Romance scam letter(s) from Frank Powells to Matilda (Australia)
Letter 1

This is Frank from be2
Let me know if you get this...
Letter 2

Thanks for getting back to me and I am glad that my email went through..
I have been lonely for three years... after I lost my late wife 19 yrs after marriage.. :( will tell you much on that later on. Hmmmm ..... A little about me, my mum from Aussie.
My dad, is from Germany my dear :)
Well do not worry, I will tell you more about me on next my email to you.
I am an Independent Business Man/Contractor.
I have been lonely for a very long time and work has almost taken over me.:) But I am ready to love and be loved again so that I can come out from my lonely shell.
I need a woman that will accept me just the way I am,I am very caring and romantic when I am in a relationship. I am looking for a serious relationship with a woman that knows what she wants. We are not created to live alone. I need that special friend at this point in my life. Someone I can share my fears, hopes and ambitions with.
Please reply me and let me know if you receive this message so that I can email you again and tell you more about my self so that we can get to know each other more better and take it up from there :). You sounded more interesting in your messages my dear :)
I hope to read from you soon.
Thank you
.... Frankie
Letter 3

I am sorry I am only writing now, I had problem with my computer and I have to take it to the operator to have it fixed, now it's working properly. My dear, I am new on Be2 but do not really have much time to access the site often because of work and I am happy that I had time to contact you and you responded back at the first place:) Thank you so much for your message and I want you to know that I am ready to accept you for who you are. I must tell you that you sound very interesting my dear. I am also sorry about your past experience, and I thank you once again for your concern and care for me towards the death of my late wife. We all have so many experience in the past, but we must have the courage to put them behind and move forward in life. As I told you earlier on,...I am completely new here and on line dating itself, My daughter suggested I try out this media to get out of my lonely life, since I lost my late wife and find my new partner there. My friend still thinks I'm mad using an online dating agency and I will just have to prove him wrong. I have also actually been receiving messages from other ladies,but I wasn't really interested in them until I read your beautiful profile and contacted you,we did have alot in common,that was when I decided to send you a message. Apart from my daughters intention, My signing up to Be2 actually started after I attended a friend's marriage ceremony few weeks ago (THEY MET EACH OTHER ON BE2.) I was so proud of them, and then decided to sign up the site and hopefully meet a wonder lady then few days later.. I met you...I hope someone becomes proud of us too ummmmm I am a very good Christian with good sense of humor and to me age and distance is no barrier in the relationship because I can as well travel/relocate any where in search of my heart desire, the most important thing is constant communication, attention, love, care, trust, understanding, honesty, faithfulness and the rest will fall in place. I am a man who believe so much in love and fun. I am 51 years old, a single father, I am into Construction which involves the constructing of roads, houses and estate, and I am also into import/export, supplies of underground cables both in and outside Aussie. I am an independent man who love working and planning. I also have a 17 years old daughter studying –Banking & Finance in United States and she always come home on her holidays as well. My self and my late was married for 19 years before she died 3 years ago during child birth...the baby was suppose to be our second child...her death with our new born baby really got me out of my mind. Ever since then all I have being all alone. My life has been so lonely since her death...and right now I need a woman that can bring back my love and I am ready to love again. We seem to have some little interest that could be developed and might lead to something soonest. I am a man who believe so much in love and fun. All I need now is a woman who will for ever remain my life partner as well growing older together. I don't smoke, but sometime take Social drink. I love Vacation and outing with family,beach walk,as well as shopping. I love a lady who will enjoy spending time with her family and wants to share travel,passion,fine food,intellectual discussion as well as sitting in front of the fireplace and growing old together. I would really like to get to know you more and better and hope we become better friends and if possible lovers, but all this would only be possible if you too are willing to open your heart to me, as I am willing to. All I want is someone who can be comfortable at an important public function but has no problem getting sand between her toes at the beach! Sure enough of herself to open herself to loving and caring about that special man in her life. I am intelligent, funny, honest and responsible and also a woman who can communicate what she desires and has the ability to listen. Someone who is positive and believes that every day holds something amazing. The ability to share her heart, her mind .I want to share my life with someone, and it won't be as a playmate. You need to be ready to make a commitment if the relationship matures. I am a very passionate man, and I need a passionate woman to be my partner. Someone who is romantic, and thoughtful. I like touching and being touched caressing and being held or just holding hands while watching a movie or sitting on the sofa. she should see sex as something to be enjoyed by both of us. And hopefully not play games with that part of the relationship. I will be glad if you give me your phone number so that I can ring you to hear your voice . I will try and scan some photo's of me and that of my daughter and send it to you soon...please forgive me if I bore you with my long letter.

I hope to hear from you soon, so that we can get to know much about each other as time goes on, until we finally meet ourselves and maybe make schedule for coffee/ dinner.. well we would arrange for that as times goes on.

........Have a lovely day....Frank xxx
Letter 4

Dear Ms

Thank you for your confirmation, please check attachment again for a copy of my work id.. Please confirm. Greetings
Mr. Peter Ferrens
Letter 5

am in receipt of your email.

I am so happy for you and Frank, that finally a suitable buyer has decided to buy the house what a great news. I read and understood all you have said and I pray and hope that the buyer pays the 5% deposit on (29/03/2013) and by then we will be rest assured that the house is 100% SOLD and then wait for the final settlement date on (7/06/2013).

Yes I am also aware that Agency commission plus Solicitor fee is approximately $15,000.00 AUD and you will also need about ($10,000.00 AUD) for your personal/basic needs to sort yourself and the rest ($315,000.00 AUD) will be sent to me so that I can arrange for the missing ($95,720.00 AUD) from my end to complete the amount to be ($410,720.00 AUD) and I will as well provide you my nominated account for you to transfer the amount to me when the amount is readily available from you end.

I also agree with you that we have to do what has to be done for you and Frank to finally be together; And on my own knowledge, Frank informed me earlier on that you spent approximately $470,000.00 AUD in buying the house. I know you lost a lot by selling for $340,000.00 AUD at the Market time when prices are low, but I want you to be strong for let it be history to you , because what is more important is for everything to be over and for you and Frank to be finally joined together, I hope you understand my point here.

I am proud of you/Frank and I want you to know that once the complete amount ($410,720.00 AUD) is arranged, I shall obtain the Certificates immediately for the release of Frank's account and the transfers to the Dubai Customs account in United Arab Emirate and to your account in Australia, and by then all will be done and yourself/Frank will finally be joined together as it will be my greatest joy and pleasure to finally see you/Frank together asap once everything is over.

Ensure that you follow up with the Agency & Solicitor who's dealing with house selling documentations so that you can always get information until everything about the house sales is completed.

I also look forward to hearing from you anytime about any news; please acknowledge the receipt of this email.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Peter Ferrens
Letter 6

Thank you for your emails and also for the funny e-picture. I couldn't stop my self from laughing so hard. I am glad to now that you and Frank will finally be together soon. I have sent my own part of the money today Wednesday afternoon London time and I have attached a copy of ban receipt to this email. Maxwell should receive the money in his account latest Monday next week. Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this email. Greetings
Mr. Peter Ferrens
Letter 7

am in receipt of your email and it was well noted. I will do my own part/needful tomorrow Monday. I just checked now that I made a mistake in the bank address before and I am re-sending it to you and Frank once again. There is no (Dubai) in the bank address the complete and correct bank address is (P.O Box 4377. Sharjah Main Branch, United Arab Emirates). I am confirming to you the account details once again. Account Name: Gray Pastures FZE
Account Number: 10057813126001
Bank Name: ADCB Bank
Bank Address: P.O Box 4377. Sharjah Main Branch, United Arab Emirates.
IBAN Number: AE720030010057813126001
Swift Code: ADCBAEAA
Account Holder Address: #152 Naif Road. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Phone: +971527849881 Please confirm. Greetings
Mr. Peter Ferrens
Letter 8

hope my email finds you well. I received your email with copy of your bank transfer receipt for your own part of money sent. I am also sorry for writing late. I did sent my own part of money today Thursday at 3:11pm after I finished from Court and I had to also go to an official meeting which I finished late. Check attachment for copy of bank transfer receipt of my own part of money sent. I did sent $95,720AUD plus another extra $2,310AUD for missing money making a total of $98,030AUD. Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this email and also keep me posted once you receive the second part of returned money. Good night from London. Greetings
Mr. Peter Ferrens
Letter 9

I hope my email finds you well. I just received confirmation from UAE Representative this morning that they have received and confirmed your first $165,000AUD payment and my own payment of $98,030AUD. Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this email and also keep me posted once you receive the second part of returned money before you re send it, to enable us complete everything on time. Greetings
Mr. Peter Ferrens
Letter 10


Here is a copy of the receipt as proof , that I am staying here, I could not find the others, but this was one of the first receipt I got when I came here firstly last year.

I bought the post card today too on my way back to the hotel and I also wrote in it with my hand writing as you have requested for.

I would have loved to post it to you through post to your address, but since you said NO, no problem. I will listen to you.

I will send you copy of the card in my next email before I go to bed.

Ich liebe dich.

I go now to bed.

Good night from me and good morning to you my queen

Your king..
Letter 11

I am sorry, but I think you reasoned thing differently the way I reason, I did not ask you to wait till I am ready, I repeatedly beg you to please be patient with me that I have already made arrangement for camera and soon I will send you the pictures. Even this morning I did the same and hopefully by weekend or next week early Monday or Tuesday I will send you as many pictures you want. Yesterday I was angry and I have to smoke :( Anyway Its ok. I am sorry and I promise next time, no more argument, fight or quarell. please forgive me.

I am sorry once again if you think I get you upset. ....

I love you so much.
Letter 12

Thanks so much for your love e-cards and I very much appreciate you. I really enjoyed out chat my love and I hope we chat much again tomorrow. We are both brave and we have been fighting and we will fight till the end and soon everything will be over and we will live together forever. I am going to bed now my love, Good morning to you and have a lovely day out there. I love you so much and I will always love you forever. Kisses
Your King xoxoxo
Letter 13

check attachment for my ticket copy and in my next email I will send you details of WU. Love you
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