and learning more about you everything.I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since we first started emailing each other.Its such a wonderful feeling and I'm so loving the effect its having on me.You seem to be awakening the feelings i no longer thought i was capable of having. I like starting my days reading from and writing you,it gets me off to a great start with a lot of positive energy.I'm optimistic and hope for the best between us in the coming times.I probably say this a lot but you are a very sweet woman.I feel blessed that our paths crossed, I know we still have a lot to figure out about it each other,we would take it one step at a time.My heart is open to you and as time goes on it would be a lot easier to open up about more personal things Let me share a little from the past. The story with Jess mom is a long sad one. She had a drug and alcohol problem that became very severe. Unfortunately he is no longer a part of both our lives.She died about 2yrs after our divorce, she wasn't such a great mom, will tell you more about it later on.We got divorced since 2009 and just like you i have tried dating but haven't really put my mind in plus i haven't met any one who really connects with me,Its different with you.. I wish i could write you more but i have to go and get ready to leave for work.I will be thinking about you as always..... Michael
Letter 4

Hey sweetie, how are you doing today?I should say thank God its Friday!Just getting off bed and you know how i like to start my day with the woman who has captured my heart(you).Went to bed thinking about about you and now I'm awake and the first thing that comes to read from or write you....smiles. Its the nicest feeling talking to you right before i shut my eyes, almost like i could feel you around me through my sleep.Thanks for the lovely pictures, I got them this morning very lovely. Sweetheart, you don't have to write me long emails, I appreciate that you write me and i had at least to read from you is just enough for me. Honey, i have got great news..I just got an invitation from the south African ministry of arts and culture and was shortlisted as one of the foreign artists to participate in the annual art exhibition starting next week Tuesday in milnerton, south Africa. I am so excited about this cos its gonna be my first time in south Africa and i hear its beautiful there. I just the mail this morning and I have responded. Well i thought i should share this with you as i will be busy with this all day today. Its a big opportunity for me that could open a lot of doors. I'm only gonna be away for a week and i will be taking Jess with me. First, I would need to stop in Scotland, UK to pick up some artworks that I would need for the show before I finally head to south Africa on Monday from there. The entire trip should last a little over a week before we get back home. Are you serious??? you ex broke your leg, what kind of man would do such a thing to any one let alone the woman he proposed to marry. That's very very bad, he should be punished severely for that.I don't have much time to write this morning as I have to be out the door any moment from now but would be back in again and then out, a lot of errands i need to sort out today.I will talk to you on the phone and give you details of when we would be leaving which should most like Sunday evening.I will be thinking about you as always.I would text you during the day to check on you....Hugs n kisses Michael
Letter 5

I wanted to tell you, As probably can tell that I really do like you a lot and hope that this leads in to something serious and hopefully a future together. My profile has been off the site,I don't want any one else to distract me or try to get involved with me.I think you are the one i want to be with for this reason i'm satisfied that I canceled my account on the website.If you feel the same way about me, I would like for you to do the same so we can focus on each other.I hope I'm not asking for too much, you dont have to if you dont want to...heading out now.I have my phone could text you...enjoy your day.hugs n kisses Micheal
Letter 6

Hey honey, hare you doing?Saturday morning just came from the airport to sort out our flight details. our flights 5:50pm tomorrow afternoon to arrive in Scotland at 01:15 am Eastern time. The Uk time is about 6 hours ahead of us here. we leaving Scotland on sunday night t arrive in south Africa Monday morning. The show kicks off on tuesday till we saturday and we would be heading back on 1st of November. We gonna be spending thanks giving and my birthday in Africa this time. How cool is that? Today I'm finishing with packing and logistics analysis how I want the whole show to take place. So I'm gonna be supper busy running around.I should be able to talk to you on later on as usual. I really cant stop thinking about you honey.Hope you enjoy your weekend...text me when you are up. hugs n kisses Michael
Letter 7

Morning kisses to you , hope you had a good nights sleep and enjoyed your party. Yesterday was unbelievably busy for me. I had to drive all the way to remote area in Lansin to spend hours making sure the materials and packaging for the artworks was properly done. I had no service on my phone al through. I got home way past midnight fell asleep as i touched the bed. Yes i would be doing with some her books, i normally help her with school work so that's not gonna be a problem plus she is very smart n would catch up easy.Stacy's parents just dropped Jess off now on their way to church. what would i have done without their help. So we are leaving town this afternoon. Last minute packing to do before we head out. I will give you call you call you before we board our flight.y birthday is on the 29th and I'm turning 43 this year. I missed you last night, I got ur text only when i got back home.I will be thinking about you . let me know when you wake up. hugs n kisses Michael
Letter 8

Hey sweetie, how are you doing today?Monday morning here is so fresh wish we could stay a little longer here in Uk to enjoy more of beauty it has to offer.We arrived at about 4am uk time and sleep for a few hours now its about 12noon here now, we have everything set and ready to go this afternoon.The exhibition starts tommorow in south africa, I'm so looking forward to the experience there.I'm really anticipating this week, a lot is gonna happen and I pray it all turns out successful.The past week has been the best week i had in such along time, its always good to know that someone is out there thinking about you and always likes to hear from you.Looks like i have missed out a lot the last couple of years.Now you have brought out a new improved and happy me I told Jess all about you and and that we would meet you soon....She has been wanting to know what i have been in such a great mood lately and why I always seem happy especially when i'm on my laptop.She knows unlike before that the first thing i do every morning is get on my laptop.I showed her all of your pictures too.All she did was smiled and said "mom, she's looks like a nice lady"....I trust we would all get along well. honey you can try calling me when you wake up, i should still be in the hotel here Glasgow, here is the number of the phone in my room +442003330156..I would love to hear your voice before we leave here. do you ever use facebook? you can even see some of my work my facebook account Our flight is at 10:30pm tonight to arrive in south africa 6:15 am tuesday morning Glasgow time. Jess just stepped out of the bathroom,its my turn now then we gonna have break fast, some site seeing before we check out of the hotel.I hope to talk to you again before our flight later today. I wil let you know once we arrive in south africa. Do have a lovely day and wonderful week ahead. Miss you...Hugs n kisses Michael
Letter 9

Hey sweetie,Its a beautiful Tuesday morning here so I can say good morning from this side of the world.The weather here has been great, the sun is already up and shinning really bright.I'm sorry i didn't write you or call you early. we arrived here like 2am in the morning, had to settle in and we were very tired and jet lagged.I had to make sure i wake up early in time to make it for the show. I feel comforted with your remote presence, that's how strong the power of communication is.I wonder how hard it would be if we didn't have this technology and isn't able to communicate at all through this trip, i would have been unbearable. The show is kicking off this morning. I'm quite pumped and ready for it. I hope every thing goes well. I'm looking forward to a lot of great things on this trip. Its lovely here in Africa, very nice and warm. They say its summer now and they usually have winter around July august very different kind from ours. I just got line that i would use to call you and you can call me on it any time as well. +27610481078. Jess is so excited and happy to be where with me. Sweetheart,You are like my morning coffee which gets me off with a great start and my comforter at night.I'm really glad to have you as a part of my daily thoughts.Thanks for bringing so much joy in to my life,i should say am grateful for that.We hit if off with this amazing chemistry on here,I can only imagine how good it will be when we finally together.I have to get off now,hope to talk to you later n hear your voice, I miss you so much...have a lovely day when you wake up.
Hugs n kisses to you from Jess and I Michael
Letter 10

honey, I wrote you this email this morning before leaving the hotel but internet was down so i couldn't send it to you. I'm also having issues with the phone line, Im gonna try calling you with another number that you can reach me on. Hey honey, how are you doing today?I'm just getting up feeling a little reluctant to do anything today, its like one of those days when you just like to sleep in and not do anything.I enjoyed my sleep and wish the night was longer so i could continue dreaming about Now am awake and there's sweet message from nice!It rained a little last night and I realized the internet at the hotel shut down till this morning.I'm glad i could at least email and read from you this morning before leaving the hotel. You are one of the best things that has happened to me in such along time.I know in my heart that our paths crossed for a reason and its not a mare coincidence that we met.My heart has continues to swell with pride and joy knowing that i have met this wonderful woman whose grown to become a special part of me.When i think of you, i look at all your pictures and smile,its almost feels like am looking directly in to your eyes.I all the your pics saved in a file on my laptop so i can view them without going into my email. I feel like this kid again, having butterflies in my stomach when a thought of your crosses my mind.I think about the great times that lie head of us,I keep saying to my self the best is yet to come.I know that's true.I cherish the moments i spend communicating with you,its always the best feeling when you know there's someone out there who truly cares for you.I'm shocked that we are able to establish this kind of bond and haven't met actually meet each other in person cos personally I never believed in meeting people this way.Who would have thought, I would be a living testimony to this. You make it a lot easier to cope with being so faraway from home....I have to go now, Hope to talk to you later..pls take good care of yourself and enjoy your day...hugs n kisses to you from Jess and I Michael

Letter 11

Hey baby,how are you doing today?It felt so good hearing your voice again this morning(last night for you).My morning couldn't have been more perfect. The project is about to end so are rounding up things to return home at the end of the week.I'm both excited and nervous(in a good way)cos we are actually gonna be meeting in person for the first time.
Amy, I have been thinking about us a lot and I just want you to know my heart has already found it's way you. I want you and no one else. You mean so much to me already. I think we should try and make this work. You should know you're the one, and only one my heart wants and desires. Not only are you perfect for me, you're the perfect friend and I hope we can and will be more. I am hoping and thinking that you're feeling the same way because my heart is set on you baby.I'm surprised i feel this way considering that we haven't actually met in person yet.I hope that's everything will turn the way i expect when i get back so we can be together.All we have to do is try to make it work.I cant wait to be with you my sweetheart.I think about you all the time and i know we are gonna have a good life together.I haven't felt this way about anyone in like forever.I feel very good about this.I hope you get to like me as much when we get together.
Its just a few more days and we will be together. Will give you the details if possible we could meet at the airport.We would be coming in through Kansas city Intl airport. Pls take good care of your self and don't work too hard till i return back home. I'll call you again today when I return to the hotel from work. Lots of love and kisses to you from Jess and I. Happy Thanks giving
Michael Here's me smiling at you with my hat backwards...i do that
me playing my guitar, not a pro but i try
Letter 12

Hey sweetie, how are you doing this morning?I hope you had a good night cos mine was great, filled with lots of wonderful thoughts about you and I.The anxiety and eagerness of wanting to me meet you gives me a lot of positive energy.I look forward to it every day.When i miss you and cant talk to you I look at your pictures and try to visualize being there with you or you here with me. Yesterday was really hot and windy for most of the day, Its a bright and sunny morning here in Milnerton perfect day for an outing. I'm so glad we wont be working much long today gives us enough time to just have fun and visit cool places around here.I hear there's a lot of nice places and things to do out there to make our trip more memorable especially for Jess.She is already starting to get bored with my usual work routine.I know its gonna be fun.I will tell all we were up to as the day goes on when we return in.We intend to make this most of it cos its gonna be our last weekend here before we head back home. So what plans have you go to for the weekend.I hope we are able to speak tonight.I will talk to you on the phone later on.I'm getting more and more into you day by day,I'm really loving this feeling,i pray it never goes away...Lots of love kisses and hugs Micheal
Letter 13

Hey sweetie, hows your Friday going for you so far?its been great here just came in from a very interesting day out with Jess.I am exhausted at the moment but it was really worth the time.So what have you been up to? am trying to picture what you are doing at the moment. We spent only a few hours at the event center and i had short meeting which would finalize tomorrow as we wrap up the whole event. Today was a really good and interesting day. After we closed from work, we spent a lot of time at the beach cos it was sunny all afternoon.At the beach We got horse back ridding, never knew African horses could be so energetic, that's why they are called horses right..... We later sailed to this little fishing island where we had roasted cat fish and pepper soup.It's the most spicy thing i ever tasted...but was good.On our way back, we spent a little time at the amusement park. Tomorrow, we intend to continue on our little voyage, visiting nice places.You know its our last weekend here so we intend to make the most of it.We took a lot of pictures,i would have e-mailed them to you but i didn't come with the cable of my camera.I have to wait till we get back home before i upload the pics on my laptop. I'm gonna freshen up now eat dinner and try to get on so i can talk to you before going to bed.If that doesn't happen,i believe i would see you in my dreams.Hugs n kisses Michael
Letter 14

Hi sweetheart,how are you doing?Its sunday evening here,I haven't got anytime to reach you, let alone email you for the past couple of days, you must noticed.I'm sorry if i had you worried its just things haven't been so good lately.Jess is really sick right now and has been admitted in a private hospital not far from the hotel since friday night i noticed around past midnight her temperature became very high and she started shaking.I was so scared, i had to call the attention of the hotel manager, who helped me get cab and we took her to the nearest hospital not so far from our hotel where she got admitted. The doctors diagnosed and found out she's got "typhoid fever”. It must have been caused by untreated water she drank, most likely in my absence.This is why i haven't been able to get int ouch to with you lately cos i have to stay up in the hospital with her most of the time,I only come in and leave almost immediately to get supplies when she is sleeping.I also mispplaced my phone that night in the process of everything, thats why i couldnt even text you the situation but i know i would find it i just have to check around our room properly must have dropped somewhere and the hotel phone in my room doesnt have calling time on it. We were supposed to be on our way back to Kansas as you already know but couldn't make it cos of how bad she was.Even worse, turns out my meetings with the clients didn't go so well. We still would have managed to return home if not for Jess's present medical condition.The doctors say she is not in good shape to travel yet till she gets better,hopefully in couple of more days.Baby you have no idea how i feel right now about everything.How much i miss you and how worried i am about my daughter.I could never forgive myself if anything happens to her.I'm sure she will be fine as the doctors have assured me that.Who would have thought things would turn out so bad after it started off so nicely. Baby,i cant wait for this to be over,i know it will very we can all be together at home where we belong.I really do care about you and mean everything between us with my whole heart.You mean so much to me, pls put me in your prayers always.I will be in touch as much as i can.Lots of love n kisses,Michael
Letter 15

Hey sweetie,how are you doing?Its about 9am monday morning just got in from the hospital this morning to freshen up and pick up some thing for the day.Thanks for being so supportive, positive and encouraging,its exactly what i need right now and really means a lot to me.I haven't been able to get on my laptop or check my emails much since all this started cos I barely stay in the hotel these days.I'm glad to know i have you to return home to,its so lifting know i have someone as sweet and caring as you in my life.She is getting better and responding to treatments.I'm glad she is gonna be ok. The doctors say she should be discharged on wednesday we would be home a day or two after.It won't have taken that long if it wasn't typhoid fever,other ones like malaria are less chronic,your probably know that if you ever had the experience.She would still have to continue treatment when we get back home.I'm so glad this is almost over.Too bad the whole trip didn't turn out successfully as anticipated,I know there is a reason for everything.I really do miss you very single day and wish it was already home with you.However we just gotta endure this for now,i will be with you soon. Hey,I found my phone this morning behind one of the boxes, all i have to do is charge it and I should be able to text or call you.Miss you very much,I will keep you posted Michael Here is a recent picture of us here together taken last week by one of my customers....
Letter 16

Hi sweety,it would be your morning by the time you get this.I just came in from my usual rounds with Jess at the hospital. I'm so glad is doing much much better with her recovery.I'm very happy everything is about to end now so we can be on our way home. The doctor in charge is gonna be here tomorrow morning to give us feed back about her discharge details.I would give you the details of our flight back home.I can't wait.I'm gonna go freshen up now,so i can get back to Jess, she's becoming quit active and may be wondering where I've I'll text you around when you wake up. Thanks for all the love,hugs n kisses
Letter 17

Hi Darling,How are you doing this morning?I just came in from my night-out with Jess at the hospital( thats what i like to call it packing gradually cos we would should be leaving here anytime soon.....I'm so excited we are almost through with our stay here, if all goes well, we should leave today.I would be seeing the doctor in charge this afternoon once i return back to Jess now.Will send you our new flight details once i renew our ticket, so you can know when we arrive into town,in case you are able to meet us at the airport, if its not an odd or late hour to give us a lift I wont need to rent a cab.I will email you again once we return back to the hotel, this afternoon before we leave the country.I'm gonna go freshen up i can get back to Jess cos she is still at the hospital as of this morning...Lots of love kisses n hugs Michael
Letter 18

Hey honey,hows your morning going?its around 1pm in the afternoon here, I just came in to the hotel to send you this mail.As difficult and ashamed as I am to say this...Unfortunately everything hasn't turn out well at all and the entire trip didnt go as successful as expected.The doctor in charge just came with her discharge details indicating she could be released today.Jess should have been discharged today cos she is doing much better and fully recovered now,I'm thankful for that.If all goes well, We should re validate our flight tickets tonight or latest tomorrow and we would be on our way home.Due to all this problems and our extended stay, we have accumulated more charges than expected.Jess's medical bills is about $1856 plus the extra hotel charges, Mom sent us $1100 yesterday(she says that's all she has in left in the bank, virtually emptied her account to help us)The problem now is,I still wont be able to clear her medical bills with what i have which is most important, for her to be discharged.I didn't wanna tell you earlier cos i thought i would be able to handle it on my own,that it won't have cost this much plus I didnt think it'd be right to ask you. Right now,I seem to have no choice.Baby,i need you to pls do you best to help raise and borrow me about $865, so i can add it to what i have to settle everything and be on our back home.Its not like i dont have money or cannot afford to sort this out without stressing any one its just that my cards won't work here (cos they are out of their service area) so i cannot access any money from home and they only accept cash payments.I tried contacting my bank but i need to have identity documents verified which is impossible from here and even if it was, it would take a lot of time because I'm all the way here. Pls get back to me asap so i can let you know how to get the money here to me..I'm very sorry to be bothering with this, i have no right to ask you for such favor,you probably have issues of your own. I wish there was some other way to get cash,its important that i get this money soon, so we can be on our way home.Once we get back home I would settle everything and get it back to you within a few days of our return to kansas.Pls let me know....I will be waiting to hear from you.Lots of love n kisses,Michael
Letter 19

Honey,how are you doing?I was able to cleared the bills at the hospital now i have our passports back but I'm really sorry to inform you that there was problem at the airport. I just came in now hoping that i was just gonna get our tickets re-validated at no extra cost since we already missed our flight.Now I am being told that the ticket renewal is $945 for each of us,the 2 of us would need about $1890.I'm so devastated by this news.I have been trying to see how i could get them understand i need to get back home urgently on the next flight.I have nothing left on me just money to probably get a cab home from the airport.I don't know what to do baby,I never knew all this was gonna happen I should told you earlier when you sent the $1000.Its a good thing we had not checked out of the hotel already, before finding out this. We would have been stuck in the airport trying to find help.Now am back in the hotel with Jess. Pls call me if you can tell me all is gonna be well.I don't how you are gonna get the money,i hoping you are able to raise it.If we get it today we could get on the next plane home tonight at 11:45pm so we still have time.I would send you the itinerary once i have renewed it.I love you so much, can't wait to hold you in my arms Micheal
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